S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

October 27, 1997

Dear E-mail Subscribers:

Don't panic! View this mini-meltdown as a BUYING opportunity.

As we write this E-mail the Hong Kong market is down 15% @8 pm pacific time.

Our economy sports moderate growth, low inflation, low interest rates and we have strong dollar.

Our market is very different from Asia's meltdown.

If you cannot sleep with this developing event--then don't participate! If you have a long term view of the world economy then you must consider purchasing the high quality US stocks.

With respect to Asia --the Templeton Dragon Fund (TDF) is our favorite. If you can start purchasing this issue @ $10. tomorrow --We believe that the reward long term will be highly rewarding!

Other stocks we like at 10-15% below the current close --amat, apm, sunw, If you decide to purchase--start to build a position!

We also like spct and tqnt --more speculative, but deserve your attention-- 20% below current levels --you have to consider!

We also like sgi,rdrt,cy,emc,--If you can purchase these issues tomorrow at a 15-20% discount from current levels--start building a position!

Please keep in-mind that this is not a economic event, but a market event!

If Intel gets to $60--looks cheap and a steal!

For now the low priced stocks--not much pressure for now !! They were never expensive in the first place..

If you review our low-priced opps. that we have been mentioning--you can see that the drop has been minimal!!

Don't panic!! When things look the worst--opportunity looks the best!!

The risk is not to participate!!

For up to the minute call --1-888-711-7338 ($2/minute) open up an account 1-614-439-7375( $10. setup fee.)

Yours Truly William Velmer

Build a position slowly-- If the stock you like drops further then buy more!! Stick to the highest of quality!

Hotline--1-888-711-7338( $2.00/minute) open account 1-614-439-7375($10 start up-fee)

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