S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

September 23, 2001

Special E-mail message from S.A.Advisory for Sept 23,01

Dear E-mailer's:    http://www.saadvisory.com
If you don't want our material any longer-please visit http://www.saadvisory.com/update
and follow directions in order to remove yourself from our list!
We have not been paid by any of the companies mentioned within this e-mail.
We may buy, hold and/or sell any mentioned securities at our own discretion.
Our next newsletter will be released and traveling via snail mail before Oct 1,01--we also
assume that the online version will be on our site by Thursday or Friday of this week.
Within this newsletter:----OCT/NOV 01
NEW BUY RECOMMENDATION on TXN($23), SEBL($13.33),AMAT($29.09), BA ($30.00)
other long term BUY's--INTC($19.30), FLEX($13.98), CYMI($17.20)
We have covered our remaining Internet Short recommendations:
EBAY shorted @$98.79 (12/28/98)----covered on Sept 21,01-$43.79  gain 56%
AMZN     """"   @ $53.125 (12/28/98)---covered on Sept 21,01 -$7.48  gain 76%
AOL   ""    ""    @ $117.00 (12/28/98)--covered on Sept 21,01 --$29.85 gain75%
VRSN ""  "'      @ $72.37 (12/28/98)  ---covered on Sept 21, 01 --$38.30 gain 47%
EXDS  ""     ""  @ $69.00 (11/15/99)  ---covered on Sept 21, 01 --$0.47 gain 99.3%
WE have decide to recommend YHOO, Inc,     ( yhoo-nasdaq) @ $8.68  -see complete
story within "new" newsletter
WE have also decided to recommend Sycamore Networks  (scmr-nasdaq)  @ $6.47 on July 23,01
--currently scmr is trading @ $3.77--- great speculation--MORE CASH THAN STOCK PRICE!
SCRO--SCORE ONE, INC.    (SCRO-otc-bb)  --recent conversation with scro management
rep within the USA on Sept 19,01---Management est. that rev for 12 months ending DEC 31,01
will equal $26.7 million and net income/sh .26-----stock sits @ .40!!!!!!!!!! 1.5x est.  PE
Our Dick Davis Digest selection will show up in print during early to mid Oct 01.
Yours truly    William Velmer   editor

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