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S A Advisory updates and recommendations July 1, 2015

VSYM plays within a $100 Billion Industrial segment.

July 1, 2015

The Barnes #1 Direct Ownership Oil and Gas drilling program finally explodes with huge flowing results!
Other recommendations--VSR- and updates on mkryf,mqlxf and sdcjf

Happy 4th of July


View Systems, Inc. (fully reporting with SEC-symbol VSYM-- current price .005/share.)

VSYM is a leading security technology company with "state-of-the-art technological solutions for modern security problems.

The company primarily manufactures and installs weapons detection and identification systems and video platforms.

The company recently filed a patent for it's "new" generation of weapons detection that uses "Electro- magnetic field detection using anisotropic magneto- resistant gradiometers in both passive and active mode"!

Note: One visits the horrible Airport scenario and one basically gets strip searched. The patron go through "security" and one of the most common screening methods relies on technology that causes the patrons to empty one's pockets of all personal artifacts such as coins, keys and belt buckles. Radiation maybe or may not be a factor,but the whole presentation is demeaning. The pace that one must move through the device is also a factor.

Now meet VSYM's scanner!!~~~~Viewscan uses an advanced magnetic sensors with on-board digital signal processing.The sensors understands when there is a threat or just a coin! Their product not only verifies a single or multiple threat, but also via video pin points the actual location. The scanner can also handle a much faster stream of patrons walking into a secure area!

A patron walks through the scanner and a data package is formed including a snapshot Image of the person, Date & time, threshold settings, sensor reading and Graphic Display.

It is important to consider that settings can be altered without interrupting traffic flow while effectively detecting threat objects ( guns, knives, box cutters, razor blades, etc.) Non- threat objects ( keys, coins, jewelry, belt buckles, ect) are permitted to pass without creating false alarms.

An advantage of View Scan over conventional metal detectors is its ability to locate hidden in and on the body as well as its ability to locate threat objects which have been covered or masked with materials such as aluminum foil, lead and plastic.

The scanning platform can easily be integrated with fascial recognition and or Iris identification.

New products are in the final stages of development and will be integrated into the family of applications used to protect and secure ALL FEDERAL AND PUBLIC FACILITIES, which include but are not limited too, prisons, courthouses, schools, border checkpoints, Land & Sea transportation security and high volume events such as athletic and political events and concerts.


1. Fully reporting with the SEC and all filings are current.

2. Website: www.viewsystems.com ( anticipate major upgrade once merger is complete).

a. Review all current press via yahoo.com


a. This certificate by the Federal Government is extremely hard to qualify for and equally difficult to receive!!!!!!!!!

4. 500 locations currently have installed units and are in operation.

a. Camp David ( Presidential Retreat)

b. The Clinton Foundation NYC

c. Past Superbowl's

d. Hundreds of other sites that are less famous, but just as important for the safety and security from deadly threats.

5.Watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGKeCwcq8O0

6. VSYM has a $20 million NOL-- will allow for shielding from taxes for many years. The value is around .07/sh and makes for a valuable enticement for the targeted merger candidate.

7. 300 million fully diluted shares outstanding with only a $1.5 million market-cap !

8. Company was formed and doing business from 1998.

9. Very active M&A engagement being implemented . We believe that a merger candidate will be backed into VSYM within a short period of time with revenues of around $10 million and profitable.

10. This integration will allow VSYM too use the merger partner's distribution network and financial strength to allow quicker penetration and more meaningful contractual agreements.

11. We believe that VSYM will only dilute itself down by 50% when a definitive agreement is signed with the "new" subsidiary.

12. Our assumption yields a solid revenue base from a merger partner that will lead to a ramped up demand for VSYM's flagship products & development. We believe that this will result in a strong revenue stream of $15-$20 million ending 2016.

13. We assume that additional funds could be raised by a noted Broker-Dealer during the current year in order to ramp-up manufacturing, distribution, marketing and general working capital.

14. We assume NASDAQ listing will be procured when the time is most suited.


As you may or may not know! We at www.saadvisory have been in business from 1984. We pride ourselves that we have never been investigated by the SEC or charged with any wrong doing. We pride our investment Ethics. We have little interest or intention to hype, mislead or misinform our readers & investors concerning our stock selections.

We usually don't recommend sub-penny issues within our publication, but it is in our opinion, that in this case the purchasing of VSYM is a no-brainer!

VSYM has created a state-of-art technology that has a viable plan for growth & funding, has a proven list of present customers, been approved by the TSA, has huge potential within a huge $100 Billion industrial segment & very active M & A that could be finalizing a merger candidate within weeks. We have a tiny market-cap, a huge NOL ($20 million) and new products.

We believe that VSYM is worth .10/sh just based upon the current development & their technologically advanced products!

We are not intending to hype or excite but we believe that this company is worth 20X the fractional value that the current shares sport!

We rate VSYM with a STRONG BUY recommendation that is speculative in nature. If our perception is correct then this small and relatively unknown company has the potential to be a "real" wealth creator with limited downside risk.

**Oil & Gas Direct Investment Drilling Programs**

As you know, regardless of the swift and sudden drop in crude prices during the end of Dec 2014 and the first Q of 2015 when crude fell to around $43/barrel WTI~ we have remained committed to Direct Oil and Gas Drilling Programs.

We have been waiting patiently for the Barnes #1 to finally be put online and for investor's to start reaping the huge cash flow from this "monster" Oil and Gas well. This well is a huge success for all investor's that invested $60k/1% ( partial interest was also available). The write off on this project was around 60%.
At present the well is producing 4500 mcf/day of Ngas and 220 barrels of Oil/day. Ngas prices are around $2.80/mcf and $60/barrel (WTI) . At present, investing $60k for 1% yields around $6k/point/month. At current prices this well will pay for itself in around 10 months or less based upon the current parameters.

This should make the many S A Advisory investor's invested in this project jumping for joy!!

Note: Ngas production will increase once the upstream allows for more space in the pipe. We could have much larger production rates for Ngas within 30 days or so!


Please review the Dec 12, 2014 email alert if you would like to review the initial parameters of this project. This well is going to completed very soon. The GOOD news is that due to much lower drilling and completion cost for ALL project worldwides saving are being passed onto Investor's.

The reduction for drilling & completion for this well has now DOUBLED from the initial calculations made during the initial sale of this well.

Based upon the economics of a 50% recovery of only P1+P2 ( P3 not included in the equation) we used $50 Oil and $4 Ngas- the return was yielding 6.3/1 return during that time period. We now have $60 WTI and $2.85 mcf of Ngas and the huge savings from lower drilling and completing cost which in turn increases the return to a lip-smacking 13/1! This is only based upon 50% recovery and does not include P3 or further increases in WTI or Ngas.

This well will drill within the next 30 days and there is still remains an very small available interest for S A Advisory investor's

If you have any interest please call Chauncey promptly @ 713 530 0480


Please review the April 1, 2015 email alert and you will find the other Oil and Gas Direct Ownership Project that S A Advisory investor's gobbled up when introduced.

The Midway Developmental Project (4 well program)

As mentioned the Barnes #1 is within 5 miles of this project so everyone involved is beyond excited. The final money call just went out. Again there is still a small % left in this project. If you have been sitting on the fence it is time to make your move!

As mentioned within the April 1, 2015 email alert- there are 2 public E & P company's that have purchased 50% of this project.

When we wrote this project up the parameters were based upon $45 WTI and $2.75 mcf of Ngas. The Oil price has risen some 25% so the return has also increased dramatically . Do not forget that the write-off is between 60-70% and the pay out has improved from 5.5/1 to around 11/1 months.

Please keep in mind that the returns from $100/barrel may soon be equal to Oil when it is $65/barrel because of lower costs and greater efficiencies which yield greater yields.

For more information and for securing a piece of this drilling program please call Chauncey 713 530 0480

Most know that under this current Administration that America is now a shell of itself, but the innovative spirit in many Industries including the Oil and Gas will continue to innovate. The Government can try and regulate and tax us all to death, but they cannot control our minds. The Saudi Arabian Leader's want us addicted to their Heroin so they flood the market with their cheap crude, but guess what ? We will innovate and ring out ever drop of oil cheaper and faster because we are free to think!!

Please recall within our Dec or April email alert we mention that maybe the US Government should buy cheap oil and add it to the SPR.. Finally last week according to the WSJ they added 400,000 barrels. Another bright spot in the fracking story is that EPA decided that fracking does not cause damage to the water table! Hard to believe!

VERSAR, INC. (VSR~ $.400)

703 750 3000


A project management company providing sustainable value oriented solutions to governmental and commercial clients in the construction management, environmental services, munitions response, and professional services market areas.

Shares outstanding~ 10 million fully diluted

Book value~ around $4.00

Revenue for 9 months $103.5 million vs $85.3 million and net income/sh .05 vs .07

As of March 27, 2015 the backlog equaled $228 million compared to $114 million. We believe that the current backlog still remains at this level because of continual contracts being issued to VSR.

The most recent press dated June 25th 2015 announced that VSR is 1 of 5 that may receive parts of a $290 million contract with USACE ( US Army Corp of engineers). This contract could be a huge portion of this total package. Very Bullish development

The company seems to have a very successful relationship with the USACE.

Go and read the company's recent May 2015 presentation. The company has a huge backlog~over $200 million vs only $57 million in 2009!

VSR has a very strong balance sheet in order to support long term growth. There is a consistent revenue stream across multiple government and commercial customers. The company is actively pursuing a strategic acquisition.

The US Army, Navy, Airforce, EPA and GSA are key long term clients. Revenue mix 84% DOD and 74% Domestic.


It appears that the company is on solid footing with dramatically increasing revenue and earnings during the next fiscal starting July 1, 2015. VSR has a very attractive balance sheet and is on the "prowl" for a complimenting business. VSR has a monster backlog and their most recent press indicates that if this latest bidding process could result in a doubling of their backlog going into fiscal 2016. If costs are controlled, Business flow continues with higher margin opportunities VSR is sure to be a winner during the next 12 months. Even though this current Administration is not a huge fan of the Military even they realize that you cannot have holes on the runways!

During Fiscal 16 ending June 30th it is very possible that revenue could easily surpass $180 million with robust earnings to boot.

We view VSR as a strong buy recommendation at current levels for long term appreciation.


The Canadian Oil and Gas stocks in general are all floundering as if we are back in the 1st Q of 2015. We remain selectively bullish towards the group regardless that they all appear to be fumbling, tumbling and surely not rumbling.

1. Manitok Energy~ mei.v (.76) or mkryf (.61)


2. Marquee Energy~ mql.v(.74) or mqlxf (.58)


3.Sundance Energy~ sea.ax (.51) or sdcjf (.40)

Manitok Energy - The share price is very depressing, but the strength of this company cannot be viewed throught the current valuation. We believe that long term MEI.V will sport a much higher share price once this over production and crude glut subsides. ( Pray for additional unrest in the Middle East so there is a long lasting disruption and that Iran does not blink and the sanctions get rougher!)

First Q 2015 press release dated June 1, 2015 was very positive with production increasing 11% over the 4th Q of 2014. Of course the average selling price of crude, Ngas and NGl have all halved when one compares to March of 2014.

The company drilled no wells during the first 1/2 of 2015, but now intends to be active during the second half of 2015. The company has some very attractive hedges in place for the balance of 2015 that protects around 1/2 of Production.

On or about June 12, 2015 MEI.V closed an announced acquisition of the Wayne Assets located within Southern Alberta and they also closed a majority of the equity financing. The total acquisition cost was $61 million. Please read the June 12th 2015 Document for complete details. With the acquisition MEI.V will have have production of 5800 boepd with additional 700-800 boepd behind the pipe and another 548 boepd also behind the pipe and anticipate the boe to be tied-in during the later part of the 3rd Q of 2015. MEI.V also has 100% working interest in an oil treating facility which is capable of handling 25k bbls/day of fluid.

This acquisition increases MEI.V's H-drilling inventory to about 159 Lithic Glauc and 137 Basal Quartz locations on 267k acres of freehold land in S. Alberta. Approximately 80 H-drilling locations are within 11 kilometers radius of this acquired facility.

Read the current www.stockhouse.com Editorial on MEI.V~ very bullish long term. If we can get some pricing traction MEI.V should easily make a dramatic moving on the upside.

Investor's should read the June 2015 presentation for additional information concerning this undervalued Oil and Gas opportunity located in Southern Alberta. We remain an ally and believe management can and will deliver once the Middle East goes up in additional flames ( nothing personal to the Middle East people, but it is evident that Shiite and Sunni will never get along. Now ISIS is a whole different animal!)

2. Marquee Energy is another well run, fiscally responsible O & G that has the staying power and the strategy to reward investors that are patient and focused on successful drilling and completion within their Michichi acreage.

Make sure that you read the June presentation

MQL.V during the 1st Q of 2015 had average production/day of 5536 boepd a 36% increase over the 1st Q of 2014 and a 6% increase over the 4th Q of 2014. MQL.V's balance sheet remains very strong and remains only 2X debt to annualized funds flow from operations.

Review all current press releases.

On June 15, 2015 MQL.V announced a 6 well drilling program within their Michichi core asset. The drilling will begin in early July 2015 and anticipate tie-in during the early part of the 4th Q of 2014.

Bottom Line: MQL.V is a very well run junior O & G that is extremely focused on nimbly acquiring additional acreage within their core at fire sale pricing. Management is steadfast in cost reduction in order to keep the balance sheet strong and create a timely process to drill their program at the most opportune time in order to maximize their investment dollar.

We remain committed towards MQL.V and will continue to support them by owning shares in this junior.

3. SDCJF another perfectly run junior O & G that primarily has 100% of its active drilling located within the Eagleford in South West Texas.

Canacord Genuity recently placed a strong BUY rating on this extremely cheap junior. The target is $1.17 ~ a far cry from the current .51 AU or .40 US. This results in a 130% appreciation potential from current levels.

Please review the June presentation-- another picture perfect past, present and future direction for this junior.

FLASH- On June 29, 2015 SDCJF makes a very favorable acquisition within the Eagleford. Read the complete release. In addition, Canacord believes within 7 years that SDCJF can reach 35,000 bbl/day.

*****Why is Obama Ignoring how Iran is a major terrorist supporter?*******

1. Iran is without a doubt a state sponsor of Terrorism!.

2. Iran is the primary source of funding for Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations world-wide.

3. During the War in Iraq; Tehran provided IEDs to insurgents to kill American troops.

4. Tehran supports the Taliban as the US "cuts and run".

5. Iran has been caught smuggling al Queda fighters into Syria

7. During March 2015 Iran was found to be complicit in the 2000 bombing of the US Cole by al Queda.

8. Tehran also has growing influence in several SA countries, including Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia.

9. There is proof that Iran played a role in the 1994 terrorist bombing of 85 people in the Jewish Center in Buenos Aries.

10. Some parts of the Iranian government support global terrorism. Others are involved in the developing of missiles and a nuclear weapon capability. Still others abuse the rights of their citizens.

11. Iran still holds at least 3-4 American in trumped up charges.

12. Iran issues the death sentence for people that are Gay- Mr. Obama!

13. Iran's Revolutionary Guard is deeply involved in both the Nuclear program and in support of Iran's terrrorist proxies.

14. Obama as mentioned before~ loves our enemies and hates our allies .

15. Obama has already released $12 Billion since January 2015. We wonder how much of the money has gone to fund Hamas and Hezbollah.

16. Mr. President how about the endless chants, " Death to America & Death to Israel"! Any problem with this behavior?

17. Mr. President how about Iran's accountability concerning the past conduct. Iran has supported terrorist attacks against US civilians around the world and against US Servicemen and women. Remember 1983 Hezbollah attacked the Marine Barracks in Beirut that killed 299 American and French servicemen. How do forget all of this death and destruction Mr. President?. Do you have a soul? US citizens are still waiting to obtain the court settlement judgement against Iran. Why Mr. President did you not reduce some the monies that you released in January 2015 and paid out the survivors of this horrible event! You could have fixed a wrong! Reagan did not have the Ball's to punish Iran after the event. Instead we left Beirut will all of our blood and treasure in pieces.

18. Ending Iran's military Nuclear Program is the ultimate goal of economic sanctions. Tightening the grip is surely the answer than appeasement. Just look at how North Korea turned out. Clinton and Bush gave North Korea money, fuel and food and the end result is that North Korea is a rouge state that also sponsors terror and brutalizes their civilians. Can you see this Mr. President?

Walk away from a bad deal because bad deal is not a good deal. The deadline has passed and Iran wants No access to Military Installations and want all sanctions removed promptly.

We see very little reason to even continue too talk with these people. Mr. President what happened to the "red-line" ? There have been so many red-lines that we have all lost count.



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