New recommendation on CVV - Continued strong BUY recommendation on PRED

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New recommendation on CVV

Continued strong BUY recommendation on PRED

Jan 4th, 2021

New recommendation on CVV

Continued strong BUY recommendation on PRED


Selling balance of ARWR and Selling our Rhodium position

Other stocks from distant past we are selling for huge profits!

We recommended ARWR a few years ago @ $6 and then $2.80 currently trading @ $77.00 We are selling the balance for a Whopper profit!

A few years ago we recommended Rhodium the metal @$1480/oz~ currently trading @ $15,000.00 per oz! We believe it is time to sell our position.!

! PRED .08

PRED was our pick for 2020 & it turned out to be a major loser! Most would have moved on to greener pastures. Our greener pastures will house PRED for our stock pick of the year for 2021..Many things went wrong and of course COVID changed everything. The delay in release of their Endometriosis & Infertility test & slow down of stem cells sales resulted from massive clinic closures. The shares currently trade on the "grey's" because of SEC paranoia. The listing is currently being addressed and they will get off on their own or merge into another entity.

The company remains fully reporting/compliant and their auditor is the #1 firm in the USA (Deloitte & Touche)

Their BOD remains solid and surely resembles Fortune 100 management. PRED still has a collaborative relationship with Thermal Fisher (TMO) and a developmental collaborative relationship with Atrin (cancer therapy).

At present, PRED has been ramping-up their COVID 19 saliva testing (6 days/wk) & stem cells sales continues to recover. Most of PRED's assets are not being valued! The genetic library of 300k DNA samples (serious maternal/neonatal disorder worth at least $300 each of that number & 45k are DNA sequenced worth $1000.00 each or est. of $122 million). PRED is not being valued for Endo and Infertility kits, CLIA lab,patents, management or other corp relationships.

The current market-cap is tiny and does not even attempt to measure the discounted valued and future potential that PRED may offer investors. Looking at current share price is a huge error! We believe investors have the opportunity to 15-40X their initial investment even though some might be averaging down from last years price recommendation. The current listing has truly depressed this cutting edge Biotech women's health Covid test company. Take some time and review the size of the industrial segments that they participate in (Endometriosis($2 billion), Stem cells ($2.75 billion),Cancer research( specific to Atrin $4.7 billion),Infertility($2.4 billion), Covid 19 testing(worldwide $20 billion).

This company is involved in major medical industrial segments and should not be over looked.

Some will think that the editor has lost his mind by continuing to "howl at the moon" when it comes to PRED! At present PRED has a market-cap of only$18 million. At one point the company sported a market -cap of around $2.5 billion. There has not been that much change since 1 1/2 years ago. We surely did not think it was worth $7.00 and took profit, but @ .08 one must crazy not to reload . We have published since 1984 and of course this is not our first rodeo and believe PRED will be a winner for the patient. Please go and review their complete website: .

Other points of interest: PRED's ownership and pending patents total 25.. PRED also owns 49% of Juneau & has patents and pending patents supporting Endo and other women's health issues which total 13.

We rate PRED with our strongest buy recommendation and truly believe that our stock pick for 2021 will take the #1 spot within the 1 year time period. BRIEF *****New Recommendation long term, but also a trader****CVD Equipment Corp CVV $3.73

52 week range $1.95-$7.47

The company designs, develops and manufactures process equipment solutions for R & D, pilot and production applications. The products include a complete array of turnkey solutions such as chemical vapor deposition systems, gas & liquid delivery cabinets, gas panels and related gas abatement systems.

shares outstanding --6.7 million

cash/share $1.22

9 month rev $13.7 million vs $14 million with a loss of .12 vs a loss of .57 . ( Not bad when you consider the Covid storm!)

This stock like others has the tendency to make runs and investors can play the " scalp" by loading prior to the move. This area of entry seems to be the perfect spot to enter for the next "pop". Usually press drives the share price because of earnings report. The tax selling is over and this is the perfect stock for a few point move as investors position themselves for 2021.

Review the year end charts and you will see strong upside movement always happens during this time of year. Especially this year when speculation is at a fever pitch and small investors are flocking into the markets because most major online platforms offer "free" trading.

The float is only around 4 million shares and of course could be bought out at anytime .

We see very little downside risk because of attractive fundamentals and a level of discounted value.


We are nervous about the richness of the markets. We see bubbles everywhere. The stock market bubble, the Bitcoin bubble, the housing market bubble and the low interest rate bubble! The world may be too optimistic about the vaccines. The Biden scenario does not bode well for the US economy. More regulation, more appeasement, more open borders, going back to leading from behind, more and more spending and a disaster looming from a lack of any fiscal control.

If Georgia elects 2 Dem Senators this market is going to collapse! We could easily see the feared "black swan" emerge and take us down 10,000 points within a short period of time. As senator Schumer said, " we take the senate we change America!"

Biden looks to be the 46 President of USA if of course he can remember that without reading it on the teleprompter! Good luck America!

Only time will tell how he is able to deal with Russia, China and Iran? Will he destroy the Oil and Gas industry because of the climate change hoax? Will he open the borders and make the 20 million illegals citizens of the US? Will he over regulate like Obama and stunt economic growth for years? Will he even last 6 months before the "hyena" takes over? If there is any chance for survival if we lose Georgia? PRAY HARD!


As you recall from our last email alert: We recommended JAN @ $3.66 as a great trading stock. If you took our advice JAN ran to $5.80 one afternoon and then back to $4.00 then a few days ago JAN ran from $4.30 to $5.00 during regular hours and then blasted off to $9.80! on Dec 29th 2020 in the aftermarket. At present the sellers have pounded JAN to the $4.38 level. Again, we made huge profits from both trades and look to get back in the mid too high $3's.

JAN filed an S-3 so funding maybe driving lower.


1. Rhodium recommended Oct 23, 2017 @ $1480/oz -sell total position @$15,500.00/oz

2.SPRS recommended @ $1.00 -10/23/2017 - Sell position @$2.20

3.ZMPT @ $2.40 05/01/2018 sell total position $3.35

4. ARWR @ $2.80 10/02/2017 sell balance @ $76.30

5.GPRO $6.36 01/16/2018 sell position @$8.11

An investment point to be made here! As you see huge gains happen over long periods of time and sometimes it may take longer than anticipated and bumps in the road are always possible. We mention this because many of you believe our selection of PRED is a "dead one trick pony!" ( Biden called it a "1 horse pony")Patience is the key ingredient for successful investing and PRED will have its day in the sun and suddenly the dog turns into a Unicorn. Happy Year 2021 ( we need it!)

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00





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