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October 09, 1999

New Buy Recommendation from S.A.Advisory for Oct 9,1999--Very Speculative ,but huge upside potential-OSCR
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We have purchased OSCR at current prices.  We may buy,sell and or hold shares in this issue.
We have not been paid for this recommendation.
Concerning micro-caps we usually recommend stocks that are fundamentally undervalued and are fully 
reporting with the sec.  We have only recommended a few select "Internet" issues during the past
12 months( hard for us to purchase pipe-dreams with huge market-caps).
                                      NEW STOCK RECOMMENDATION
One Stop. Com Inc.  ---Symbol--OSCR---(non-reporting-OTC-BB)
OSCR focuses on four main areas of business:
Computer hardware manufacturing
Communication and network services
According to press kit--200 employees
Written documentation states--16,845,600 shares outstanding with 3.5 milllion shares in the float
The following is a list of the seven subsidiaries- OSCM-One Stop.com Inc
1. Shopps.com Inc.
2. One Stop.Com.Ltd.
3. Brown Systems Ltd.
4. CMR Communications Ltd.
5. CCM Computer Accessories Inc.
6. OSCM Inc.
7. ITD-Integrated Technology& Development, Ltd.
Business Model:
1. Offers "free" 400 MHz computers for members that agree to spend $30/month for 24
months at any of the stores in the virtual shopping mall (http://www.Shopss.com).
2. A "new" fax to e-mail service that allows business and individuals to fax documents to 
any e-mail address in the world. By the end of 99 -the service will be available in over
50 countries worldwide.  If you would like to try the servie, visit the site-
Management: "This dynamic new technology truly creates a bridge between fax machines and
e-mail.  This service will eliminate the need to print a fax number on business cards.
Your e-mail address will become your fax mailbox.  This service is not only targeted at the 
international business community, but to household Internet useres, who generally don't have
fax machines."
3.  Developer of Internet applications for IP telephony
>From Press Kit document:
                                          computer, servers & Gateways
                                          E-commerce site design & productiion
                                          IP telephony  & Fax equipment
                                          Fax & Document management over IP systems
                                          Sales and Marketing
                                          Shopss.com registration center
                                          Shopss.com retail stores and fulfillment centers
                                          IP Telephony services
                                          Fax over IP, fax to e-mail unified messsaging
                                          Unique worldwide communications and network and billing
More Information from press kit: 
Number of employees--200
Annual Sales: $200 million
Network: Coverage in the following countries NY, LA, San Fran, Chicago, Israel, Jordan
                                             Egypt, Hungary, Germany, England, Brazil, Japan,
Number of servers and high speed IP lines --80
Number of Business customers: 320
Number of private customers, users and subscriber: 250,000
On Oct 1,99--press release indicates rev and earnings for third quarter: Not very clear!
The numbers make little sense!   Looks like they earned $6,000,000 ( based upon 17 million
shares) yields earnings/sh of .35 for the third quarter.  At present OSCR is not fully
reporting--cannot verify the numbers.. Hard to believe that they are lying!  
We are hearing that a top ten accounting firm will be announced this week!
We are hearing that they are near filing with the SEC so as to become fully reporting!
We have confirmed that Edelman &  Edelman has been retained for PR ( IBM uses them)
We are hearing that a regional Brokerage firm will become the Investment Banking firm for
We believe that a name change is also coming soon.
We have heard, but cannot confirm that a shareholder spin-off is planned.
We have an Internet company that appears to show profits for the third quarter.
The stock is unknown and under-followed.  As the information becomes more reliable
from soon to be filed documents with the SEC--We believe that the share price could
explode!!  Many Internets that trade on the NASDAQ donot have any rev or earnings, but
trade at huge valuations..  If OSCR proves to be real and rev and profits continue to 
grow-this stock will appreciate dramatically.
Websites:  http://shopss.com             http://www.oscm.net     http://www.ccmcomputer.com
We usually donot recommend stocks that have incomplete DD, but this situation deserve
a serious look see and only speculative dollars should be directed toward it!!
We intend to monitor OSCR in our portfolio for percentage gain performance!  The current
share price as of  the close on Friday Oct 8,99 was $3.31---This is an extremely speculative
investment.  We like it and own it!  The upside could be HUGE! 
Corporate phone number   1-516-454-1577
We rate OSCR--Strong Speculative BUY!
2.Another speculative BUY!    ClipClop.com    clopf--otcbb
Read the press release dated Oct 6,99.  This .16 stock looks like a great crap-shoot!
The management of clopf has made a very bullish rev and earnings est. for calendar
year 00..They are projecting $12 milllion and $6 million net--yielding .25/share
The web-site is interesting and may be very unique--http://clipclop.com
Corporate number:  1-360-384-5835    John Henry
3.fpcx--coming back to life--earning out November 15 99---.56
4.afpc---looks very cheap at current levels--see last e-mail---.40
5.tels--merger on hold-management acting like children---.32
6.artm-.22 net -stock price .65--why this level-management and poor PR
7.yarc-still waiting for the ?--.25
8. mctl-great speculation at current levels--read news--.20
Exploded NYSE stocks---cle,hele,unm,rev,xrx,avp

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