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July 17, 1997

On April 30th 1997, we informed our 900# investors to purchase shares in Octel Communications (OCTL) @ $16.00. A world leader in voice messaging technologies.

On July 2, 1997 we informed our E-mail subscribers to purchase OCTL @ $22.00/share.

On July 17th we are informing our 900# and our E-mail subscribers to sell total position of OCTL @ $30.375 due to BUYOUT by Lucent Technologies (total sales price $1.8 Billion).

For a hold of under 90 days our return ranges from 39% to 87.5%.

You got to love it!!

2. Cablelink,inc. (CBLK) .. The Company sells new and refurbished cable tv equipment in addition to repairing equipment for the cable companies within the US and various international markets..

We are hearing that this Monday, the company intends to release 2nd quarter numbers and that they will be excell- ent.. For the quarter CBLK should have revenues in excess of $2.6 million, dramatically higher that last-year at this time period. Earnings are anticipated to be at around .12- .15/share. ---that means around .22 for the six months.

Management estimates that for the year ending Dec 1997, that sales will reach $11 million and earn around .50/ share. (currently around 3 million shares outstanding).

It is also anticipated that a dividend of some sort will be declared at Monday's annual meeting.

The company is also actively searching for acquisitions.

The Current price; $2.75/share. We monitor CBLK in S.A.Advisory newsletter.. You can read the complete Corporate Profile on Cablelink, Inc. within our web- site, namely, www.saadvisory.com--under the corporate profile section. (corporate #8003991371)

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