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December 11, 2000

Correction to Dec00-Jan01 newsletter online-Dec 11,00
Dear E-mailer's:  http://www.saadvisory.com

This message concerns the Allied Oil and Gas (AOG.TO) report:

The financial box online is incorrect:

The corrected financial box should look like this box below.

                July                   July                 Dec                 Dec
            9 months2000          9 months20000         year end est00     year end est01

rev          $11.5 mil                $3. mil               $20. mil            $35. mil

cash flow/sh     .264                    .112                 .50                 .80

net incoms/sh    .125                     .03                 .25                 .45

note: all values are in Canadian Dollars

current share price .90 CD or around .60US

If we convert the est. earnings for Dec00 into US funds -earning/sh will equal around
.19US --This yields a PE of only 3X est. 00..

With gas at over $8.50/MCF and in some location reaching $20+/MCF--It is in our
opinion that AOG.TO estimates for year-end Dec 00 are very conservative---Note:
The above numbers are from management!

For Dec 11,00 ---We assume stock prices will rise!! This election disaster is almost over.
The US Supreme court will finish off Gore.

Should be a very good week for stocks if the economic numbers show weakness.
Look for more gains within the tech sector.


currently $1.50
restriced cash-$1.50
debt --small
rev & earnings for the 9 months --$47 million and .28/sh net
Looking for $70 million and  .45/sh net

This is a screaming BUY recommendation--This stock has not been this low in years and
the business is exploding...Record backlog--$141 million- up 53%

Wake-up and smell the bargains!!

Yours truly,   William Velmer

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