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June 2 , 1998

Dear E-mailer's: www.saadvisory.com

Please recall that we recommended SETO on or about 7/09/97 @ .07 at present SETO is offered at .81 or a 1057% gain in 11 months! S.A.Advisory most of the time would have been taking profits from a situation like this, but SETO in our opinion is a completely different animal!!

Earnings for the first quarter were released at 2.11 this afternoon and in our opinion are very impressive!! For the quarter revenues reached $9.3 million and earnings/share fully diluted were .03 !!!

We believe that SETO has the potential during 1998 to have revenues of $40+ million and produce earnings of .15-.20/share!!!

Based upon this valuation--SETO is trading at a 5.5X est. PE for 1998!! It has an est. PSR of only .46 In Our Opinion --SETO is anticipated to grow by 40% during 1998--We believe that a PE value of 15X would and could be a value that SETO could support!! Based upon our est. earnings and assumed PE multiply of 15X then our share price would equal $2.55/share!!!

A far cry from current levels!!

Management is actively seeking additional acquisitions. The management team is continually seeking cost reductions . We have been extremely impressed with management honesty and guidance concerning est. revenues and earnings!! We also speak with management constantly for guidance concerning future operations. We believe that SETO is STRONG HOLD for current shareholder and a BUY for investors seeking low-priced mini-micro caps that are REAL! This is a high quality growth story with very compelling fundamentals. We picked SETO for our "stock pick of year" for Dick Davis for 1998--- SETO has not let us down..This is winner!

Please visit our website and read our January 1998 newsletter for SETO story concerning Dick Davis!! http://www.saadvisory.com

See our July/August 1997 for initial recommendation on SETO

For new E-mailer's please review our April 29, May 13 and 18 messages if you have not seen them!!

A new recommendation is coming soon and updates, but not today ---I Have to catch some waves..

Yours Truly, William Velmer

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