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August 29, 1999

Subject: S.A.Advisory -August 29,1999 update and opinion

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                                STOCK BRIEFS

CREB-- automotive parts company, fully reporting and a great turn-around
situation.  For the recent six months-$16 million and .25 net income/sh
On target for .50 and $32 million for the year!  This stock should not
be trading at .875--should be atleast $3-$4--around 4 million shares out-
standing!  Great core holdings.  See August e-mails for complete story!

YARC--This Internet stocks that really have a chance are the companies
that have something unique!  YARC has Internet print technology and 3D
print technology.  The President appears very honest and very helpful
toward shareholders.  This is a BIG PLUS!  I think that this a great
BUY at current levels!  We anticipate news very shortly and a surge in
the share price!  We have been a buyer of yarc shares at current levels.
GREAT SPECULATION.  current price .24--not fully reporting- management
intends to comply!  See past newsletters and e-mail briefs!!

TMED--Surgical laser devices.  We recommended this opp at $1.96 or so!
It has had a few runs over $3 within the past month!  A great trader!
I would add or BUY at levels below $2.00 .  Product is HOT! --Only
problem--will insurance pay for it ???? Most of the outstanding is free-
trading and it has a hard time holding.  Last quarter was a loser!!
An interesting speculation with huge upside, but will be slow go for awhile!
No rush--but should own some under $2.00----see past 3 e-mail messages!
fully reporting and NASDAQ

PCSN--Airplane stock--This is the CHEAPEST stock that we currently own!
It earned $1.20 for the six months and trades at $5.25.  Great turn-around
in place.  Book value has increased from a negative $6 million in Dec 98 to
neg $1 million at the end of June 99!!   Record backlog with only 4 million 
shares outstanding.  Great Core Holdings--Looks like a great takeover
candidate in our opnion! Fully reporting and NASDAQ!! This is a KEEPER!!

TELS--small, but growing teleco company.  For the six months just ending
tels earned .05 on flat sales, but new areas
are growing to replace the old.  CD (nyse listed) has sales agreements with
this smallish company.. TELS could reach .09 in earnings for the year.
Should be worth more than .27.. Fully reporting and only 3 million shares
outstanding .  Could easily trade at $1.00---It has before!!

FRCM-fully reporting, around 12 million shares outstanding, earned .10 for
the year just ending and the stock trades at .54.  The company has more
cash that the share price.  First quarter should be out sooooon.  Company
involved in FIRE prevention..Float only 1.5 million-management owns the
rest.. Again could be a takeover candidate!   Little risk at current levels.

ARTM--- Sells long distance and other teleco stuff!  Everyone in the
world is waiting for year-end numbers..  We hear around .22 plus .03 extra-
ordinary.  Looks pretty attractive at current levels!  Management poor at
investor relations and the PR is just as bad.. We are a player and believe
if the numbers hit that this issue should run!!  Fully reporting --current
price around .77---It could double near term--unless ofcourse they invest
in something as stupid as the last time around!  We still find it very 

MCTL---See last newsletter for complete story.   (July/August 99)
They are trying to get it together!!  We have lost half of our investment!
A turn-around could finally be inplace.  An interesting speculation with
limited downside risk!!Fully reporting and mangement communicates with 
shareholders..  We have not jumped ship!!  Sometimes the dogs turn into

ADTX--A high quality corporate shell looking for a merger candidate.  See
last sec filing--mentions the hiring of an Investment Banking firm.  Only
5 million shares outstanding and $900,000.00 in CASH.  NO! liabilities and
they earned .01 for the quarter from property management!!  I have seen 
big things from shells in the past.  This has all the right stuff  for a 
10 bagger!!  May have to hold for awhile, but if the right deal comes along,
the return could be  HUGE.

IVOC--We made alot of $$$$ from this deal in the past!! No recent news has
it on the slide!   I think that it could drop further! (call processing 
technology)  Lots of stock outstanding and not fully reporting.  We sold 
when it was Video Telephone at .82--still hold some. When the recent merger
was announced the stock ran to .75!!   Initially recommended at.10..
Current price .19 and has like NO LEGS!   Could see .10 again!  We watch and
we wait!!  

CBLK--Looks DEAD for now!! losses continue, but the Pres can fix it!
May take some time.  Fully reporting technically cheap, but would buy

FPCX--See last e-mail message for opinion!  It has not changed!! 

A "NEW" hardcopy newsletter should be out soon!

Happy Investing,   William Velemr

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