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December 08, 2000

S A Advisory newsletter for Dec00 and Jan 01 is now online-Dec 7,00-many "new" ideas
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We have not been paid by any of the listed investments within this message
or within the most current newletter.

Not found within this current newsletter:

mctl(otc bb)-.30 earnings of .05 for the nine months -turn-around in place
strong buy @ current levels--down from $1.50--we took profit during March 00 @ $1.00

avti(otc bb)-initially recommmended @.12-sold @ $.87-$1.00--now .07--semiconductor
equipment refurb(amat-customer)--business plan calls for huge growth!

afpc(otc bb)---first quarter earned .01- trading like the rest @ 52-week low range
strong buy---real company--always runs to the $1.00 range

coge ( otc bb ) --drug company-- look wery cheap --they have rev of $10 million/quarter
the stock around.15

hmld(nasdaq)--A dog!!A $700 million supermarket chain with a market-cap of $4. million-
surprising loss  last quarter has baked this stock!!Management poor within respect to
PR---Should have a great 4th quarter--should rebound 01--most likely a steal if you can
stomach the recent slide!


Major stock picks--fcin--(nasdaq) & aog.to (toronto)---potential for huge gains when
this market gets down to business!!

Major BUY recommendations on 11 or 12 tech stocks!!

Have  a great holiday season !!!

Yours truly,  William Velmer

We may buy,sell or hold any investment mentioned within this message or newsletter
@ any time-- Before you invest review sec documents and corporate press releases and
contact your financial planner or stockbroker if you are now sure of the risks..

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