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April 29 , 1998

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  1. Just released May/June 1998 newsletter now on-line for your review. New recommendations include TGSK & WEBP---See complete and detailed recommendations.
  2. At present we are placing a SELL recommendation on Platforms International (nasdaq-bb--PLFM). We initially recommended this issue on 7-09-97 @ .08/share presently PLFM is bid at .87--our overall gain equals 988%!! Our only motive is profit--this is why we invest! The issue has atleast 25 million shares outstanding--limited revenue,no earnings, is not fully reporting, do not know what they really have!! We may be wrong, but being wrong with a 988% gain in 9 months could be worse!! WE ARE SELLING TOTAL POSITION AND WILL NOT LOOK BACK!
  3. Check out EGNS--very interesting internet play for China and Y2K play all in one $2.00 stock..
  4. We hate Vancouver listed stocks--Most are the Kiss of Death!! LP.V is either a .10 or a $1.00 stock with in the next few months.. The upside is extremely attractive if everything gels.. Near term --- letter of intent to be signed to aquire 100 million dollar Oil and Gas property in Texas---plus other stuff!! Better than Las Vegas..For play money only!!
  5. GEGI looks like it intends to head lower!! Not much support--we are on the side-lines.. This issue was a 10 and 13 Banger!!!
Happy investing William Velmer http://www.saadvisory.com

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