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August 6, 1997

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The opportunity listed below offers unknown upside potential with limited downside. The company has introduced a product that can be easily understood,do to the fact that all investor types receiving this E-mail via the Internet can easily figure-out what hands-free means.. Physically disabled persons can also benefit from this product and for that matter stand to benenfit the greatest. This investment is relatively unknown, underfollowed and totally obscure.. As the herd becomes more aquainted with this situation- we believe that the upside potential will become more and more positive.

The Company,Computer Devices (CTDVB-nasdaq BB) has introduce an Internet product that deserves serious consideration by investors. The product, VOICE POWER is the world's only voice control system for personal computers which enables the user to both "surf" the Internet and completely control application programs using only verbal commands. In addition to all keyboard and mouse functions, the system provides verbal control of Net- scape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer and retails for less than $100.00.

On July 30,1997 Computer Devices announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, VoiSys International,had signed a marketing agreement with CompUSA. In the agreement CompUSA will sell the product through its chain of 130 Computer Superstores located in various areas within the US.

The product was well received at the most recent Internet Expo and has had extremely positive reviews from Major Trade Magazines.

The product,which is completely voice activated will surely be a blessing for those who suffer such ailments,such as, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury,or a host of other injuries or physical conditions. It even can be used by the person that is just tired of the hands-on method of surfing the net!!!

Inaddition the user can check their E-mail, jump from hot link to hot link, search the net, open URLs,or do anything else on the Internet without ever touching the manual mouse or keyboard.

For less than $100.00 you get a headset microphone,software-proceed to just plug-it in. No initial training is required; you simple 'plug 'n say'.

Upon our search of similiar products-we found "Naturally Speaking" which retails for $695.00 ,but you need heavy duty hardware to run it. And we are not sure that it is designed for the Internet.

Computer Devices (CTDVB) at present has around 3.7 million shares outstanding-management controls around half of that amount and has recently exercised an option to purchase 500k.

If you would like to review the product go to http://www.voisys.com.

At present (CTDVB) trades at around .40.

Food for Thought: from a base of 100K Internet users at the end of 1994, Internet membership grew to 10 million by the end of 1995, and is approaching 40 million toady.. By the year 2000,membership is expected to top 160 million.

The above information tells all. This is why investors must consider any tool that simplifies the use of the Internet. The product and for that matter the investment deserves a serious look. This issue is speculative in nature, but attractive upside potential exists. With only a few shares outstanding earnings/share could expand quite rapidly. Again, at .40 the total market-cap is less than $2 million.

In our last newsletter we mentioned many high priced as well as low-priced investment opportunities. With respect to the high priced stocks!! We scored HUGE GAINS!--OCTL @$16.00 being bought out @$31.50 by Lucent, SGI @$16 now around $27.25 due to earnings surprise and DEC@$35.50 now $43 due to earnings and turn-around in-place.

Concerning the low-priced stocks that we formed a portfolio for--the results todate have been very inpressive, namely,[email protected] now.18;[email protected] now.075; [email protected] now .21; [email protected] now .375; DALE @.375 now .50; HIRE@$5.00 now $6.00;and [email protected] still at .18. What this proves is that low-priced stock investment opportunities are not all pie-in-the-sky!!

We still like ALMI at current levels-This opportunity offers a cheap way to play the Internet--visit the site and test drive the products. Fundamentally cheap,out-of-favor, unloved, little downside risk at current levels ($1.25-nasdaq-ALMI).

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Yours Truly, William Velmer

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