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Febuary 2 , 1997

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This will be quick, but our new BUY recommendation will be expanded upon within days!!

  1. We recommended DEC @ $19.5/8 on 7/2/94--we sold half of our position on 2/26/95 @ $73.

    We re-recommended DEC @ $35.50 on 7/9/97!

    Due to Compaq's buyout we will sell our positions @ $56.50!

  2. We are placing a NEW BUY recommendation on Cymer,Inc. (nasdaq cymi @ $16.56/share..) WE think that this opportunity has huge upside potential long term!! We will expand upon this situation within a few days..We will monitor this situation in our master portfolio for percentage gain performance!!The market will be up Feb 1, 1998 and cymi should participate in the rally--so buy early!!

  3. Semicon Tools (nasdaq bb-seto)..We spoke with Mr. Pian on Thursday of last week!! The facts: Year-end number will be out within three weeks--according to Mr. Pian earnings for the year will be around .12/share fully diluted on sales of $21 million.. The shares are currently trading at around 3X this years earnings. We are speechless! On Friday SETO closed at .36 -.38. This situation should be trading atleast at $1.00 ...Just be patient--the word will get out..We used this opp as our stock pick of the year in Dick Davis Digest--so the exposure will expand.

  4. Payless Cashways (pcsh--nasdaq bb) Loooooks very attractive at current levels. We at SAAdvisory buy stocks that the herd overlooks or is afraid of. Payless will make it and investors that have some "balls" will be happily rewarded!!

See complete story on SETO and PCSH in our January 1998 newsletter on-line http://www.saadvisory.com

PS--Full story on CYMI will appear within days..Buy now read later!!!

Yours Truly William Velmer

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