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August 09, 2000

S.A.Advisory-NEW BULLISH opinion on CBLK
Dear E-mailer"s     http://www.saadvisory.com

We have not been paid by cblk for our opinion and am not employeed by cblk!

We currently own 15k cblk shares in our personal portfolio.
We may buy,sell and or hold a position in CBLK at our own discretion.


Extremely BULLISH announcemnet on August 7,00!!

Go and read press release-dated August 7,00!

Basically new management and $12,000,000.00 in the bank!!

Read the other recent press May 24, June 8 & 14, July 14 

A NOVO SA buys control of CBLK inorder to conduct a consolidation of video,teleco
and other various products as seen in Europe.

Visit research on A NOVO SA-- 

A NOVO SA website:   http://www.a-novo.fr
a complete site--review all press releases.

Read Yahoo's profile on CBLK

We currently monitor CBLK in our portfolio.

In our opinion CBLK has the potential near term to become a BIG winner!

52-week range $1.06-$7.75

If you consider the success of A NOVO SA during the recent 12 months -one should
take a hard look @ this rapidly developing situation.

We rate CBLK with a STRONG SPECULATIVE BUY!---current price $3.375

Yours truly,  William Velmer

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