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February 11, 1999

Subject: Jan-Feb 99 newsletter is available online-www.saadvisory.com-FEB 10,99
Sender: [email protected]

Dear E-mailer's:   http://www.saadvisory.com

If you missed a recent message from our server concerning our most
recent Jan-Feb 99 newsletter-blame cyberspace--SEE: www.saadvisory.com

Note: When we place a "BUY" on a security or group of securities it
is written in plain english!  If we mention a group of stocks for "players"
it should not be assumed anything but that!!  In our last e-mail--feb 7,99
we mention tltg,alfn,dmec and filmw-we did not mention the word BUY or
did not mention that they would be monitored in any portfolio for % gain
performance!  End of story!

We will mention that out of the four mentioned -that our favorite selection
is TLTG---We see potential, but until we see some numbers it is very hard
for use to value this company fairly!  The site is great and the telephony
over the internet looks interesting, but we need SEC filings and ofcourse
revenue and hopefully earnings!  For speculators--current price looks like
a great entry point for securing a position!!

During the past few days the tone of the Internet lunacy has cooled
dramatically and prudent consideration must be made before a opp. is

Currently we are looking at CHRM--do not assume anything! We are looking!
US$60 million for the 9-months
.52 net income/sh US$
$2.40 book value  US$
.50 in cash       US$
12 million shares outstanding
Gold and silver business in Asia
Totally unknown and unloved and all for $1.375

Again we are looooooooking!!!!!

Our Russian stocks had a great day !! Lukoil--up almost $4, VIP up .50
                                     TRF up .50
The Russian market has not been this high since July 98!!

ARTM--showed some life today--.52-.57  .. We still believe that this
is a great core holding --plus cblk and fpcx!!

Yours truly,  William Velmer

PS:Starting to look at some OIL's --they are getting very very cheap !!
   NEM also is something to watch--would be great to pick some up
   at $15--$17

Note:  We have not been paid by any of the listed opps!  We may trade
as we see fit any situation that we care to!!  For more information
concerning any listed company please review SEC filings and/or call
the company.
broker contact:  Mike Chesler:  1-800-331-1355
                 Greg Nelson:   1-800-269-9460--russian opps,nem

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