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Sep 09, 1998

Dear E-mailer's:


Are you hungry for a delicious investment opportunity that could result in huge gains during the next 6 to 12 months with minimum downside risk?

If YES! please visit our site and review the "just" released Corporate Profile on Country Star Restaurants (KAFE).

Many investments that we review cannot not be eaten! This opportunity can be visited and enjoyed for the visuals and tasty country treats!

Bottom-line this opp. has two restaurants( Las Vegas & Universal Studios), looking for acquistions, young and dedicated management team, Huge NOL and most importantly is on the road heading for profitability

We believe that for .07/share that it may have a place in a mini micro-cap portfolio.

If you are visiting either area make sure that you sit down for a great country style meal ( see coupon for 10% discount ).



The Dow remains weak, but indications that the Destroyed NASDAQ may suddenly see a much larger cash flow in its direction! It takes nerve to jump into a snakepit, but if you got the BALLS! The reward could be dramatic! We donot believe that the 7500 level on the Dow will hold, but also believe that the NASDAQ will show strength in certain areas, namely oils and technology. We are a buyer of AMAT at the $20/share level. Our last E-mail indicates other mid-caps that we have interest in!! PLease be patient- this will all pass and astute investors will benefit. Buy them when there are no buyers!

Our recent "Oil Patch" portfolio came alive during the end of the week and gave us a strong showing!

Payless Cashways (pcsh) recovered nicely and we still believe that HUGE rewards are at hand! (earnings released Sept 15, 1998 and company call on Sept 17, 1998).

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Yours Truly, William Velmer www.saadvisory.com

corporate profile website: http://countrystarrestaurants.com _____________________________________________________________


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