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July 6, 1997

Electrocon International (nasdaq-EPLTF ),is a diversified Hong Kong based holding company that conducts operations through its subsidiaries in two separate business segments- the distribution of semiconductor products(primarily computer chips) to small and medium sized manufacturers located in Hong Kong and China and the distribution of golf carts, irrigation products and systems, fertilizer and turf equipment to golf establishments in Hong Kong, Macau and China...

We have been following this opportunity for the past 2-years and at recent price levels, that is .625/share the risk that exists is not owning it..

This opportunity offers the small investor a cheap way to play the explosive growth potential that exists in Hong Kong and China.

The main reason why the stock is trading close to its 2-year low is that news has not been released for 8 months.

Due to foreign requirements company's have 6-months to report yearend numbers. We anticipate the release anyday now-in addition first quarter will also be released.

Bottom-line-- everyone thinks that the company is dead-meat.

Far from it!! The President continues to expand the franchise that he has been building for years.

For the 9-months EPLTF has had sales of $41.7 million and earnings of .05/share---It is anticipated that for the year ending DEC 1996 sales will reach atleast $55. million-- at present earnings est. are not known.. At present there about 6.3 million shares out- standing with a float of around 3 million. The current book value is around .35.. At present this company is only being valued at $3.8 million--the franchise alone is probably worth 3 to 4 times that.. The company has no long term debt and as of Nov had $4 million in cash.

It is our opinion that as soon as news starts to be released invest- ors will react very positive towards this situation.. The volume down at current levels has been extremely light and any kind of interest that develops near-term should propel this opportunity to higher levels..Note: We also anticipate that first quarter #'s will released within days of year end #'s

We believe that this situation belongs in all diverse emerging growth portfolios that would like some international exposure in the area of the world that promises huge rewards for the patient investor.

Corporate contact: Chris Mendroff--1-303-292-94198
Hong Kong-- 011-852-248-1602

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