S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

April 28, 1999


Dear E-mailer's:

SELL RECOMMENDATION:  BUYOUT OF WALBRO (walb) by TI Group Plc for $570 million in cash.
This equals $20.00/share..   The preferred (walbp) will be tendered @ $26.40/ share.

We  are recommending  to investors---SELLING TOTAL POSITION in both securities!

First recommended WALB @ $18.75 on 5/09/95

Second recommendation WALB @ $$10.25 on 7/23/97

We have mentioned it many times that is was a potential takeover candidate as well as
an extremely cheap security.  See most recent newsletter-April-May 99, November 98, Nov-Dec 97-
http://www.saadvisory.com ( These newsletter make mention or show position in portfolio)

E-mail recommendation on 9/01/98
Thirdly--Within the Nov 98 newsletter we recommended the Preferred, namely WALBP ( paid 
$2.00/year dividend) -recommended price $17.50(we received $1.00/sh dividend yielding us
a principle investment price of  $16.50.

 Sell the walb @$19.56 and the walbp @ the opening bell April 29,99
( we assume around $26.00)

Overall gain:  First recom.---1%gain
               Second recom---91%gain
               third recom----58%gain

More stuff: Take some time and read our research report on Pinkmonkey.com,Inc

It is possible that either April 29th or 30th we will be featuring a "shell" corp actively
looking for a business opp within the tech or Internet Industry---Only a few cents--coming 

We are also getting close in recommending a Telecommunications company turning around with
rev  est. of $45 million and Earning est. of .07 to .10  trading under .50  Stay tuned!!

Artm--The way it trades is very confusing--earnings should be out anyday .  We look for
.05 with rev of about $4.5 million.

Tltg--More public companies should deliver as has http://www.teltran.com  has for our 
investors..  More press! More positive developments !  Tltg looks and feels like it is
going to catch FIRE very soooooon!!  We stay on the "real time quotes" supplied by TLTG
all day for FREE!!!!  The action today was excellent!

PTIS--semiconductor play  --If the market begins to broaden PTIS will head higher( An old 
favorite of ours!!  Trading near 52-week low!!

FPCX and CBLK---Dogs today !!!!  Buying opportunity--Both are really GREAT companies that
are fundamentally CHEAP!

You will be hearing from us soooon!

Happy Investing,  William Velmer

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