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June 23 , 1998

Subject: Special Alert for June 23,1998--Complete research report on SETO and other important Stuff!

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  1. Our complete research report on Semicon Tools,Inc. SETO is now online.

    Please visit our site for "NEW" BUY RECOMMENDATION! In our opinion all mini-micro investors should own this opportunity at current levels.

vtpi--Hope springs eternal- We rec @.10 and sold half @ .80
seto--This is a winner --up 13X from our initial rec. A keeper!
plfm--featured @.08 and sold total position @ .80+
iehc--Cheap opp, management asleep at the switch
dale--pink sheet sleeper!
dec--sold out to Compaq for huge profit
hir--sold 1/3 @ $14.50 for a 190% gain
sgi--A sleeping DOG!
inti--waiting for 10K and 10Q--could be a prize at current levels
intk--We hate this issue-management does not care about you or me-BURN THEM
anet--Maybe this year this opp will make us some money--We are flat!
gegi--now BIOF--We recommended this prize @ .375 last August 97--took
      profits at $3.75 and $4.91 --now $7.00 This is how you spell WINNER!
tcgn--an overlooked mini-micro
lyng--Another pink sheet gem
bnswf--Up 200% and climbing
apm--We have been killed like everyone else in this situation!! First
      featured @ $22.69--now $4.00 We are going to buy another 1000 shares
      Should perk-up after window-dressing June 30th--Check it out!
amat--If you are actually an investor --should own some for the future!
spct--We like this also at current levels
sunw--Strong HOLD!
tdf--long term BUY!
wdc--Have had limited success with this opp -down $4, but not out
cs--making money--looks attractive--everyone hates this one also!
pcsh-- secured 100% --looking to get back in when it drops --more stock
      to be released via chapter 11 court!!
epln--sold mini-micro
cymi--We love this stock at current level!!
scti--strong hold! Management should not screw-up shareholders with
      lousy reverse-split---stock is not acting that great since proxy
webp-- A real company that is very cheap!! Has nothing to do with the
tgsk--We sold 50% at $3.06 during early May for around 200% profit!!
      We still donot trust the float!!Last we heard 2.2 million free-
      trading--management buys 500K back, but now 3 million free-trading!
      Help me understand!
almi--Recommended 7-20-96 @ $2--sold total during April @ $6.75--PROFIT!

cblk--management is going to take this company to new height!

************* stocks that should be owned--We own them.***********

We continue to watch the Templeton Russian Fund (TRF)--We would like to buy back with lower premium!! Last year we purchased trf @ $19.50(Div incl) and sold @ $60+!!!

We initially recommended ISOL back in 1991 @$2.00--We are about to be rewarded BIG TIME!! Please read the current news!! This is a major change for the company,namely ISOL..We hear that a secondary is planned at higher prices-- Only 1 million in float after merger!!!Please read news!! Should own some before the herd hears! Buy recommendation!!!!!!

Technology is extremely oversold! We are active buyers of sold semiconductor related opps. The blood has been running in the streets.

A new low priced recommendation is coming soon!

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    Yours truly,, William Velmer http://www.saadvisory.com

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