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November 19th, 1997

Dear E-mail Subscribers:

We have released our most current newsletter,namely the Nov-Dec 1997 edition. Please visit our site http://www.saadvisory.com . All of our portfolio's except the 100K portfolio are featured-- the 100K portfolio will be released next month in our next letter.

New thoughts!!

  1. 1. GEGI--we anticipate very positive new with respect to the proposed merger! We are told that a release could be as soon as November 21,1997.. The company spokes-person anticipates that the deal will be finalized before Turkey Day!! We have been adding to our position at the .625-.69 level. Upon completion of the proposed merger we are told that European investors will surface. Once the merger is completed there are two other aquisitions anticipated...Rate STRONG BUY !!

  2. 2. CTDVB--As you may recall this company has a software product that allows internet users to surf the internet hands-free. We like the press that has been released from the company, but have become uneasy about new competition that has been surfacing. We also see no indication that the software package is flying off the shelves. We will not see any numbers from this company until Feb, 1998! This is along time from now and it makes us nervous. Management demonstrates poor investor relations--they will not indicate anything!! We ofcourse understand that the current marketcap is only $2 million so ofcourse it is not super expensive, but volume has dried up and the most recent releases has stirred up no buying! RATING: HOLD--be prepared for some pain!It has reached the roach motel stage!!

  3. 3. VTPI--Has recently gotten hammered!! We see no news !! This is why we took profits at .82---featured at .10 --current price .20--We may buy this issue toward the end of TAX SELLING!!

  4. 4.Lynton Group,Inc.. (Pink Sheets) current price .75-$1.25 !!!This stock is the cheapest and know one has an interest!!!It is comical--the evil PINK SHEETS!!

  5. 5. BNSWF&BNSOF--Again see latest newsletter.. We are hearing that 3 broker- age reports and two press releases are forthcoming very sooooon!! This should rocket this stock. At present the common shares offer the best opp.! - Currently at $6.50--RATED--BUY

As you know tax selling season has started and like usual the low-priced mini-micro's are usually hurt the most--have some cash on the side-line for for the dogs of 1997 that get trashed!!!

New stuff coming soon!

Yours truly, William Velmer

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