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Sep 01, 1998

Dear E-mailer's: http://www.saadvisory.com

Very painful doesn't even express how most investors feel- including the editor of S.A.Advisory.

It has been a slaughter-nothing except cash has been spared!

You must remain focused and concentrate on the long term!

We are hurt, but not as slaughtered as most since we donot buy amzn, aol dell, high price S & P 's, DOW stocks,nasdaq 100's or have any meaningful exposure to emerging markets.

We usually BUY low priced micro-mini's and out-of-favor midcaps, such as oils and oil service issues, which ofcourse have been deadly --eventhough we recently recommended an "oil patch" portfolio within the past 21 days, it has been mindblowing, when one considers how much further they have continued to drop!

We believe that Tuesday morning may be a down market and look for opportunity in higher quality issues that are world leaders. Again, we may GAP down in the morning, but believe a bottom is near!

Stocks to watch:
Symbol Today's close BUY range for Tuesday
aapl 31.18 25-28
amat 24.56 20-22
cymi 10.25 8-9
do 20.875 15-18
egls 10.75 7-8
hal 26.56 22-23
hp 16.25 13-14
klac 21.25 18-19
rig 24.56 20-22
seg 17.06 15-16
twd 21.00 17-19
cpq 27.94 23-24
walbp 17.50 yields 11.43% 15-16.50
If you got really BIG BAllS!! Lukoil (adr) a huge russia oil company that reached a high of $123 during early 1998 and now $$14.75--
We personally have bought some! You figure it out!----Symbol lukoy--
Broker contact: Greg Nelson: 1-800-269-9460.

Please remmeber: This is not the end of the world--this will pass unless you believe that an asteriod is headed our way or the Nukes are coming!

The three favorites of the above list: aapl, seg and amat.

Yours truly, William Velmer www.saadvisory.com

PS. New corporate profile coming soon on a delicious situation--stay tune for this speculation under .15

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Yours Truly, William Velmer
Food for thought: Bulls and Bears make $$$$, while pig get slaughtered.

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