S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

July 26, 1997

Dear E-mail Subscribers:

Many of you have thanked us because of the huge profits that have been secured during the past week and I truly appreciate the response!

  1. E-mail dated July 17,1997 we mentioned CBLK at $2.75--we were anticipating great earnings, dividend, and positive news--we got it all! For the six months CBLK reported $4.9 in sales and net- income of .22--company declares a 10% stock dividend for sharehold- ers of record Aug 1,1997. The company also estimates earnings for the year of .50 on sales of over $11 million+ ..--only 1.5 million shares outstanding ( correction-we stated 3 million by mistake.) A newsletter is releasing a BUY recommendation of CBLK on or about July 28,1997. We look for more upside..Corporate#18003991371 att: Bob Binsky
  2. E-mail July 6,1997-- recommended EPLTF @ 11/16 now $1.25 all China stock especially elelctronics are HOT---Earnings still not out, they are going to show a small loss on record sales. Should consider securing profits..almost a double.
  3. E-mail July 8,1997--Recommended DEC@$35.625 great earnings and positive remarks from management--DEC now $41.25-- the herd hopping onboard should take DEC higher.
  4. E-mail July 8,1997--Recommended SGI @$16.50 --great earnings and extremely positive new-- The #'s blew the street estimates away!!! SGI now trade @ $25.---The herd is also hopping on this one as well..SGI has turned the corner and is ready to rock!
  5. See current newsletter,namely July-August 1997 S.A.Advisory for recommendations on OCTL (Being bought out by Lucent @$31), SGI,DEC and others
  6. ALMI looking cheaper and cheaper--The possibilities are huge for this company during the next 12 months.. New products are being worked on, additional ventures are obviously being formed--no debt, around .80 in cash, book- value around $1.25.,trading close to 52-week low.. This is the time to buy when know wants them--remmember DEC,SGI, OCTL,EPLTF,CBLK..We like this situation and own it personal- ly at current levels.
  7. HIRE (Diversified Corporate Resources) announces major regional brokerage firm plans on doing a $12 million secondary for HIRE (PINKS) Only 1.6 million shares out- standing anticipate the offering to come within the next sixty days-- We beleive the firm prop the issue up to $10 level --Nasdaq listing will happen promptly This is a great BUY-recommended this situation at $5.00/share..- SEC filings are available on EDGAR.www.sec.gov.
  8. Dale Systems (DALE) We are shocked that investors are over- looking this situation.. Here is a company that will probably have revenues of around $8.million and turn profitable and know one wants it.. At present there are only 235,000 shares outstanding, book value around .57,has 450 employees, been around since 1934 and in our will eventually get discovered or bought-out at much higher prices..This is one you buy and just put it away!
  9. Other cheap opps, ASL, SHWCY, RISKA,CVDE, HIAI
  10. EMC,EGLS,UTEK just too name a few have advance quite sharply .

It is only a matter of time before the secondary and third tier stocks kick-in --still many of them are still in BEAR Market--this will change--We are close to recommending a $3.00 bargain turn-around--$3.00 in cash, no debt, new products, listed NASDAQ, off it's high of $28 during Dec 95, aquisition just announced--Stay tuned -Our super Fast Phone service Investors will be personally notofied-If you want get the call send a check to S.A.Advisory 2274 Arbor ln #3 slc,Utah. 84117--- Amount $375.00 a $50 discount--include all phone #'s--This is for 1 year and we will also include the newsletter.

. For more information please visit our site www.saadvisory.com and go subscription section. Don't forget we also have our 1-900-990-0909 ex 192 ($2/min) up-to-minute HOT-LINE.

Yours truly, William Velmer

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