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Nov. 12,1998

Dear E-mailers; website: http://www.saadvisory.com

We recommended Financial Performance Corp (bb-FPCX) @ .81/ share during our Sept-Oct newsletter 98. ( go to web site and review our BUY recommendation).

The actual date: August 20, 1998

Just reported 9 months revenue and earnings:

For the Quarter ending Sept 30,98  
        98                  97
sales  $7.066 million     $1.9 million
income $823,100           ($500,000)
For the 9 months ending Sept 30,98
sales $16,200,000.00
net income--$2,200,000.00
net income/share--.24

Current share price $1.06

cash--$3,000,000.00 fully diluted around 11 million shares no debt fully reporting

In our opinion, the earnings in our newsletter said about .32/share for the year ending Dec,98

Trading at less than 4X 98 estimates-with only one quarter to go!

This a core holding!

In our opinion FPCX could easily trade at 10X the estimated number!

If you hold this situation in our opinion it is not a sell, but a BUY!

Please review all financial documents before you invest, including 10q & 10k.

We currently have a position in this situation and may buy, sell, and hold a position at anytime.( We currently hold 35,000 shares of free trading stock we purchased on the open market!

corporate phone: 212-557-0401 Mr finley.

Earning for this quarter just released can be found on the Edgar!

Yours Truly, William Velmer


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