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July 07, 1999

Subject: Urgent:  www.saadvisory.com has just released "new" July-August 99 newsletter!

Dear E-mailer's:  

If you wish to delete yourself.  http://www.saadvisory.com/update  .  Instead of adding your
name scroll and "delete" will appear.

We have just released our latest newsletter on the Internet!

We still need to add one more report!  This will be added within 48 hours.

We would appreciate that if you intend to conduct any e-commerce within the
Internet that you consider reviewing our 70+ vendors that are on our site.

They are located on the Homepage, newsletter and corporate profile content

We intend to keep this service "free" - We ask that you consider our vendors,
which will help us with our costs!

Yours truly,  William Velmer       http://www.saadvisory.com

For subscription information:  call 801-272-4761   --Preferred E-mail $125/yr,Prerred Phone
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