S. A. Advisory - E-mail Update January 13th 2014, New Strong Buy recommendation on WYY 1.57 on the launch pad!

S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update


S. A. Advisory Update for January 13, 2014

New Strong Buy recommendation on WYY ($1.57)~ on the launch pad!

WidePoint via sub iSYS on or about Dec 27th 2013 was awarded a $600,000,000.00 Blanket Purchase Agreement by the Department of Homeland Security!

January 13, 2014

WidePoint Corp. is a provider of secured, cloud-based enterprise-wide-solutions and services for the telecommunication life-cycle and cyber security management.
The cybersecurity Solution segment, through its proprietary public key infrastructure technologies, offers Federal Government compliant information & identity assurance management solutions, including identity proofing and credential to public and private sector customers.
WidePoint Corp. WYY $1.57 Strong Buy

Brief overview:

1.Major exchange listed

2.Employee count -- 227

3.shares outstanding- 64,000,000

4.On or about Jan 09,2014 filed an S-3 with SEC for a maximum of a $25,000,000.00 raise.

5.End fo 3rd Q WYY had a $8 million line unused.

6.According to recent 10Q on page 20 management discusses that they need no additional working capital, but could change with addition of MATERIAL CONTRACT AWARDS!

7.BOOOOM!~ $600,000,000.00 contract~ A filed shelf (S-3) for $25 million. It is most assured that new shares will be offered sooner than later in order to use these funds for start-up and expansion costs for this award and potentially others.

8.Visit website www.widepoint.com and review the Dec 3, 2013 press release and scroll down to the LD Micro 6th Annual Conference in L A Cal on the 4th of Dec 2013 and listen to the 30 minute presentation @ this conference. This audio will set alarms off in your brain. ( buy buy buy)

9.Huge Eyeball masses will be @ the Sidoti Conference in NYC on the 13th of Jan to listen to WYY latest presentation and of course the company will "crow" about their $600 million dollar contract with Homeland Security!

10. On the 20th of Jan WYY will attend another conference ~Noble Financial Capital Markets~ Again huge Eyeballs will be watching and listening.

11. WYY press release dated Jan 9th 2014-- A MUST READ! WYY launches secured, cloud based, Identity-as-a-service 'Certificate-on-the-chip' for all types of Mobile Devices.

12.As mentioned earlier, the recent S-3 filing will most likely be approved within 2 weeks time and many of the participants of these 2 conferences will most likely grab the whole shelf. Very bullish- sure there is dilution, but the near term growth during the next few years could drive WYY to $10/sh~ a far cry from current levels. Of course the company could also be bought out . It sounds like to us @ saadvisory that WYY is like a rocket that is ready to go into orbit. We are not going to be left on Earth. We need lots of money so we can pay more taxes and buy more toys!

13.WYY has zero lawsuits.

14. WYY has a $20 million NOL.

15.Famed investor Michael Steinhart of ilex Partners own 4.8 million shares. We view this as extremely bullish and believe that many "pilot" fish will follow his lead and want to own shares in WYY before it takes off for the stars.

16.WYY may be a leader in PKI technology~PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure) is a set of hardware, software, people, policies and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke. In cryptography a PKI is an arrangement that bends public keys with respective user and identifies by means of a certificate authority. The PKI role that assures this binding is called the registration authority, which ensures that the public is bound to the individual to which it assigned in a way that censures non- repudiation. ( If you don't understand this look it up on the Internet via google).

17. Old news: 9 months rev was around $35 million and income around .006. Not much, but we are buying WYY for the future. WYY is a new company with upside potential from current contracts, recent $600 million contract and many others that might be in the wings. We assume that many companies will start to take a serious look at WYY because of this massive contract that it was just awarded. WYY new technology could also bring in huge revenues during the next couple of years~~ visit website and review products and press releases.

18. We believe that WYY will produce rev for 2014 of at least $120 million up from $50 million est. for 2013 and 2015 rev will jump to at least $170 million ( assuming that the gov contract is continued- remember the gov pays for 1 and then decides for #2,3,4 & 5). We doubt that the contract will be pulled. We also believe that many other contracts will develop for WYY stemming from their state-the-of-art technologies.

19. WYY time is here: Product mix, product demand, increasing margins, expanding business opportunities and channels---think Target 110 million accounts hacked~ Neiman Marcus just hacked!

20. We rate WYY with a strong buy rating and look for huge upside potential during the next 12 months.

21. New presentation should be posted on their site prior to the conference on Jan 13th 2014 for public viewing.

S A Advisory for the past 5 years has almost only recommended Oil stocks, but sometime we must change direction for special opportunities. WYY is that special Opportunity.

Other Information
1. Coastal Energy will stop trading within days because of successful buy out @ $19 Canadian. We initially recommended cenjf around $5.65 a few years ago and made many additional recommendations on cenjf during that time period.

2. Because of the holiday season many of you have not read our Dec 25, 2013 email alert~ We feature our stock pick for 2014- Marquee Energy skwef or mql.v. Recently, Marquee was listed in the US and now trades with the symbol MQLXF.

3. Our other Oil recommendation in that email was JONE~ very exciting oil and gas company.

4. CCNI continues to look very cheap @.37~ we are estimating around .025-.03 for the 4th Q of 13~yielding us around .06 net income/sh for the year. The stock only trades @ .37!

5.SDCJF (sea ~AU symbol) plans on an IPO in the USA within the next 30 days. We plan on purchasing new issue.

6. Many of our favorite junior Oils have been very weak lately~ we have been nibbling @ TPLM,AXAS,NOG & KOG.

Final Note:

The recent job creation number (74,000) was beyond horrible. I am sure that our great leader will "crow" about the jobless rate is not 6.7%! The problem is more and more people are dropping out of the job market because they cannot find work. The current number of non-working Americans is around 93,000,000!!!!!!!!! Mr. President you have done a great job! Just wait and see how the ACA ( Obamacare) destroys even more jobs. Mr. President you have also done a great job in the Middle East! We won Iraq and now it is lost again to Al Qaeda. Fallujah has fallen and is in total control by this terrorist Organization. You said, " Al Qaeda is on the run!"

Let of not forget the problems in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Mali, Libya and Somalia.

America is in decline because of YOU and the Middle East is imploding, but you have your ACA. Now you can push your Amnesty for all the illegals and more of your Socialistic programs that will destroy American Capitalism. I feel sorry for the youth of today because they have little clue about much of anything except for their Smart phones.

We have not been paid by any of the listed investments within this email alert. We may buy, sell and or hold investment @ our own discretion.

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