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July 29 , 1998

Dear E-mailer's: http://www.saadvisory.com

Please review the two opps that are listed below. We also complete a quick review of stocks that have been recently recommended!

1.Financial Performance Corp. Nasdaq bb----fpcx The company is primarily engaged in offering banking institutions a range of proprietary sales and marketing products, strategic planning and product consulting services and financial software products.

The sub that is developing the revenue for fpcx, namely MKP generated 100% of the sales for quarter ending March 31, 1998. The sub is involved in merger and marketing communications for major banking institutions. Banks that have been mentioned in past filings include; Chemical Bnk, First Fidelity Bancorp, first Ntl Bnk of Maryland, First Union Nlt Bak and Dime Savings Bnk of NY.

NOL--$1,150,000 as of March 31st



Book Value--March 31st-based upon 8 million shares outstanding-.30/sh Ownership--management 1.3 million shares, Trump Management 4.9 million

shares. ( Robert S. Trummp)

Long-term debt==ZERO

As of May 1st 1998 1 million shares were sold for $200,000.00-- We assume that Trump may have bought the share since he has been an active buyer of shares via options and warrants.

1998 1997
revenues $4,900,000.00 $1,900,000.00
net income (loss) $617,000.00 $149,000.00)
net income/sh .08 (.02)
shares outstanding 8,000,000 8,000,000

Overview: This issue deserves serious investigation by mini-microcap investors! The growth in revenues exploded by 129%, while net income/sh rocketed by 900%..Is this a fluke-not sure- but someone just bought 1 million shares of stock 2 months ago! The cash level is huge -the company has no debt and with Wall Street buzzzzing- the merger scene remains HOT! If the company continues to mirror or exceed recent quarterly results then it is quite evident that FPCX is going to fly HIGH!!

Corporate phone 212-557-0401-- the secr is not very pleasant.

Trump Management *82-1-718-332-3724

FPCX- Fully Reporting with SEC.

Current price .44-.50

Food for thought: If they continue the recent tend--the company could have sales of over $20 million and earnings of .32-- sounds pie-in-sky, any thing is possible!! Please review lasted 10Q located on the Internet.

2. The Internet stocks remain a HOT topic for player's! The Virtual Casinos with nearly 175 site on the Internet is BIG business--an estimated $2,000,000,000.00

Note: Senate Votes 90-10 to support Broad Ban on Internet Gambling! GOOD LUCK!

This company is a speculators delight! Gaming on the Internet --You get the cherry and cake for one price!

Global Intertainment Corporation Nasdaq-bb--GGNC

The company is a high technology entertainment and marketing company specializing in Internet gaming. The company currently markets a Vegas- style Virtual Casino and a full Internet Sports Book that allows bettors to place online wagers on the top ten horse races in the world, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and golf. The firm is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

GIC's www.cyberbetz.com sub is an offshore Internet Sports Book and Casino located in Roseau in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

In a conversation with management:

1. Fully reporting statis within 90 days.

2. Just completed raising $1,000,000.00 via an IPO

3. At present only 4.5 million shares outstanding with 1 million in the float.

4. Website will be in operations within a few weeks.

5. On June 10th Global announces it has completed a Final Purchase Agree- ment with Netbetz Inc., and offshore Sports Book and Internet Casino Operation. Once the site is in operations-bets will be taken over the Internet and via the phone 1-888-268-1888.

6. The site will also be translated into Chinese to taget the gambling customers in Asia. 7. Using real time tehcnology, GIC will introduce an interactive multi- player gaming service and multimedia virtual casino for the Internet that will simulate a true Casino, Horse Race and Sports Betting Service with 3D motion and sound.

Corporat # 1-604-688-6888--Darren Little/pr 1-847-291-8421 ext 237

mailto:ir@ ggncwins.com
mailto:[email protected]

This issue has better potential than visiting Las Vegas-- The play will last longer! This issue is very speculative, but might produce HUGE returns for the risk-taker! This issue has been trading for over 4-months and has had a range of .50 to $3.50- at present the stock is around $1.25



vtpi--crap shoot--featured at .10 and sold half at .80

seto--see recent report listed on site--winner Buy/hold- rec @.07

plfm--We sold at .82 a few months back-We don't trust it --does not file with SEC.

iehc--Buy/hold--Will move one of these days! Management lost

dale--pink sheet baby--HOLD --if you buy at around .10 worth the wait.

hir--rec @$5-now $11.625- sold half at higher prices.

sgi--earnings report was bad--we are sitting-might buy more at around $10.

inti--may be a sleeper--filing problems

ctdvb-this situation is a non-event --management lost

intk--we sold--management sucks


biof--name change from gegi--a huge winner--rec at .37 now $7.00 only have 1/3 position left----BIG WINNER

tcgn--BUY--see sec filings

lyng--pink sheet winner--must be long-term ..We like this situation alot! It is funny how everyone hates the pinks, but this opp will make us alot of cash--fully reporting with sec.

bnsof--new buy recommendation-see last e-mail

apm--This is the dogs of dogs--We hate this stock because we have lost alot of cash, but I think it is worth the purchase at current levels. We have recommended it a few times when it has been down around $4-$5.75 level.

amat--love it long-term

spct--Has hurt us, but we still believe

sunw--Has been a big winner for us and we believe that it will continue!

wdc--a roll of dice!

pcsh--Strong BUY-see last e-mail and newletter about six months ago. We initially recommended at $2.125-sold half at $4.00 now re-recommending it at $2.50--Show me another bb stock that has sales of $2 billion!

epln--buy/hold--see newletter.

cymi--Love it for long-term.

scti--We have to rate it a BUY at current levels!

webp--see May newsletter--rated a BUY

tgsk-recommended @ $1.00 sold 50% @ $3.00 in 45 days-still do not trust it! earnings just released -very good, but shares outstanding still growing and sec filing still not delivered--We first got involved when 5 million shares outstanding, now 8.3 million.

almi--we are out with big profits-rec @ $2.00 sold at $6.75--currently at $3 and change--would like to get back in around $2 or lower.

klac,klic,sfam,utek,egls--long-term BUYS

walb-BUY at current levels-see last e-mail.

isol--BUY see latest press.

hp--Just recommended in last e-mail---great buy at current levels

rne--Russia fund --closed-end: Long term BUY at current level

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