Wall Street's Best ( prior Dick Davis Digest)

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Wall Street's Best ( prior Dick Davis Digest)

We won the top position for 2019 because of ARWR stock move of around 300%

Jan 16th, 2020

HEMA (.44) recommended as stock pick for the year 2016 via our newsletter and Dick Davis Digest~ recently bought out at $25.40

See below stock picks for 2020 PRED (.85) and ELGL(.17)


Our metals that we have recommended have exploded!

Our metals that we have recommended have exploded! See brief on TCOR- A must own for the buyout potential sooner than later!

See brief on TCOR- A must own for the buyout potential sooner than later! Our stock pick for 2019 was Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals ARWR ( $15.00). The company develops medicines that treat intractable diseases by silencing the genes that cause them. Using a broad array of RNA chemistry and its new TRIM (tm) Platform mode of delivery, ARWR therapies trigger RNA interference mechanism to induce rapid, deep and durable knockdown of target genes. During 2019 the company of course has been very successful in various treatments and currently has various test drugs in FDA phases. Recently the company raises $270 million in 2-3 days. The company is now in a new league for research, development and new drug therapy. From WSB January 2019 stock pick of year publication, "we believe because of all milestones that will be met during 2019, that the share price could easily double or triple!" Well, ARWR is currently trading at $57.00. This results in a 280% gain for the year!! During 2020 ARWR has the potential to trade at $80.00/sh. Of course PROFIT is always a motive for investing.

A little history concerning out involvement in ARWR. We first recommended ARWR many years ago @ around $5 only to see it run up to $8+ and then crash to $2.00/sh where we re-recommended once again only to see it run up $15.00/sh where we recommended in this publication last January 2019.

The lesson learned: Sometimes because of "black swans" stocks don't always work like clockwork and demand staying power even though the financial pain can be swift and painful until the Unicorns come back to the pasture.

We recommended HEMA @.44 as our stock pick for January 2016 within this publication. HEMA is a global leader in the customization of human-derived biological products and services for biomedical research, drug discovery and cellular therapy process development. Fast forward to December 16th 2019 when Charles River Laboratories announces the acquisition of HEMA for $25.40/sh! This equals 58X your investment! Need we say anymore?



PRED is a therapeutics and life sciences company, is a leader in the use of data analytics for disease identification and subsequent therapeutic intervention through unique gene-based diagnostics, biotechnology treatments and companion therapeutics. We first recommended PRED via http://www.saadvisory.com within our April 2019 email alert @ $2.13.

The stock proceeded to shoot up to $7.00/sh and started to correct to around $4.00/sh when we recommended PRED as our mid-year stock pick for 2019.

From that point on the "black swans" attacked and PRED did a swan dive! A sleazy research firm (HB) did a hit piece on the company, which in turn allowed a swarm of short sellers and naked short sellers to attack with a vengeance and began the slow bleed. At that time PRED had applied for NASDAQ listing and because of listing guidelines the company was placed in a lengthy quiet period. This only hurt the stock even more. Since there has been limited news that created an upside catalyst~ the stock has drifted. For the past few months that tax selling has surely damaged shareholder confidence. We have not been shaken!

Fast forward to today, PRED is 10X the company that was introduced some 9 months ago!

Here is a list of reasons why PRED should be bought with a very large shovel!

1. PRED engaged LIFESCI Partners as a communications partner.

2. Noted director of Predictive Labs receives award for work done on Endometriosis .

3. PRED engages CLSA Capital, a CITIC Securities company, to support product launches into China's rapidly growing women's Health and Fertility market.

4. PRED launches FERTILITYdx (tm)~ A Genetic testing service now available to identify causes of infertility and guide personalized fertility treatments.

5. PRED announces commercialization and full market availability of ARTGUIDE (tm). The first integrated, DNA-based test that evaluates the risk for ENDOMETRIOSIS and other genetic causes of infertility in women.

6. PRED not only has introduced this product within the USA, but has plans to introduce this product into China. Endometriosis is a large problem in China ( population 1.5 billion ).

7. PRED announces the launch of PGxPLUS(tm) Pharmacogenomic test that is being marketed to pain clinics for patients with chronic pain. The test indicates the best method for pain reduction using proper therapies.

8. PRED announces collaboration with the Preeclampsia Foundation ( involvement with the Bill Gates Foundation).

9. PRED recently reached 11 consecutive Q's of revenue growth. To date the majority of business revenue has been generated from human cell and tissue products (HCT/Ps) into the bio-pharmaceutical market.

10. Recently, the company has actively pursuing a strong business relationship in China. We anticipate fruit to be harvested from this endeavor.

11. We believe that other acquisitions within the USA are being considered.

12. PRED will receive NASDAQ listing once a certain price threshold has been met.

13. PRED has a management team and a board of Director's that equals any Fortune 100 Company!! Please review the Bio's of this team!

14. PRED has a collaboration agreement with a corporate giant, "Thermo Fisher (TMO).

15. PRED has a auditing agreement with a top tier firm, Doloitte Touche.

16. PRED has a huge horde of patents approved or pending.

17. PRED has the largest genetic library in the World.

18. PRED's law firm is a top tier Biotech/merger (Wilson Sonsini).

We could go on and on, but interested investors can visit their website. Even though the share price has fallen dramatically from our initial recommended price~ We have not lost faith in this cutting edge Biotech/Genetic company. PRED is still trading in the "pinks" but has received "penny stock exempt status"! This means institutional investors can purchase PRED shares at current levels.

At the current price of .85 one can buy almost 5X as many shares as when we first recommended PRED at $4.00.

PRED is our stock pick for 2020. We honestly believe that if all the "ducks" line up as we anticipate that the reward could easily be 10-15X your current investment!

Sometimes the stocks have a tendency to not follow a spelled out script and this is when the patient investor must wait for the "unicorns" to come over the hill! We rate PRED with our strongest speculative BUY recommendation at currently depressed and oversold levels.

Jan 13th 2020~PRED releases new Presentation ~ very attractive investment at currently depressed levels

Upon review of this presentation you will see from the revenue estimates that have been reviewed by their law firm and released in the form of a 8k that PRED has created huge upside potential. The only thing wrong is the market is very inefficient with respect to PRED.


https://predtechgroup.com review NEW PRESENTATION



Upon visiting their website and review all documents within and read the press ~you will see why we have chosen ELGL as our penny stock for 2020! The website address: http://www.elementglobal.com We truly believe that events during the next few months and beyond that ELGL has the potential to 10-15X your investment. We know that it trades on the pinks, but with time things change. We rated ELGL with a strong speculative buy at current levels for dramatic price appreciation during 2020.

PS: Strong rumblings that ELGL is gettting ready to expose scaled business operations which is going to appreciate the common shares (elgl).This one should not be overlooked.


The metals: We recommended Palladium @ $1344/oz and Platinum @$821/oz within our Jan 27th 2019 email alert Both have appreciated . Palladium currently trades @ $2210.00/oz and Platinum trades @ $1015.00/oz. We continue to view both as strong holds with additional upside.

Our precious metal Rhodium has been the star performer recommended @ $1480 within our October 23rd 2017 email alert now trades @ $7800.00/oz. (We believe during 2008 Rhodium traded as high as $10,000.00/oz).

It appears that Rhodium is in very short supply and actually trading short on supply. The metal is used in Catalytic Converters within Diesel and gas powered vehicles and EV's . Even though the price of the very rare metal has appreciated dramatically we believe additional upside appears very likely.

The recent announcement of TSLA expanding into China has lit a fire under the Palladium and Rhodium metals.



Recommended Nov 2019- current price $10.13

The company is the largest individual producer of gold from South Africa and is one of the 10 largest gold producers globally. Sibanye-Stillwater is also the 3rd largest Palladium and Platinum producer.

Visit their website: http;//www.sibanyestillwater.com and review the investor section and review the most current 2nd q financial results and presentation.

The second Q was damaged by the multi-month strike in South Africa. Regardless, of the past event that has been settled ~ management stresses that the 2nd half of 2019 with be exceptional because of the huge surge in metal prices . Their major production comes from gold, platinum, palladium , rhodium and copper/silver by-products.

Please review the H1 2019 operating and financial results presentation ( dated August 29th 2019).

We rate SBGL with a strong buy recommendation with very attractive upside potential. Management mentions that a dividend is being considered for early 2020.

We believe that the herd is being very short sighted and has weighed too much on the results of the first half and has not taken in full consideration of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium massive move to the upside.



Treecon Resources is a holding company that, through its subsidiaries, distributes, leases and provide financing for industrial and logging equipment. The Company is also engaged in sawmill operations, oilfields services and real estate.

For 9 months ending June 30th 2019 rev grew to $70 million and net income/sh equaled .072/sh (28 million shares outstanding.)

We believe that rev for year ending Sept 30th 2019 will equal around $100 million and net income/sh could easily surpass .10-.12. With the stock trading at .56 a trailing 12 months PE valuation would equal 4.6X.

The stated book value is at least $1.20 which is over twice the current share price (.56).Upon review of a recent balance sheet the company has at least .10/sh in cash.

It is our belief that TCOR is going to get sold in order to realize the underlining discounted value. Our target for the sale of the company is above $2+/sh! This would result in a 300% gain above the current share price . Investors must be patient for the big pay day! We believe that it is going to happen during 2020.

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00





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