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April 01, 2001

scro-otc bb--NEW RECOMMENDATION from www.saadvisory for April 1, 01
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This message will only deal with a dramatically undervalued micro cap and will only be a brief
overview.  The newsletter will have a complete recommendation in detail.
SCORE ONE, INC.   (  SCRO-OTC BB)  current price around .40
52-week range--.375--$6.00
shares outstanding-20 million--3 million in float
business--PCB's ( printed circuit boards) and other related products
corporate office--Hong Kong
fully reporting with the SEC.
Year end--DEC
Most recent 11-month financial results---$18.5 million and .26 net income/sh
Estimated year end for DEC 00---$20 million and between .16 and .20 net income/sh.
Management has explained the shortfall:  costs relating to the recently announced acquisition
of  "Copper Clad" located within China,    inventory write down, ramping up of "new" products
and growing G & A.
$40,000,000.00 AND NET INCOME .40/SH
Latest 10k to be released with 2 weeks..Recent loan to president of corporation will be re-
classified properly.It is our understanding that the money was used for the acquisition of "Copper
In our opinion, SCRO is a screaming BUY @ currently depressed levels..We assume that
once the 10k is released additional press will be forthcoming!!The company has been in a 
quiet period while the year end numbers have been gathered!
At present-scro trades @.40 and has earned around .18 for 00--roughly trading @ a PE of 2--If
we assign a conservative PE of 10- then our share price equals $1.80---over 4X the current  price.
If SCRO earns .40 for 01 and we assign a slightly more aggressive PE of 15 - then our share price
equals $6.00---that is 15X the current price!!!
We see very little risk on the downside, but  HUGE POTENTIAL on the upside during the next 6 to 18  months.
We reiterate a Strong Buy recommendation on SCRO  for aggressive accounts that can handle
levels of risk.
Finally, this looks like a no-brainer
Yours truly   William Velmer

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