S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

March 26, 1999

Subject: Special E-mail alert for March 26,99-http://www.saadvisory.com

Dear E-mailer's:

Whether you know or care-S.A.Advisory has been in business for 16 years and been
online for the past 3 years and I must admit the whole thing seems a little crazy!
The recent "quick-picks" websites are causing very volatile  movements in stocks
that are mentioned.  Recently we saw a huge movement in SETO  because of one of 
these sites.  (See March 14,99  e-mail message for details).

We recommended Wiltek ( wltk) back on Sept 14 1994 @.375 --Today some "quick-pick"
site has recommended it and it has zooooomed up the $2.50 level. We believe in the
company, but again PROFIT is our motive and we would take this opportunity and sell
atleast 50% of your position if any of you have a position in this security..It
is our opinion that this will come down like all the rest! Do not let GREED over take
your investment strategy! ( You may review the recommendation on wltk within Nov-Dec 97
newsletter--portfolio's name-s.a.advisory's undervalued hotline and e-mail.  This portfolio
has been update recently but do not have the recent dated newsletter that contained this 
portfolio during 98)

Tltg--looks great!  We believe that it is getting ready to move!  The contracts just
released are extremely BULLISH for the success of TLTG!  We here that sec reporting
may be online today!--We believe that only a matter of time before other services
recommend this quality Internet Play.  Management keeps surprising us!

HMLD---this is a cheap stock!  For $3.375 you get a $6 book, 79 supermarkets, .67 net income
per share for 98( does not include reorg expense-which will be done in 2 quarters), One of
G Soros fund's own 11%, rev around 600 million, market cap around $15 million, stores are
only being valued at about $200k, most supermarkets are valued at $1.5 -$4. million/store,
defensive issue--people have to eat--even when they are daytrading!!  This is a real STEAL!

ARTM--continues to drift-cannot explain --soon earnings will be out for the third quarter-
we are hearing about .06-.07 ---results .16-.17 for the 9 months --stock stuck at .43
Can't explain!! Have to own some!

FPCX--same old story $21 million for 98 and .21 net , no debt , $6 million in cash, nol of
$3.7 million --stock sits at $1.00

Lukoil --signs deals with conoco--russian oil moves to $30 plus.

Disclaimer:  We have not been paid by any of the listed companies within this message!
We may buy, sell and or hold positions at any time !! Before investing review SEC filings
and consult your broker.

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