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Nov. 7,1998

Dear E-mailer's: http://www.saadvisory.com

We have just released our most recent Newsletter and Corporate Profile for November 1998.

New Topic: Concerning the recent sweep by the SEC for unethical practices on the internet---it is in our opinion that it will continue and is most definitely needed!!

We see new e-mail sites everyday that ONLY promote garbage!

We have been in business for almost 16 years and value our method of recommending, in our opinion, fundamentally cheap investment opportunities! We would be an idiot if we did not purchase a position in fundamentally cheap situations that we recommend! We actually do not care if anyone buys our selections--because they stand on there own merit and once an astute investor reviews them for themselves they make their own choice! We have always disclosed that once we recommend a certain situation that it is our right to sell it anytime just as any investor has the right to do so! Concerning "paid" reports: When we have been paid for the production of a Corporate Profile we are always fully disclosed and have never hidden that fact! In order to say inline with enforced SEC guidelines, we will now list the actual compensation in the form of cash and/or stock! It is our belief that this revealing of actual dollar amount makes little sense, but if you want to play you must play according to somebody's rules, whether right or wrong!

Please make sure that you read my disclosures for the newsletter and corporate profile.

Within the newsletter, we have recommended three new situations and we own positions in all three and may buy, sell and/or hold positions for one hour or 10 years!! This is our business! All selections are placed in certain portfolio's and will be monitored for % gain performance ( hypothetical in- nature).

Concerning our recent Corporate Profile for the month of November 1998 we recently bought 5000 shares of this opportunity and may buy more, sell, may buy it back, hold or due anything else that we wish! We are different because we recommend and feature stocks that are based upon FUNDAMENTALS! We deal with numbers and numbers tell the whole story! We use PE, PSR, P/CF and P/B for most of our stock selections and depend on management guidance for rev and earnings est. We hope that all investors that decide to review our most recent newsletter and corporate profile enjoy as well as value our information.

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Yours Truly, William Velmer


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