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March 14, 1999

Subject:  Urgent E-mail message -March 14,99-http://www.saadvisory.com

Dear E-mailer's                       http://www.saadvisory.com

1.SETO:  We first recommended seto @ .07 (7/09/97--see Jan-Feb 99 newsletter and
review one of the portfolio's listed.) We watched it zoom up to the $1 level during
98 and also watched it settle at the .18 during early 99.  Recently the company
has many some very interesting and exciting announcements, which caused us to change
our rating from a HOLD to a BUY on March 10,99 ( see e-mail release dated March 10,99
on website-"click" the past e-mail section and review).  The re-recommendation price
was around .35.

On Friday afternoon "quick-picks.com" recommended SETO as a BUY!  The recommendation
was made about 15 minutes before the close!  A buying frenzy caused SETO to trade in-
after hours trading resulting in over 1 million share changing hands and a final closing
price of $1.50bid!

We do not have any negative feelings towards this investment opportunity, but profit is
our only motive and greed  will get you every time.  We are placing a 30% SELL recommmendation
on SETO for profit!  We suggest that you contact your broker well before the opening bell
and inform him to place the sell order on Instanet if possible!

We can't assume anything,except that SETO will be very volatile on Monday! We have a HUGE
profit in the situation from our old .07 level and a great profit from our recent March 10th
recommended level.

We actually believe that by taking profits, that within a certain period of time one will be
be able to replace the sold shares with "new" cheaper shares!

If this opportunity moves higher sell into the strength! 

2.  FPCX--The company has informed us that they have hired an IR firm, an investment
banker and that a press release will be released on or about Tuesday of this week!   BUY

3.  ARTM--Management has also informed us that a PR firm has been hired!  BUY  .47

4.  WALB--Recommended 7-23-98 @ $10.125--Late Friday positive comments by brokerage
firms should create a positive upside bias.  Mentioned as a great takeover or Buy-out
candidate.  The preferred offers an attractive  yield  WALBP   BUY   $9.375

5.  HMLD--Supermarkets !!!FOOD!! This company has a market-cap of only 15 million and
has sales of $500 million plus and is profitable ( taking out the amortizing, which will
be finished within 2 quarters.  The recent year results showed around .64 net/sh before
this charge!!   George Soros managed fund owns around 11%..   BUY--Great buyout candidate!

6.  TLTG--We are told that the financial updated site will be ready to rock-and-roll!
As mentioned before, this is one of our only Internet plays.  We assume press on VoIP
should be coming soon!  Ofcourse it is speculative, but the greater risk is not being
involved!  Still rate it BUY.  around $1.40  due date March 15, 99

7.  GGNC-- As you know, we recommended ggnc at .30 during Sept 98 and placed a sell on
1/3 position @$3.625--The group acts very strange!  They always are reporting gaming
revenue but never profit or loss!  GOCA looks interest, but never know how many shares
are floating around!  GGNC--same situation--How Many shares--or the fully reporting
status!!  around $2.40-----kind-of-neutral!--Internet-gaming!

8. China stocks!! CHRM and CBRB --fully reporting,super-cheap and avoided!

Disclaimer:  We have not been paid by any of the listed companies within this message!
We may hold positions in all mentioned opps and may buy, sell and or hold at our own
will!  Before investing--review all documents filed with the SEC, call the company and
review all other available information.

Yours Truly William Velmer     http://www.saadvisory.com

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