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September 12, 1999

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SELL- recommendation:  We recommended Industrial Technologies (INTE) on or about 7/09/97
at .18.  The stock was recently Pumped by some service!  The stock closed at around .22
on Friday. We are removing this issue from our portfolio!  We don't trust management, they
have not filed with the sec for atleast 2 years. They will be removed from the bb soon and
placed upon the Pink Sheets. We will take the small gain!

2.  Precision Standard (nasdaq-pcsn)  We first recommended this issue 7/23/98  @  $4.875,
again April 99 @ $4.00 and then 8/17/99 @ $4.125!  We called it the cheapest stock that
we currently monitor in our master portfolio!  During this past week the President sold
one million shares to various institutions.  A very positive development for pcsn and
the shareholders of the company ( read the recent press).  The release caused PCSN
to explode on upside and closed for the week at $8.00!  Fundamentally PCSN is still very
cheap in our opinion, but we anticipate that for the time being that the share price will
again drift lower near-term as investors wait for continued corporate turn-around.  It appears
most stocks today just have NO legs and because  PCSN is not followed --we believe that
this scenario will develop! We are not placing a SELL on this issue, but taking your investment
out of the issue might no be a bad idea!

3.Homeland Holdings (nasdaq-hmld) We have recommended this issue a number of times: Our first
recommendation was 10/16/98 @ $3.375---at present HMLD is currently trading at $4.00.  During
the next week or so the courts will be releasing 300,000 to 400,000 shares to past creditors--
this will mostly cause pressure on the stock near-term!  We understand that an additional
release of shares may also happen during December 99!  We believe that long-term HMLD will make
us a TON of MONEY, but near-term we anticipate a volatile situation!

4. American Nortel Communications-(artm-bb)  Still waiting for year-end numbers!  The way that
this company operates-we may get first quarter numbers first!  We still think that year-end
numbers will most likely be around .22-.23.  Stock should run!  At that time we will give our
latest opinion. Management's IR and PR is worse than terrible--they act like the company is
private!  Never any press from this situation-always uncertainty.  Management needs to learn
how to communicate with the owners of this company!

5. Teletran International-(tltg-bb).We first recommended tltg @$1.40 on 2/17/99.  We proceeded
to place a partial SELL recommendations on tltg on 2 different dates( 1/3 early July 99 @$8.75
& 1/3 on July 27,99 @ $12.62.  We would like to congratulate the company of the near-term listing
on the AMEX!  We are still concerned about the massive amount of "planned sale of 144 stock"
from Feb 12,99-August 14,99--total amount--3,700,000-4,000,000 sh.  We are also concerned that
competition is squeezing profits within the industry!!  The domestic market for long-distance
is .10 and .05/minute and even lower with IDTC! The International market that was the cream of
the complex has recently seen pricing pressure!  This pricing pressure is with land-line phones!
We are not sure how the Internet Telephony complex will compete and produce the earnings that
are promised!

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Happy Investing,   William Velmer

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