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If there is one stock to own in this toxic market that could save the world from evil and Al Gore is awrcf.ob. The Cheapest Growth and Discounted Value play on the Planet. This stock in reality has never been this cheap! The Ultimate Asian growth story that some how got lost in translation!
AWRCF.OB has a great website http://www.apwcc.com

(awrcf.ob-- $3.50)

The company is a leading manufacturer of wire and cable products for the telco and power industries in Thailand, China and Australia.

According to management, NASDAQ listing is anticipated within a couple of months- We assume after the annual meeting during September 2008 and the six month earnings report that is also due around the same time period.

For the year ending December 2007 (review the 20-f listing under sec filings for in depth and complete story-line concerning awrcf.ob) revenue jumped to $510 million with net income/she of .35 (earnings off from 06 levels - large movements in copper prices).

The current book value is around $10.00 (this does not include the increased value of land and building -which upon review is actually quite large- could easily add a few more dollars to the actual bake instead of the stated bake) and each share is worth $3.75 in cash. As stated in prior reporting on awrcf.ob, Michael Dell's fund owns 20% of awrcf.ob at much higher prices! At present, there are still only 13.8 million shares fully diluted and outstanding. Current market conditions have distressed and at the same time created a very attractive BUYING OPPORTUNITY AT CURRENT LEVELS!

At present, awrcf.ob has a trailing PE of 10X (growth rate during the past five years is around 30% per year), PSR =.094 (a value of one is considered cheap! AWRCF.OB IS TRADING AT 91% OF SALES- SUPER SUPER CHEAP VALUATION!), trading 65% below book value and also trades below the cash value of awrcf.ob.

Don't really know how much cheapest this stock can get! You can buy it below its cash value! You can buy it 65% below its book value! You can buy at a fraction of sales! You can buy it at its 52 wk low! You can buy a discounted growth and value opportunity that is worth 200% above its current pricing!

We believe that 2008 numbers will continue to display 30% growth from organic operations and net income/she should be around $1.00 for the year because copper price were not very volatile as they had been during 07!

Finally, if there was one stock to own this would be it! We see almost nil in downside risk and 200-300% upside potential during the next 6-12 months!

Earnings came out for aljj.pk today and they were great! They now have earned .14 from operations and .22 including extra-ordinary gains-- revenue jumped 20% (nine months numbers)- strong buy! All for .70 adg- should report within days-- we have our fingers crossed!

The oils, metals and Uranium are killing us! The Russian Oil --iec.l has 2 buyout offers on the table at around $27.00-- stock is around $21.00!

We still kaz and aak.to --other slaughtered oils--

We have not been paid by any of the listed investments within this message. We may buy, sell and or hold at our own discretion.

We offer a super fast phone service --we call you before the herd is informed --$850 per year-- hard copy of yearly recommendations --$200.00 per year.
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