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This is our 2018 dividend/exceptional growth play

We remain extremely Bullish toward OPXXW (.38 warrants) and OPXS ( $1.05 common shares)

January 9th, 2018

The dividend per/yr for common and warrants equal .02/Q

The military segment that OPXS plays within will be worth over $3 billion for fiscal 18


OPXXW warrants non callable & expire August 2021 and exercise price of $1.50

The current yearly dividend is .08/yr for the common and warrants

Top dividend pick for 2018 remains our mid-year pick OPXS/OPXXW Optex Systems (OPXS $1.05 / OPXXW $.38) The dividend per share & warrant is current .08/year. The next 2 payments Jan 19th/ April 19th 2018. The current upgrade, refurb and "new" purchases of military hardware domestically and by are allies are just starting to "kick-in" and for many years to come should reward unique companies like OPXS with dramatic growth potential organically as well as via acquisition. The company is certified ISO 9001 2008. The main DoD business consists of manufacturing optical sighting systems. It provides these systems for Abram Tanks, Bradley's, LAV/SAV and the Stryker family of vehicles. Domestically as well as Internationally this easily amounts to billions upon billions of dollars being spent after years of break down, destruction,failure, worn out and enhancement of military equipment needed to combat the evil that encompasses our world. The company also provides optics for Navy vessels and on the consumer side has been marketing sighting devices that has been growing rapidly for the company. At present there are 8.5 million common shares and 4 million common stock warrants outstanding ( the warrants can be converted @ $1.50 ~they are non callable and expire August 2021.The current yield based upon an .08 div and .38 warrant price equals a very juicy 22.8% yield). Based upon the $1.05 share price and the same dividend the yield equals 7.8%.(note: heavy insider buying and corporate buyback) Major weapon systems that OPXS participate in for 2018 equals some $3.4 billion for the current fiscal year. This amount of money being invested within OPXS's area of purchase has not been seen since 2011. Revenue was up slightly(fiscal 2017) and losses almost disappeared. Most of the loss of (.04) for the year resulted from non-cash.(Note: prior yr( .91)) For fiscal 2018 the company saves $1.2 ml in preferred payments+ $120K that went to the x-chairman. This saving alone will result in at least .15/sh in earnings during the current year. We believe with huge backlog anticipated to start forming during the current ( above and beyond the $20 ml in current backlog) year & beyond that OPXS could easily earning .20-.25 with revenue of $22-$25 ml during this current year. We are estimating that OPXS will earn around .20 & based upon the current share price of $1.05 is trading at an est. PE of 5.5x. We believe a more realistic PE should be 15x or a share price of $3.00 ~ a 200% appreciation potential from current levels. If this happens the warrant must be priced around $1.75 or 5X the current level. For leverage sake & yield we favor the 2021 common stock purchase warrants OPXXW @ .38. We remain totally committed to both avenues of investment & place a Strong Buy recommendation on both.

Stock Performance during past 20 months


OPXS----------.70------- $1.05 -----strong B

OPXXW--------.15------------$.38 . --strong B

On Jan 19th company will pay another .02 for both the common and warrants. The remaining div for the next six months will be another .02/quarter. The warrants are still yielding 10%. The exercise price is $1.50 non- callable and expire August 2021. (.08/yr.

VUZI------------$6.35------$8.25 --strong B

The CES show in Las Vegas has already awarded the company with awards for new products. Jan 8th-10th 2018. This is the year for VUZI either prices in teens or buyout potential. The new product has been hit with rave reviews and the shorts maybe get squeezed and a serious upside spike may develop. Our time has finally come-don't short change your profit. ESMC---------- .10-----------.19 ---strong buy

Gaining traction and year end selling is over. It is possible that this company will be sold.

STRI---------.26-------------.29 ------Strong Buy

Don't miss this opportunity- It is going to create a huge reward for patient investors- read last e-mail from 9/11 for complete story.

AETI-----------$1.60---------$1.80 ----- BUY

WPCS-------$1.25----------$1.08 ----- HOLD

During the past few weeks wpcs ran to $3.38-great profits to be had. It will have another run and then sell. When it drops rinse and repeat.

MKRYF-------.10------------.03. --------HOLD

Currently halted- hard to say the at this point of the outcome. I would guess a reorg. The Canadian stock market is always questionable.

BSGM---------$1.33--------$1.50-- Strong BUY

On Oct 19 BioSig Tech according to presser advances towards commercialization into the Global Electrophysiology market estimated to reach $8.2 billion by 2022. New CFO Jan 3rd - closer and closer to filing with the FDA


ASNB------------.07--------.04 --------Hold

HEMA-----------.35-------$3.10 ----strong B

Recent made a new 52 week high of $3.75

LUVU------------.055------. .03 --------BUY

QDLC------------.52--------$.75 -----HOLD/BUY

Not sure management has grip on timely financial reporting. When they do report i do believe numbers will be worth wait. It you can watch paint dry this stock is for you.

. VII-------------.41--------.42 ------ STRONG BUY

Completed the $3 million raise and "rights" offering. Great swing trader and one day it will gain traction and run hard. We like this stock. $6 million market cap and legacy rev of $26 million with new products selling well. We believe a little more time and this could easily reach $1.00 . Security is a huge industry and go and visit their site and see cutting edge tech. We really like this opportunity at this level.

LPAD------------.80-------$1.03 bought out

ARWR------------2.80------$4.65 --Strong Buy

During the past few day our little friend has been on rip on the upside. See the recent news. filings with FDA a possible takeover or buyout by partner AMGN. Patience little grasshopper and you will be rewarded.

DXTR--------------.31---------.16 ---SOLD

Prior to filing for BK~ win many lose few. Sorry

SPRS--------------$1.00-----------new buy recom No action and no change in opinion-see last letter

ECIA--------------- $.46------------new buy recom See last newsletter~ recommendation has not changed ~ i believe a possible buyout. Company is very quiet!

Rhodium overview:

This review has been compiled from the last newsletter. The difference is the price of the metal. From $1480 to now $1700/oz~ we remain very bullish towards this opp.

I believe silver offers long term appeal at the current level of $17/oz. Economic expansion worldwide will increase demand.

Rh is a chemical element and an atomic #45. It is a rare, silvery, hard, corrosion resistant and chemically inert transition metal. Rh's major use ( approximately 80% of the world production) is as one of the catalysts in the three-way catalytic converters in Automobiles. Because rhodium metal is inert against corrosion and most aggressive chemicals, and because of it's rarity, rhodium is usually alloyed with platinum or palladium and applied in high-temperature and corrosion-resistive coatings. It is used as a finish for jewelry, mirrors,and search lights. It is also used in electric connections and is alloyed with platinum for aircraft turbine engines. Major sources of supply: South Africa is the major source, accounting for almost 60% of the world's rhodium supply. Russia is the second largest producer. This rare metal touched $10,025/oz during late 2007 and recently hit a 12 low of $600/oz during late 2016. At present the "rare" metal has rallied briskly and trades at around $1480/oz Due to rarity, the small size of the market and concentration supply- prices are typically volatile. At present Rhodium trades around $1700/oz . We still remain very bullish toward this unique metal with limited supply and very strong demand that cannot be met.

Favorite junior oil that we still own and have been buried in it for years, but with oil at a 3 year high things are starting to look more positive.SNDE or SDCJF. The NASDAQ common ADR is around $7.25 and the pinksheet common is .078.

Strong buy rating, but very speculative


On Jan 16th we will be introducing our NEW Stock Pick for 2018. After that date it will be appearing within other top financial pubs within the USA.

Teaser :
$120 million in rev, .31 fiscal yr ending, trading around 1/2 book value, small dividend, management own 45%, trading near 52 wk low, fastest growing according to Forbes, Craines and others, Acquisition hungry, NASDAQ listed- all for $2.65! ( 10 million shares outstanding fully diluted and a small paying preferred)

Call us before that date and give up your credit card number for $100.00 and we will give you the pick prior to our release and then the herd and USA release.

Call us promptly 949 922 9986 for the pick.

The early bird gets the stock pick.

Currently playing HMNY introduced the Movie Pass(MP) for $9.95/month unlimited movies. One/day everyday. The stock has been a screamer- from $2.00 to $38 back to $7.07. Recently announced 1.5 million subs. Also have a program with Costco ($89.99) which also includes Fandor. The offer has been a real boon to the company - We anticipate strong sub growth. i would not mortgage the house, but a small position has huge upside potential. Strong Speculative buy at current levels. Even if you don't like the stock the MP is the best deal in the WORLD. ( we use it all the time-free movies)

Many believe that business model does not work and the short position is huge. The real revenue stream will be derived from data mining. This is the money maker. We believe that creative opportunities may emerge and the visionary may profit handsomely.

Strong speculative buy.

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00








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