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September 9, 1997

Dear E-mail Subscribers:

On September 8, our 1-888-711-7338 Undervalued HOT-LINE investors were notified to sell 50% of VTPI @.82..We initially featured VTPI in our July-August 1997 newsletter @.10 --Our gain equals 700% in two months.

Other stuff: The most current newsletter,that is, the September-October 1997 should be on-line Sept 10-11,1997.

This is a HOT edition so donot miss it!

Make sure that you read the story on TCGN- This also deserves a serious look see!

Quick update of the low-priced stuff that everyone loves to hate!

Company         Symbol      featured price      current price  status

Video Telephone  VTPI           .10               .65           H,S50%
Semicon Tools    SETO           .07               .18           B
Platforms        PLFM           .08               .22           H
IEH Corp         IEHC           .31               .41           B
Dale Systems     DALE           .375              .625          B
Diversified Corporate
Resources        HIRE (pinks)  $5.00            $8.00           B
Industrial Tech  INTI            .18              .22           B

Computer Devices  CTDVB          .40               .72          B,H
Inotek            INTK           .94              $1.18         B
Global Spill      GEGI           .375              .50          B
Tech General      TCGN           .31               .44          B

These LOW-PRICED opps are all unique and are not pie-in-sky --They were all featured because they were CHEAP fundamentally.

Coming soon! During Sept --The company has 6.3 million shares outstanding- management controls 85%. The stated Bookvalue is around .70 (if we minus out goodwill the book equals .35.)..Sales for the 9-months equals $18.5 million and net income/share equals .11..Est. yearend $25 million and net income of .15. This stock is invisible --trade on the PINKS.. One of the cheapest opps we have seen in YEARS!!! Stay tuned!

Food for the mind...Invest only to make $-donot marry or get greedy-- Bulls and Bears make money--PIGS get slaughtered!!

Our hot-line 1-888-711-7338 ($2.00/minute) To listen,first open account @ 1-614-439-7375 ($10. set-up fee)

Happy investing---William Velmer

Computer Devices phone#5086634980 (ctdvb)

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