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October 30, 2000

Major Buy Recommendations -S.A.Advisory for Oct 28,00 .  
This is a "treat" not a "trick"--tech bargains and micro's
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We have not been paid by any of listed stocks within this message.  We currently hold
positions of all listed stocks mentioned and may buy, sell and/or hold  mentioned
securities at our own discretion.

We have been relatively quite during the past few months while the slaughter continues!
The dot coms are dot DEAD!  If you purchased large amounts of this "theme"--you are
most likely broke!  The "techs" got extremely over bought and are now oversold in our
opinion!  Most of our selections are down 60-90% from the March 00 highs!  The penny's
are even worse off!  Most are down 70-90%!!  Most investors never make money because
they are always on the wrong side!!   They usually buy @ the top and sell @ the bottom!
When things look the worst the opportunities are the greatest-- In our opinion we have
reached that time frame!!  It takes BIG BALLS to jump when things look cloudy, but 
separates the seasoned investor from the beginner.  The key is to buy fundamentally
cheap opps. and try to remove the emotions from doing the opposite of the loser herd!

We have a very different environment for investing  at present- high interest rates, high
oil and gas, presidential election, middle east problems and  slowing corporate profits.
We may even have a recession during 01---Invest for the future not for today --Our
selections are geared towards long term investing--NOT DAY TRADING!!

Within this message we intend to recommend 7 mid and large caps and 6 micro's--They
will all be monitored for % gain performance within  a specific portfolio.  We are
condifent that our selections will show dramatic gains over the long term!!  The real
risk is not playing @ this point in the game!!  S.A.Advisory has been in the business
for  almost 17 years and our gut is growling BULLISH!

The Tech disaster Portfolio:


AMTI-supplier of material used worldwide in the manufacture of semi-devices
debt- almost nil
52-week range- $15.75-$60.75
shares out-29.7 million

rev for 9 months $213 and net of .97 vs $143 million and .44 net
00- year end est. $1.37      01- year end est.  $1.83---We assume this number will be

RATED:  BUY @$18.375---over sold condition--could be a takeover candidate!

CNXT- provides semi- products and systems solutions for communications electronics
52-week range--$20.43--$132.50
shares out-228 million
year ending Sept 30th 00- rev $2.1 billion and net loss $190 million ( Note: This #
includes a $215.7 million write-off of purchased R & D)
01 est.$.75
RATED:   BUY @$22.00---Off 85% from over valued high!  Now in our opinion over sold-
Looks very attractive @ current levels for long term gains.

VSEA-designs, manufactures, markets and services semi-processing equipment in the 
fabrication of integrated circuits.
bk- $10.44
52-week range---$18.00-$73.25
shares out-32 million
year-end -Sept 30th 00 rev $626 million and net $2.94 vs $206 million and loss of .43
01 earnings est. $4.04--Even if they only earn $2.00 this is a screaming long term
BUY!  could also be a takeover candidate!

RATED:  BUY @ $19 15/16

KLAC--engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing and service of yield management
and process monitoring systems for the semi industry
52 week range-$25.50-$97.75
shares out-187 million
first quarter ending Sept 30th 00 rev $534 million and net .54 vs $272 millin and .21
01-est earnings $2.24

RATED: BUY @ $31--long term bargain!

AMAT- develops, manufactures, markets and services semi wafer fabrication equipment and
spare parts for the worldwide semi- industry.
debt- very little
52 week range-$40.50-$115.00
shares out- 811 million
9 months ending July 30,00 rev $6.6 billion and net of $1.63
00 est.$2.38
01 est.$3.54--may be too high

RATED:  BUY @ $48--core holding for semi industry-off 60% from over valued high--now
looks like under valued---Not the cheapest-just the leader!

T- provides voice,data and video communications- also furnish domestic and international
long distance, local and wireless comm. services, cable tv and Internet comm. services.
debt- 50%
52 week range-$21.25-$61.00
shares out-3.76 billion
rev for 9 months $49 billion and net $1.40
00 earnings est. $1.80
01 earnings est. $1.68

RATED:  BUY--over sold, brake-up very bullish long term--lots of hidden value-a long
term winner in our opinion.  Current price $21 15/16

WCOM-provides a broad range of comm. outsourcing, and managed network services to
both US and non- US based corps.  WCOM provides one of the broadest range of Internet
and traditional, private networking services available from any provider
debt-fair amount
52 week range-$20.13-$61.33
shares out-2.87 billion
for the 9 months ending Sept 30th 00 rev $29.4 billion and $1.20 net vs $26.5 billion
and .91 net
01-earnings est. $2.20
RATED:  BUY long term--great internet play( infrastructure)  may even be a take over 
candidate @ current levels--extremely over sold--current price $22.06

MOT- wireless telephone, two-way radio, messaging and satellite comm. products and systems.
internet -access systems, ect, ect.
debt-fair amount
52 week range-$20-$61.54
shares out-2.18 billion
9 months ending Sept 30th 00 rev $27.5 billion and .52
00 earnings est. .98
01 earnings est. $1.23

RATED:  BUY - core holdings @ current levels-off 66% from over valued high--now over sold!

The penny stock disaster portfolio! mctl,fspx,tmss,scro,avti,iwmc

MCTL- otc bulletin board--hardware products and service primarily for the telco industry
debt- high
52 week range--.15-$2.875
shares out--20.5 million
for the 9 months rev $21.5 million and net .05..looks like a turn-around firmly in place.
We recom. mctl @.25-.50 previously and took profits between $1.50 and $2.00.  Time to
reload @ .48--sec reporting

FSPX- otc bulletin board --wholesale distribution of home decorating, hardware and
finishing products-fully reporting with sec.
debt-$5 million
52 week range-.18-.53
shares out- 13 million
for the six months ending 6-30-00 rev $48 million and net .03 vs $44 million and .02 net.
For the year ending Dec 00 rev should reach $100 million and net should equal .06!  Looks
very attractive @.24


TMSS- document capture, image enhancement, image viewing,forms processing, intranet and
internet.  otc bulletin board and fully reporting with the sec.
debt-very little
52 week range-.13-$1.50
shares out-13.3 million
year end 8-31-00 rev $3.6 million and net loss .03. The fourth quarter was profitable.
company has $1.4 million in cash-looks over sold--Read the latest press from Oct 19th
and 23rd.

RATED:  BUY @ .27--great shot-down 82% from high!

SCRO-otc bulletin board- fully reporting with sec.  designer and manufacturer of PCB's
-includes flexible ,double-sided and polyester-use in the consumer electronics market.
 52 week range-3/4- $5.375
shares out- 19.9  million
reverse- merger about 6 months ago- for the quarter rev $5.1 million and net .07. If they
continued-should easily reach $20 million and .28 for fiscal 01.  Looks very attractive
@ current levels-$1.125--Read the recent news-

RATED: BUY--down 80% from the high--looks very over sold @ $1.125

AVTI-otc bulletin board and fully reporting with sec.  provides refurbishing and services
and engineering consulting to semi manufactures--main customer AMAT.
52 week range- .03-$1.34
shares out-39 million
The numbers are not the greatest for the six months-rev remain flat and losses grew-resulting
from non-operations.  An offering was filed with the sec during Sept 00- not sure of the results.
News items look very good!  Worth a shot @ .16.. We first recommmended avti Jan 00 @ .12 and
sold half @$1.00 during the big run!

RATED:  BUY--worth a shot--looks over sold!

IWMC-otc bulletin board and fully reporting with sec.  company develops,operates and owns
nursing homes.
debt(lt)-$4.4 million
52 week range .13-.46
shares out-16 million
for the six months rev $6.2 and a brake even.  treasury holds 5.8 million shares and
management owns 6.3 million. large parcel of land in Colton ,Cal on the books for $300k
( actually worth millions)--management getting older-should sell company--big value for
little price--.18

nce-petrofund now trades on amex --ncn
Allied Oil and Gas now trade on Toronto--aog.to----very bullish towards this issue @.66 US
If you can buy afpc @.375 and seto @.50 --we would jump

Our hard copy newsletter will be out during Nov or early Dec 00..We have some personal
matters that must be reviewed...

Happy Investing,

Yours truly,   William Velmer 801-272-4761

Phone service investors get the call first before the herd--$650/yr or $1200/yr call for

RATED:   BUY    worth much more than .18 in our opinion

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