S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update

July 01, 1999

Subject: SELL RECOMMENDATION from www.saadvisory.com -JULY 1 99

Dear E-mailer's: 
We are placing a sell recommendation on 1/3 position of TLTG @ $12.69
We initially recommended TLTG @$1.40 onFeb 17, 99!-- an 806% GAIN!!!!!!!!
Our only motive is PROFIT!
We are also placing a buy recommendation on two more Russian Oil's, namely,
Sibneft ($3.60 ) fifth largest oil in Russia and SGUZY ( $8.625) the third largest
Oil company in Russia--Full report to be released soon  in newsletter!  Broker
contact on both--800-269-9460  Greg Nelson
Concerning MCTL it  looks very cheap at current levels.
Yours truly ,    William Velmer
Visit our new  and improved  site --http://www.saadvisory.com
We would appreciate that if you intend to transact e-commerce -that you first
visit our "new" site and conduct that business  at our site!  Your business will
help us remain a "FREE SERVICE" !

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