S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

Sept 23,1998

Dear E-mailer's: http://www.saadvisory.com

We are placing a SELL recommendation on the remaining position (50%) of Great White Marine formerly Tigershark. The new symbol is JAWS. We recommended "jaws @ $1.125 on March 30,1998 and then placed a 50% SELL recommendation on the stock on May 13th @ $3.06/share. The current price of "jaws"is around $3.28.

The reason for the sell recommendation stems from the "new" and ongoing SEC investigation. We know that this is the case, because the SEC has contacted us concerning our involvement with the company.. We recommended "jaws" and never received any form of compensation for our recommendation. The SEC is looking at the PR firms and other newsletter writers that may have been paid without full disclosure. In addition, the the Company itself is being investigated for possible illegal sale of shares according to SEC rules and regulations.

We have no interest in bad mouthing this issue, but the fact is that the SEC is looking at the company very closely and all others involved.

We have no interest in remaining in this issue because of the above. We have always questioned the amount of shares that were outstanding and the lack of timely filling with the SEC as promised ( 10q & 10k ).

We reiterate a SELL recommendation on this issue.

Our phone service investors were informed to sell the remaining position on Sept 23, 1998 @ $3.28.

The SEC office investigating this situation is located in Texas. The area code 817.

Our phone service investors are informed FIRST before anyone else concerning a buy or sell recommendation. We personally call each investor with the current recommendation before our E-mailer's and newsletter subscribers receive the information. The early bird gets the better TRADE! For more information, please call 801-272-4761 . This service costs $550./year or $1100./year.

Other STuff!!!!!

pcsh--earnings in our opinion looked very good and believe that pcsh is a steal at $1.375-- The company will have revenues of atleast $2 Billion this year and has already had two quarterly porfits. Pcsh only has a market cap of $25 million.-Strong BUY

isol--coming back to life--merger to close very soon --Moderate BUY at current levels.

Our last newsletter contained 12-13 oil investments! If you review the last letter you will see that our timing was excellent!

Russia looks interesting--Look at VIP on the NYSE @ $5.75 down from $55.00 Cellular company in Moscow. We own it at current levels. When the risk is the greatest the reward is the greatest!

Lukoil--has the fourth largest reserves in the WORLD! Down from $123.00 now--$13.00---A great risk reward scenario . WE own it!

mrvc look interesting for a trade!

The penny's are dead for awhile, but they will return.

FPCX--last stock recommended should be owned at current levels. See last newsletter recommendation. We may use this in stock-pick of Year for Dick Davis for 1999. Super CHEAP at current levels and reiterate a STRONG BUY recommendation on it.

GGNC--take a look at this situation--mentioned in Tuesday's edition of Investor's Business Daily..Internet gaming. This has huge potential, but is very speculative. We own it at current levels!

Yours Truly, William Velmer

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