PRED is our MID YEAR STOCK for the balance of 2019

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PRED is our MID YEAR STOCK for the balance of 2019

PRED is our MID YEAR STOCK for the balance of 2019 We first featured PRED on April 22nd 2019 with a strong buy recommendation @ $2.13

July 9th, 2019

If you have not jumped on the train it is time to do so!

List of stocks that we are selling for huge profits.


First and foremost :

If you have not reviewed our current recommendation on PRED that was initially released April 22nd and April 29th 2019 please visit and review the email alerts that are posted.

Every year for the past few decades we are asked to supply the financial publication " Wall Street's Best" with a stock pick at the beginning of the year and then at the end of the first 6 months.

Our pick for January was ARWR @ $13.00 ( We initially recommended ARWR a few years ago @ $2.12). At the end of the 2nd Q ending June 30th 2019 ARWR was trading at around $27.00. A huge gain in a very short period of time. Our selection placed us at the top of the pack of 40+ analysts.

We are so intrigued about PRED's near term as well as it's long term future it was an easy choice to label PRED as our MID YEAR STOCK of the 2019.

See brief that will appear within the "Wall Street's Best" financial publication to be released July 10th 2019.

Predictive Technology Group (PRED~$3.88)

PRED aims to revolutionize patient care through predictive analytics, novel gene-based diagnostics and companion therapeutics through it's subs Predictive Therapeutics, Predictive Biotech, and Predictive Labs. These subs are focused on Endometriosis, Scoliosis, disc disease and human cells (STEM CELLS) and Tissue Products (HCT/P's) to clinics/doctors. The run-rate is $40 million and growing rapidly. The company is currently cash flow positive. The company is near completion of their Endometriosis test kit.

Endometriosis is a chronic, complex, yet relatively common gynecological disorder, reportedly affecting 200 million adult and adolescent females worldwide. The first expected diagnostic kit is close to commercializing a genetic diagnostic for Endometriosis for the fertility market. The company recently announced collaboration with Thermo Fisher (TMO~$25 billion in revenue) in order to focus on studying the genetic factors underlying infertility in women. The Global Endometriosis market is anticipated to reach over $2.3 billion within 5 years.

We have only touched upon a small cross section of PRED's enormous use of GENE DIAGNOSTICS . The management reads like a Fortune 100 company. The management, directors and advisory board have migrated from such companies as (top of the food chain) Pfizer, C.R. Bard, Sagent Tech, Wyeth, Vivint, Norbest, J&J, Metronics, Sintx Tech, Myriad, ING Financial Advisors and Retired Senator Orrin Hatch.

The company submitted their application on May 2nd 2019 to list on the NASDAQ. We anticipate listing any day!

Once listed we feel that the share price will begin to appreciate rapidly because it allows all kinds of funds & brokerage firms the ability to participate in the purchase of shares. (Note: Up to this point because of " pink sheet" listing most institutions cannot own until listed on recognized exchange.

We believe near term that management will secure a top tier Investment Banking firm in order to maximize the company's speed and ability to take on their many areas of interest.

We also anticipate that near term management will announce joint and/or partnerships with major medical as well as Biotech companies. Upon visiting their website, spend some time and read between the lines!

Finally, we anticipate the release of their Endometriosis kit that could easily accelerate their revenue into the hundreds of millions of dollars within 6-18 months.

PRED has ZERO long term debt, is currently cash flow positive, new products to be released soon, world class management , NASDAQ listing imminent , initiate an Investment Banking firm relationship, broad investment coverage , joint and partnerships created and a worldwide introduction to the Biotech Industry.

It is our belief that PRED within 6 months could easily trade between $10-$15/sh. We believe that during the form 10 filing and NASDAQ listing management was forced to tone down the press. The floodgates are getting ready to burst. We rate PRED with our strongest Buy rating that we can initiate !



On June 12, 2019 we featured a very speculative , but at the same time an intriguing investment opportunity that could reward investor's handsomely.

This company has been in the dark for a number of years and it is hard to decipher what kind of businesses are entwined within the corporate structure of EGLG.

ELGL resembles a simmering volcano that has been rumbling for a period of time and suddenly BOOM! ELGL's rumble has caught the attention of many because some of the same personnel involved with PRED have been thought as initial players in ELGL.

If one was to venture onto the message board and review the posts on the ELGL's thread it appears that there is plenty under the radar or better yet under the cover of clouds.

During the past 30 days 2 major pressers have been released waking up investors with the belief that a rapid change is coming very soon!

On June 4th management announced a committee to explore potential acquisitions. Then on June 5th the company announces plans to add additional personnel to their "board of directors" and management discussed plans on moving their corporate office to Southern California.

We anticipate that within the next 30 days there will be additional information brought to light the depth of this secretive corporation.

At present there appears to be around 175 million shares outstanding . We don't know where that stock sits or who own it.

There is plenty of documentation concerning this company and it's many subs and involvements. It is a spiderweb of ins and outs and best of all the "giant appears to waking"!

During the recent few months it has quickly run from the low teens to the high .60's and pulled back to the current level twice. We believe the next release or releases will pop and propel ELGL to new highs.

Yes, this is speculative in nature, but it feels like Element Group is ready to surprise the herd with news that will appreciate shares dramatically .

Please take a few minutes and watch this most amazing Iguanas vs the snakes!

We have decided to take some profits off the table and invest the funds into the listed investments within this document..

NOTE: We have not turned negative on these securities, but instead it is time to lock in some well deserved profits.

1. ARWR~ a fews years ago we recommended ARWR @ $2.12/sh. At present shares are trading @ $26.50 we are selling 1/3 position.

2. OPXS @ .58 ( taking in account .12 dividend). At present shares are trading $2.07. We are selling 1/3 position.

3. [email protected] ( taking in the account the .12 dividend). At present the warrants are trading @ .70. We are selling 1/3 position.

4.BSGM based upon a reverse split of 2.5/1 ($3.33). With stock trading @ $871 we are selling 1/3.

5. SIMA $2.50 current price $10.00 . We are selling 1/3.

6 CVM recommended @$1.80 current price $8.42. We are selling 1/4.

7. HEMA recommended @ .35 a few years ago. Currently the stock remains our largest gainer in years. The current share price is $13.00. We believe regardless of the huge gain already achieved that the additional upside is going to be explosive.

8.PRED has all the ingredients to be a major winner during the short and long term. Do not neglect owning a position.

TCOR (.44) & CUO ($15.50)

Treecon Resources, Inc TCOR. (28 million shares outstanding) is a holding company that through its subsidiaries, operates a portfolio of businesses based primarily in the East Texas forest region. The company operates a logging and heavy equipment dealership. Their wholly owned sub Texas Timberjack sells, leases, finances and offer services.

Texas Frac fluids operates an oilfield service facility producing water-based fluids for the oil and gas industry.

Their 3rd sub operates a lumber and treating operations called Southern Forest Products.

The company also owns and manages a real estate portfolio of Timber lands in Texas and Louisiana.

For the six months ending March 31st 2019 revenues reached $44 million and net income/sh was .011. The book value is around $1.15 ( does not really include the true value of their timber). The run-rate this year will equal $90 to $100 million and earnings should expand. We believe that company if sold could easily fetch $2+ dollars.. Buy it and put it away. At .44 where is the risk?

Continental Materials Corp. CUO ~$15.50 remains a very cheap stock with extremely attractive upside potential during the next 6-12 months. Review the Feb 04, 2019 email alert for our initial recommendation.

Since our recommendation the company has made a number of acquisitions that have strengthened its core businesses. At the end of March 31st Q the stated book value was around $40.00 with over $20 in cash/sh ( cash horde resulted from settlement and sale of sub). Since that time management as stated has made a number of acquisitions. During the next few months we will get a better picture of CUO's business plan and execution. Regardless, with only 1.6 million shares outstanding rapid appreciation can occur when favorable financial results are created.

Even with the recent sales of one of their divisions and the acquisition of 3 new private companies CUO should now be on a glide path towards superior profitability near term. We continue to rate CUO with a strong buy rating at current levels.

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


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