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July 6 , 1998

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Consider that Amazon (AMZN) sells books on the Internet --has a market cap of 9 billion with limited revenue. Have to be crazy to own this !!


Crown Books, Inc. nasdaq--crwn current price $2.00

  1. 5.2 million shares outstanding
  2. book value around $5.65
  3. cash/share as of last quarter $1.15
  4. $48 million NOL
  5. new management and new ownership of 52% of outstanding
  6. 52-week high $13.50--low .625
  7. revenues of around $300 million
Management is considering Internet site for book sales!! AMZN has a market cap of $8-$9 billion, while CRWN has a market cap of $10 million!

Company is possibly for sale, but we believe that new business plan is being worked on. Losses appear to be narrowing--We really believe that this may become an Internet Play.. Check out the current SEC quarterly report---We are extremely interested in this situation. Barnes and Noble, AMZN or other could BUY CRWN for additional market share.. The NOL is possibly worth $4/ share alone!!

We believe this will pop tomorrow!

Yours Truly, William Velmer

PS..ISOL should continue to head higher within days do to conference. We still rate it a BUY...

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