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November 5th, 2002

New Buy Recommendation from www.saadvisory.com for Nov 5, 2002
Dear Emailer's:       www.saadvisory.com
If you don't want our material any longer you must remove yourself-
visit www.saadvisory.com/update and follow directions.
We have not been paid for any  of our recommendations unless indicated.
We may buy, sell and/ or hold any mentioned investment at our own discretion.
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!    We get election results ( pray for Republican control
of the Senate), The FED informs us about the future state of the Economy and
interest rate direction ( hoping for a 1/4 point drop--may help in putting a floor
in the market , CSCO reports earnings @ the close (maybe they will surprise and
give us some positive guidance and  Mr. Pitt ( SEC Head resigns) already a known
fact.  The next 36 hours could really give us a strong POP on the UPSIDE!
We have been researching this growth stock for the past 3 months and
believe that @ current levels it may offer investors a unique opportunity with
very limited downside risk.  DEFENSE INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL (dfns.ob)
in our opinion is a great Defense Play  that is trading 85% below it all time high!
Within the complete research- management has given guidance for the next
18 months, which includes revenue and earning est.  Using a conservative PE
multiple of 17X--we have calculated a range in the stock price during the next
18 months of between $2.55- $4.25!!!  If this potential return interests you- then
we invite you to review the Nov 2002 research on Defense Industries (dfns.ob)
that is being release tonight with an initial recommended price of .45
We intend to monitor DFNS.ob for % gain performance within S. A. Advisory.
Before investing please review all sec filings and press releases.  The company
has 2 "trick" websites that should also be visited.  At the end of our research
report please read our disclosure.
yours truly,
William Velmer  editor S.A.Advisory (19 years) and www.saadvisory.com (6 years)
During the next few days we will be introducing some additional recommendations!

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