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November 26, 1999

Subject: Urgent Sell recommendation for Nov 26,99 and other ideas!!!

Dear E-mailer's:    http://www.saadvisory.com

1. Financial Performance  (fpcx).  We initially recommended fpcx July 28,98 @.50.  We used it
   as our Dick Davis Digest pick of the year for 99.  On  Nov 20,99 we placed a sell recommenda- 
   tion on fpcx and informed investors to sell 50% @ $1.875--Today we are recommending that
   investors sell the balance @ $6.50 for a 1200% gain!

2.   If you like to play with toys!  We would take Toy R US when compared to E-Toys

                etys                                         toy
price            $68.50                                     $17.94
sales for six   $21.3 million              latest 26 weeks  $4.37 billion
months 9/30/99
net loss--------$65 million                income------     $29 million
book value------$2.77                                        $14.50
price to book--- 23.24                                        1.18 
PE-------------Are you kidding                 trail 12--     12.14x
market-cap  ------- around 8 billion            around         4.19 billion
cash  --------- $1.18                                          $1.06
Price to sales--  80.77                                         .36
debt-----        .02                                            .36
website-------yes                                               yes

The numbers speak for themselves! We rate (toy) a BUY and  (etys) a strong SELL!
We intend to monitor TOY within our new NYSE ORPHAN PORTFOLIO ( see last newsletter)

3.  A boring super cheap mini-micro-cap!! Does not deal with the internet- instead deals
    with FOOD!

                AG Bag International   (AGBG-otc bb-fully reporting)--.395

The company manufactures and sells machines related to bags used in the agriculture
industry to store feed for livestock,grain and other products.
book value .80
9 months rev $28.4 million and .11 net/sh
12 million shares fully diluted-6 million in float
                           select financial data -year ending
               96a                 97a            98a      *****   99a (9-months results)
sales     22.9 million        20 million        27.7 million  ***  28.4 million
(loss)       .03                (.32)             .06                 .11

For the recent 9 months compare prior

                                                                    $28.4 million   $24.2 million
                                                                       .11              .10

We rate agbg with a STRONG BUY recommendation!  I would like someone to show me a .39 stock
that has earnings of .11 for the 9 months on sales of $28.4 million.  This stock should be
trading @ $1.50-$2.00 not .395!! This results does not even include the fourth quarter! We
see very little downside risk in thIS investment opp. The stock is trading at 1/2 book, PE of
around 5,psr of around .14!! Long term this opp. should reward us many times over!  We will 
monitor AGBG within our portfolio for % gain performance!

We have not been paid any fee from any of the companies list within this e-mail!
We may buy,sell or hold any of the listed stock within this e-mail at any time!

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