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March 12, 1999

Subject:  March 12,99 - http://www.saadvisory.com - Update message

Dear E-mailer's             http://www.saadvisory.com

Concerning the DOW--We don't like what is happening!  The prices for
these components of the DOW are as crazy as the major Internet Tulips!
We remain focused on the fundamentals of companies and they may be out-of-favor today,but
the market always sorts things out.  When that time comes look out below!

Our Russian stocks are performing and know one has noticed!

Date       symbol       recommended price        current price

9/23/98      VIP              $5.75                   $16.125

9/23/98     LUKOY             $13.00                   $27.50

10/16/98    TRF               $8.50                    $11.25

We still like them especially LUKOY ( Lukoil ).Please recall, lukoy has
the 4th largest oil reserves in the world.  Last year LUKOY traded as high
as $135.00 and as low as $8.00

tnt is another oil company, but more speculative.
rne is another closed end fund-selling at a discount to nav.
Gazprom--Huge natural gas play, but hard to buy as an American.

If you would like to read news on Russian stocks or many other adr's 
visit http://www.adr.com     This is a great site!

The Moscow Times Index current is at 616---during September 98 the index traded
as low 179!  Quitely  200% !!

Our OIL PATCH STOCKS are gushing!!We are not sure if any cuts in production will
take hold!  They seem to never stop cheating! A few favorites:  apa, hp, rig, do,
keg,uti, sii------see last newsletter for complete list!

One of our last recommendation within the Jan-Feb 99 newsletter has been releasing
some great press and to our dismay the stock drifts--Check out the recent news on
YARC---This opp. really has a hot product!  


                                     VISION TEN, INC.  (vten-otc bb)

PHONE: 201-935-3000---Alfred Thumin (president) 
Fully reporting with the SEC
15 million shares outstanding
The president owns 81%
Balance sheet and income statement means nothing in this situation
President is bank rolling the operations and takes no salary
A technology company with numerous product!

The company is engaged in the medical film digitizing business.

The company's 3rd generation CCD 12-BIT film digitizer is the
medium used to transfer high quality X-ray film images to a video
monitor for diagnostic and clinical review(via the Internet)

According to management: product is better and cheaper!

Management is working on other applications, ect; ect;

Anticipates products during 99

Latest 10K coming out within 10 days.

Visit Edgar and review last year's 10K --very interesting reading!

All this for .036  --something to watch!

Disclaimer:  We have not been paid by any of the listed company's that
are discussed within this message!  We own all listed securities and
may buy, sell or hold them!

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