Both of these stocks should be owned at current levels for superior appreciation near and long term!

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New Recommendation MOC-$1.86

New Recommendation TCOR- $.52

Sept 04, 2018

Both of these stocks should be owned at current levels for superior appreciation near and long term!


New Recommendation:

Command Security Corp (MOC $1.86 NYSE) Command Security via divisions provide uniformed security officers and aviation security services to commercial financial, industrial, aviation and governmental customers throughout the United States. The company guards against theft, fraud, fire, intrusion, vandalism and countless other threats that customers are facing everyday. Please visit their website for additional information ( ). The 1st Q was recently released and investors should seriously consider owning this undervalued/attractively priced security. The revenue was $44 million and net income/sh was .07 vs .01, G&A dropped and operating income popped by 600%. According to management, revenue for fiscal year 2019 will equal $170 million. We conclude that MOC could easily earn .28-.31 during the current fiscal year. This would value MOC with a est. PE of 5.6X. Within the current market environment a more conservative PE of 15X would not be frothy. MOC could easily trade between $3.50 and $5.00 a far cry from the current valuation. The stated book value is around $1.60. It should be noted that a consolidation/roll-up is currently taking place in this industrial segment. MOC could easily be bought out! At present there are 10 million shares outstanding. The est. PSR is only .1 (remember a value of 1 is cheap and undervalued)- this factor makes MOC shares a "steal" and one should "guard" ones shares because we believe that someone is going to come along and buy them- lock, stock and barrel! At 1X Sales the common shares would trade @ $17.00 a far cry from $1.86. We are not saying that this stock is worth $17.00, but it surely is worth many dollars above the current level. We rate MOC with a strong buy rating @ current levels.

Stocks recommended during the past 30 months-September 1, 2018

OPXS------.70-------$1.60 --Strong Buy

OPXXW----.15---- ..50 --Strong Buy

Both pay .02/common & warrant April 19th 2018-quarterly dividend.

The recent signing of the 2018 Budget will increase defense spending by $700 billion, the largest increase in 15 years! OPXS revenue during the next few years will skyrocket because of Abrams tanks,Stryker vehicles, LAV's and Bradley Vehicles. Recently the Saudi's signed a $1 billion defense purchase that also includes $300 million in spare parts for military vehicles (includes the vehicles mentioned above and of course others).

One of these days this stock will break to the upside.We still believe that a strong earnings uptrend is forming and rapid growth will follow starting in 2018 thru 2025.

OPXS is on the move. The company issued an excellent 3rd Q that was textbook. The ER indicated record revenue and .07/sh in net income. Cash position is growing and the company has a record backlog of $19.4 million. G&A is down and margins are increasing. The company bought back 700k shares of common share and at present there are only 8.2 million shares outstanding. The prior 4 quarters the company issued a .08/sh dividend that has lowered our cost of common shares to .62 and the purchased warrant to .07! Our returns have been like a "tank" shot. We still favor the 2021 warrants that are exercised @ $1.50 and are non-callable. The leverage from the purchase warrant already have been amazing. Our warrants have increased in price by around 600% and the common shares have advanced by 160% since our initial recommendation. We remain 100% committed to OPXS and OPXXW. We believe that a dividend could be announce in the future. We look forward to potential announcement concerning larger contracts. The DOD's year-end is Sept 30th and "you" either spend it or lose it! We continue to rate this opportunity with a strong buy recommendation for short to long term capital appreciation.

ESMC---- .10--------.21------BUY

STRI-----.26------.30 ---Strong Buy

AETI---------$1.60-----$1.00 hold

Recently the management sold in our opinion the "jewel" of the company in order to rebuild the balance sheet. The divisions left service their joint venture in China and their other business segment within Brazil. Brazil is a mess and China is slowing down and the tariff story has not completely reached a true point of definition . It could work out, but not sure at this time and monies might find a better home.

WPSC-----$1.25------$ --

Merged and changed name to Dropcar- DCAR completed a 1 for 5 reverse split stock is currently $.75

MKRYF-----.10-------..03 -----declares BK

Management destroyed this junior oil and gas company and basically lied to the investor. There is little we can do when we are lied to.

BSGM-----$1.33--$2.20 ------- BUY

The company finally received 510K approval from the FDA for its PURE EP System. During the first 8 months of 2018 the company has successfully raised an additional $12.8 million in working capital. Please recall that BSGM, a medical device company has developed a proprietary biomedical signal processing platform designed to address an unmet technology need for the $4.6 billion electro- physiology (ER) marketplace. The company has plans to uplist to the NASDAQ within a short period of time. There is lots of competition chasing this $5 billion industrial segment, but we still anticipate higher prices once on NASDAQ. We would not be surprised if there was not a suitor just around the corner!


ASNB--------.07----.07 ------HOLD-

HEMA-----.35---$12.00 --STRONG BUY

This type of investment does not come along very often and we are riding the wave of this Tsunami (in style)! Go and visit their website and review their recent six month release and you will understand why this stock has appreciated so rapidly We do believe over time this stock will continue to climb past the recent $16.00 during the past 30 days. Since the initial recommendation we have seen a 34X the current price. Never have enough of the super charged opportunities.

LUVU----.055------.04 --------BUY

QDLC------.50----$.37 -----BUY

Management has a suit against a party $7.5m that was stolen from them - relating to 2 Mexican contracts. We believe that they will recover the theft

The company recently released the fiscal 2018 yr-end results. The revenue was almost $14 million a 800k increase over prior results from 2017. They earned a meager $7.00! The company is headed in the right direction and they still have an outstanding $7.5 million lawsuit against a former employee for theft. How this happened is only a speculation, but someone was not watching the barn. If they settle this claim ( should win) this equals almost .75/sh in earnings. A very interesting speculation @ .37. The business maybe entering a revenue driven cycle and QDLC could easily be bought out. The stock is trading at less than 1/2 sales.

VCON-----.41------.22 -Strong buy

Just announced that CETX bought 46% of VII from a private party. Most likely from fund that held this position. Smart move by CETX ( recommended @ $2.62 within last newsletter.) According to noted think tank~ video surveillance market was valued at $30 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $76 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.4% between 2017 and 2022. Extremely positive purchase by CETX

VII recently got delisted because of the lack of requirements for the exchange. The symbol was changed to VCON. The turnaround has been plagued with issues that continue to nag at the company's progress. We would not be surprised if CETX did not buy the whole company sooner than later. As you know CETX has introduced their "Smartdesk" and one has to wonder if some of VCON's technology could not integrated into their cutting edge computing desk of the future that is now!

LPAD-----.80----$1.03 bought out

ARWR-----2.80----$14.50---Strong Buy

Go to their website Don't forget the big picture! TRiM tm Platform enables Amgen Partnership. Amgen strikes $674 million cardiovascular RNAi pact with ARWR. Some planned FDA apps. ARO-AAT FIH planned Q1 2018, ARO-HBV (HepatitisB) FIH planned Q1 2018, ARO- APOC3, ARO-ANG3 and ARO-Lung1 all 3 planned CTA Q4 2018. ARO-LPA and ARO- AMG1 these 2 partnered with Amgen dealing with Cardiovascular Disease. Please go visit the website and review the 2 presentations ~ Feb 27 and March 1 2018. ARWR could be a $100 stock. Their science and application make sense and AMGN would not be a partner with them if they did not see something unique. Regardless of the recent move we believe there remains exponential upside for the patient investor. Of course they could get bought out by AMGN or another cash rich Biotech.

March 27, 2018 ARWR announces the dosing of subjects in phase 1/2 clinical study of ARO-HBV , a potentially curative therapy for patients with chronic Hepatitis B virus infection.

Jefferies places a Buy recommendation with a $10.00 target. (They sure are going out on a limb!)

March 28, 2018~ ARWR ARO-AAT, a subcutaneous RNAi-based therapeutic for alpha-1 antitrypsin- related liver disease, demostrates liver exposure- response and efficacy in preclinical studies--PS-147 This abstract PS-147 in under embargo until Saturday April 14th 2018. This abstract has been selected to be highlighted during official EASL Press Office activities that will be made public on the day of their presentation at the congress. This piece of information is beyond bullish for the company..

On or about August 1, 2018 ARWR earned another payment from AMGN for $10million. The payment earned following the administration of the first dose ofAMG90, formerly referred to as ARO-LPA, in a clinical study. Amgen is evaluating AMG90 in a Phase 1 clinical study designed to assess its safety in volunteers with elevated levels of lipoprotein. Under the terms of the 2 cardiovascular agreement announced Sept 2016, ARWR is eligible to receive up to $617 million in option payments, and development,regulatory, and sales milestone payments. ARWR is further eligible to receive royalties.

Please review the press release for discussion of Q results - dated August 07, 2018.Major conferences that ARWR will be attending: B Riley September 4th 2018, Gastroenterologists Summit- Sept 7-8th 2018, Euro International Congress, Paris, Sept 15-19,2018, HVB and beyond, Boston Sept 25, 2018. The stock has been consolidating for some time now and with all these conferences and the potential of new information releases the company shares have the potential to appreciate to higher levels.


BK filing~common share holders will get wiped out.

VUZI-- $6.35---$6.45--Strong Buy

Recent "bear raid" by coordinated "short sellers" Truly amazing that the worthless SEC has not re-instated the "uptick" rule. Marc Cuban behind much of this raid. Remember Marc ? HE stated that he was shorting the market if Trump got elected! He stated that the market would go down 5000 points; instead we are up 6000 even with the recent corrections. VUZI recently raised $30 million dollars in 2 days. Toshiba has bought product from them. There are many Fortune 100 and 500 companies testing their products.

Bottom-line: Don't know why America wants failure! If we wanted failure we would not have had desktops, laptops, micros, tablets and smartphones. VUZI is the logical direction of computing.

VUZI named "Best AR @CES 2018 by TechRadar. At the show Vuzix showcases Alexa-enabled Vuzix Blade Smart Sunglasses @ CES.

Please review the August 16th 2018 press release. It is only a matter of time before VUZI gets the traction to move to higher levels or just gets bought out. VUZI offers the future method of computing today.

SPRS--$1.00----$1.10 STONG BUY

ECIA--.46-----..46-----Strong Buy

See upated brief within this newsletter

Rhodium-the metal $1480/oz-----$2300/oz ---Strong Buy

Even though since our initial recommendation @ $1480/oz we believe additional upside is going to happen and that $3000.00/oz is not a pipe dream. The demand is outstripping the finite supply of this super rare metal.

CETX------$2.62 -----$1.65--STRONG BUY

For some reason the "street" dislikes this management team and or business model! The "Smartdesk" being developed and marketed to the consumer and business employees a state-of-the- art working environment that surely will advance productivity. The company also recently purchased 46% of VCON ( cutting edge camera security systems). CETX recently announced a small $1.6 million stock offering @ $1.65/sh. The company explains the money will be used for "Smartdesk" sales and marketing. Regardless that the stock is down some 30% from initial recommendation it is in our opinion it offers investors a golden opportunity to buy CETX on the cheap.

WLKR--.55-----.49----HOLD- liquidating .


SNDE---$7.25---$5.32--Strong Buy

SDCJF----.078---.05-----STRONG BUY

Sundance entered into agreement to acquire 22k net acres and 1800 boepd in the EF for $221.5 million. Company is raising $260 million. The capital raise and refi will fund the acquisition and provide $136 million of liquidity to develop the assets. Pro forma Sundance will be a leader in the EF with 57k acres and production of 10,300. The company estimates that production during 2019 will reach between 20-22k boepd. We have not added up to the shares outstanding after offering but it will be jaw dropping! We anticipate a reverse split sooner than later because you cannot have zillions and zillions of shares floating around for a company that projects 20k boepd during 2019. We remain committed to the company even though we have already bled to death!

ZMTP----$2.40------$2.25--STRONG BUY

The 2nd Q had revenue increasing by 10% over prior 2nd Q and earned 00.00 vs a loss of .02. New products being released, but the herd wanted more and sold the stock off by 30%. Please review the August 2nd 2018 Q press release for additional information. Excellent opportunity to BUY at a heavy discount because of a little chaos. We remain committed and aggressively buying shares at fire sale prices.

CVM------$1.80------$$2.52--STRONG BUY

The arb settlement was a relative failure, but recently the stock has found some explosive upside momentum. The company formulated a plan to stay listed and it was accepted. CVM has a planned offering that appears to be very well received by the herd. The company has a phase 3 trial being conducted and anticipates the results during the 1st Q of 2019.

As of August 1st 2018 there are 23.5 million shares outstanding. Presently the market-cap is $70 million! It is not unusual for a biotech to be in Phase 3 trials that the company might have a multiple billion dollar market-cap! The math is simple! Speculation is present, but upside is exponential.

APWC-----$2.55------$2.55--STRONG BUY

Just announced .08 dividend/sh Please read very informative press release date August 30th 2018. The company is expanding into renewable energy business in Taiwan. The 2nd Q of 2018 can be read in detail within the August 28th 2018 press release. One of these days this stock will rise to level that it should be when you consider the Balance Sheet and revenue stream. We still rate (APWC) with a strong buy, but would be more exciting to watch "paint dry"!




Encision, Inc.(ECIA-.46) is a medical device company that develops and markets innovative technology that provides surgical technology preventing dangerous stray Electrosurgical burns in minimally invasive surgery. Laparoscopic surgical burns kill 1-2 people every day and causes a serious complication every 90 minutes. On May 29th, 2018 the FDA released safety concerns about Monopolar energy use that can directly result in unintended patient burns and potential death. Management believes that their AEM Technology is the only technical solution to this issue. The Laparoscopic market is anticipated to grow to $14 billion by the year 2022. These medical procedures are so bullish for this company because it may very well have the only solution for the stray electric charges that are generated from these procedures. This micro-cap is on the cutting edge of explosive growth and low-priced stock players should take this opportunity seriously. For the year ending March 2018 revenue reached $8.75 million and earned .03/sh. According to management, this has been a turning point for the company. Encision has launched new products and has been profitable for the first time in its history. The company has a number of products in development and is looking to partnering on OEM opportunities and licensing. The current book value is around .20, no long term debt, cash and line of credit available, $1.25 NOL/sh (great takeover value), trailing 12 PE around 11X, PSR .44, trading near 52-week low and profitable. For the patient investor, the potential for huge upside exists. I have seen it before that small obscure opportunities explode and suddenly are trading at $3.00 vs .34! It is usually just a matter of time. We rate ECIA with a Strong Buy rating with the potential of dramatic upside during the next 6-18 months. ECIA is fully reporting with the SEC. Treecon Resources, (TCOR)

TCOR-symbol- current price .52

fully diluted shares outstanding~ 28.3 million (management owns 50%)

9 months rev $65.5 million and net income $1.6 million or .06/sh.

Stated book value around $1.15

last year revenue was $70 million and net income/sh was .03

It is easy to see that revenue and income/sh has exploded during fiscal 2018. It is very easy to conclude that TCOR will reach revenue of $100 million or close to that figure and earning results for the year should reach .10!

The book value does not take into account the 5000 acres of timber land located within Texas and Louisiana. It is obvious that this land is worth many times the value that is stated on the books.

From our calculations the cash value approaches $4 million.

The company reports 4 times per year.


TCOR is a hidden gem for patient investors that appreciate discounted value and very cheap fundamentals. The stock is trading at least 60% below stated book value. We assume that TCOR will earn around .10 for year ending Sept 30th 2018. The stock is trading at around 5X est. PE for fiscal 2018. The PSR is based upon $100 million in sales ending Sept 30th 2018~.14 est PSR ( value of 1 is consider very cheap). The current growth 2018 vs 2017 is around 40+% (based upon $100 million vs $70 million last year) if we assume a PE of 15X vs current 5X the share price would be at least $1.50 ( 200% appreciation from current levels.). The stated book is now $1.15~ We assume the 5000 acres of timber is worth as much as $25 million so that might add another $1 in book. We are not sure, but could easily trade at three time book or $3.45. If we applied a PSR of .5x or 1/2 sales the share price would explode to at least $2+ .

The most profitable business sub is the heavy equipment division that can be used in construction of Oil and Gas drilling and home and business construction and pipeline creation. There is a huge bottleneck in the movement of oil and gas and additional pipelines are needed to be built in order to move the products to the refineries. Another division supply fluids for the Oil and Gas industry. As we know Texas is the number 1 producer in the USA and TCOR is in the game. The harvesting of primarily Pine trees is the third division and adds to the mix.

It is easy to conclude that TCOR has entered a serious growth mode because of the economic climate that has overwhelmed the US since Trump has taken office. This company could also be in play as a takeover candidate because it is so misspriced.( at present 160 employees)

Bottom-line and food for thought. Most don't like "pink sheet" stocks, but let me remind the herd that HEMA was recommended at .35 & is current trading at $12.00 & it still remains on the "pinks".

We rate TCOR with very strong BUY rating at current levels for short and long term appreciations.

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in CVM and have been hired for PR for 1 year .We wish to give credit to First Genesis Consulting for some their material that was used within this report


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00








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