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S A Advisory updates and recommendations June 9, 2016

New Buy Recommendation on ARWR This Biotech is ready to launch!

New Buy Recommendation ~HEMA This medical company is a life saver and we believe it has the potential 10X your investment!

June 9, 2016

New Buy Recommendation ~VSYM- With a $29 million NOL and only trading @ a fraction of a cent~ Worth at least 1000%-2000% gain once acquisition is announced!

Fav Junior Oils~ sdcjf ,mqlxf ,mkryf~ All have diluted, but value is still there

Some will realize that S. A. Advisory has been missing from your inbox & some may even be happy, but as the season has changed we have emerged because it is time for an overview & deep thought about America today and hopefully tomorrow. We also intend to update readers briefly concerning a number of investments that we are currently monitoring and still deserve serious attention and of course potential purchase! The Country is a mess & for that matter the World is also in a serious spiral to the downside! America has let the whole world down and seriously hurt the American Economy. The internal policies that have been integrated into our mainstream culture and Business cycle have been extremely damaging to our Military strength, economic growth and of course the standing in the World! Domestically, Obama has over taxed, over regulated, weakened us with endless red lines, pitted everyone against one another and created an entitlement mentality that has spawned a "Bernie Sanders!" Obamacare, the ultimate business killer-has forced steadfast companies to pack up & open up shop in foreign lands helping to create an army of 100 million American's out of work and 48 million on food stamps! He has allowed the Southern Boarder too actually become nonexistent and these illegals are flooding our schools (Dumb down), Hospitals are closing because of non-payment and crime, disease and drugs are costing us Billions!

The Federal Prison System currently hold 37% Illegal Aliens and also costing us Billions!

The Illegals are receiving more Federal benefits than SS recipients!

ISIS would not have existed if it was not for the Obama's "run and cover" strategy that evolved when the "herd of uniformed" voted him in office twice! Obama left Iraq and did a complete withdrawal and created a vacuum that was filed with a much more violent strain of Al Qaeda. This Islamist disease quickly formed a Caliphate within Syria and Much of Northern and Central Iraq. ISIS or Daesh now has a major foothold in another failed Obama adventure -Libya! Nigeria and Somalia have also been invaded by ISIS and the disease is spreading worldwide while Obama fiddles! He cannot and will not even call them Islamic Terrorists! He has allowed China to build military installations on islands in order to spread influence. He has emboldened North Korea's Kim Jong Un with his Nuclear arsenal and most likely the worse global event (not this global warming garbage) was allowing Iran too free itself from crippling sanctions- if it agreed to not create a Nuclear Bomb for a few years!

They will get $150 billion and allowed to return to form trading partnerships worldwide and they will also be allowed to sell their oil in order to support their worldwide proxy wars! They support the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the GAZA!

Hamas, a terrorist organization vowed to the destruction of Israel- of course supported by Iran!

Let us not forget! Most of the 4000 killed in action in Iraq during the Iraq War were killed by road side bombs produced by Iran! I really don't know how Obama lives with himself for this continued disrespect for the American Soldier. Look how the Vets are treated!

Obama helped to destroy the Oil market ever more this year than last when he signed the Nuclear According in Dec 2015. The Oil market had been under severe pressure since "RED Friday," (day after Thanksgiving when the Saudi Dog's said Screw You to the world because we are going to pump with NO restrictions), During early 2016 Oil collapsed to $26/barrel and the major stock market collapsed by 11%-At these prices -the banks would have serious issue and the markets knew it!

Trillions of dollars of CAPEX will not be spent to replace the current oil supply and will cause huge issue in the not so distant future. Many Oil projects worldwide cannot and will not be able to be drilled economically. Trillions of Investment worldwide has been tabled and a severe oil spike will eventually result because the Dog's of the ME will not be able to meet demand. It is estimated that $10 trillion in global oil related investment will be needed to meet demand. World Oil demand/day by 2020 will equal 97 million barrels while by 2040 we will need 110+ million barrels/day. We have seen much higher numbers than presented and have even seen 138 million barrels by 2040! Demand will continue to rise and this current situation does not bode well for the world economies.

We already have severe oil production disruptions in numerous countries at present that have helped firm the price- Nigeria and Libya has seen huge production drops because of Islamist Terrorism. Venezuela is only months away from total chaos. The North Sea Production is not growing. In the US we have seen rig counts drop from a high of 1600 during 2014 to only 362 (early June 2016 report). Worldwide exploration has stalled. Some of this could have been avoided if Obama did not sign this Accord with Iran because the Saudi Dog's will not curb production because Iran refuses to curb production--Get the picture!!

We have serious issues in Libya,Syria,Yemen,Iraq,Nigeria,Somalia,Iraq and Venezuela and most have a very negative effect on crude supplies and this is why with increasing demand that we currently have we are also having a decrease in production availability . All this is leading to a firming of Oil prices worldwide and we believe that this scenario could get worse and a spike is just around the corner.

Obama has not only destroyed the US economy and standings within the world, but has made the world a much more dangerous place to live and thrive. He is not done yet--We still have another 6 months of him and his wife in Office.

PS: The other day Ms. Obama made mention that the slaves built the WH! She forgets to mention that the Dems in the South owned all of the Slaves; she does not mention that the KKK were Dems in the South. She forgets many things and i will never forget that she said while campaigning for her husband that, " this was the first time i am proud to be an American!" Our Country deserves its self-destruction because just look around most people are empty skulls viewing their Smartphone! God help us!

Concerning the Election~ We are Pro-Trump!

Hillary Clinton is a liar and will just create a 2nd Obama Administration of more liberal attitudes, liberal judges and a weak America that will never recover. Can you imagine another 4 years of Clinton lies and scandal. Her brother just got arrested in CAL for DUI! Is this the best that the Dems can produce?

Bernie Sanders was the creation from 8 years of Obama's entitlement programs that has created a younger group of empty skulls that believe that they are entitled to everything- from college to cars to phones to free medical care-- Who will pay?

Socialism worldwide has been a failure just look everywhere. Venezuela is just about ready to implode because the grand socialist idea has failed and the country is near collapse. Bernie wants to tax capital gains by 62%-- If he gets elected the stock market collapses by 5000 points in one day!

Trump may not be perfect, but it is time to have a businessman run this country like a business.. We agree- Build the Wall, cut taxes, repeal Obamacare the ultimate job killer, strengthen the Military, reduce regulation and get rid of the Cancer PC!!

Can imagine if Hillary gets the WH? The social programs that will be integrated into our everyday lives. If you think $21 trillion in debt is sky high see what happens during the next 4 years with her. We will become the ultimate Greece. The only thing saving us now is the extremely low interest rate that of course is the result of NO growth because of horrible policy out of Washington! Investment Briefs:

HEMACARE: Initial recommendation Sept 15, 2015 @ .35-current price .65

website: excellent visual and very informative. Please go and review this chocked website dealing with a whole host of fascinating material.

HEMA is a leader in Cell and Tissue Collection, Processing and Cell Therapy, providing the high quality biological material needed to insure quality research outcomes that meet the unique needs of the scientific community.

Revenue ------ 2015-------------2014

----------------$9.7 million-------$4.7 million

loss from ops--.13-----------------.48---------

sale of division-----$4.6 million--$1.2 million

cash on hand---$2.5 million---$213K

BK value------.52---------------.20

10.7 million shares outstanding

Management owns at least 30%

Federal NOL $10 million

State NOL $7 million

We believe the rapid growth during 2016 and beyond will continue at a very rapid clip! The current growth curve that we have seen during the past 3 years of 100% annually in our opinion will continue.

We believe that HEMA could reach $20 million in revenue during 2016- We anticipate six month results during early fall of 2016.

Management may decide to release quarterly results. We are not that concerned because this company has the potential during the next few years to reach $50 million in revenue and most likely sport a share price of $6-$10, the investment community may not be aware of HEMA, but the medical research industry worldwide surely does. The company recently announced a major expansion of its global capabilities through a strategic distribution agreement in China. This partnership ensures researchers in China access of HEMA's human healthy and disease state cryopreserved hematopoietic cell products for their basic scientific and cell therapy research and development needs in a timely manner with local region support.

According to Peter van der WAl CEO, " HEMA partnership through these regional agreements demonstrate the company's commitment to supporting the global research and development of Cell therapies."

During late March 2016 HEMA announced that it has expanded its offering of stem cell rich peripheral blood through the addition of a new protocol. This type of BLOOD, referred to among researchers as "mobilized blood" is collected following a procedure that induces the bone narrow to produce more white blood cells into the periphery. These white cells can then be collected with a routine Leukapheresis and provided to researchers within 24 hrs.. The most widely studied cell population within these collections are CD34+ stem cells. These cells are used by investigators to study the mechanism of, and develop therapies for disease such as cancer, inflammatory conditions like arthritis and immune deficiency -based pathology such as HIV.

According to CEO-,"We value our ability to exceed our customers' expectations by supplying human stem cells with consistently high purity, viability and functionality.

During May 25-28 2016 HEMA attended the ISCT meeting in Singapore- HEMA presented a poster session to highlight its core competencies for supplying highly pure and viable human hematopoietic stem cells and mature primary cells in global demand by these investigators.

HEMA is the recognized apheresis leader in supporting autologous and allogenic cell therapy. What sets HEMA apart from other providers is heritage as a transfusable collection center with over 38 years of experience operating an FDA registered, cGMP/cGTP compliant donor center. HEMA staff has performed over 250,000 apheresis collections and have been performing patient leukapheresis collections for clinical trials and commercialized immunocellular therapy for a decade.

During June 6-9th 2016 and June 22-25th 2016 HEMA will be attending 2 conferences being held in San Francisco. Bio International Convention draws over 15k biotechnology and pharma leaders together for a week long intensive networking and partnering to discover new opportunities in drug discovery, Bio manufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy, and a focus critical to HEMA.

During the June 22-25 2016 conference scientists and researchers share and collaborate on advancements in stem cell therapies and treatments. HEMA is actively expanding its capabilities in support of stem cell research based on increased demand for HEMA's portfolio of stem cell enriched mobilized peripheral blood and bone marrow derived primary cells.

Additional conferences that HEMA will be attending.

CAR-TCR Summit Sept 13-16 2016 Boston

Phaciliate Cell and Gene Therapy Sept 21-22 2016 Berlin

Cell and Gene Meeting on the MESA Oct 5-7 2016 San Diego

America Association of Cancer Research April 1-5 2017 Washington, DC

You must visit their website not only informative, but points to the end results that HEMA is going to be a HOME RUN for patient investors. We anticipate that during the next 6-12 months that HEMA will expand and grow dramatically. The company could get acquired or hire an Investment Banker and file for an IPO and raise some HUGE COIN!

If you did not buy HEMA when we first recommended it @ .35- YOU still have the opportunity to get in on the bottom floor for a ride to $6-$10 with a number of years.

The company continues to introduce cutting edge organic products, growing by 100% and continue to increase awareness of their high quality products worldwide. You must own Hemacare at current levels.

Food for Thought: According to National Institute of Health- Within the US will be an estimated $1.5 billion spent on stem cell research projects during 2016!- This development alone is most likely the most BULLISH aspect of HEMA's future. In addition to continued worldwide penetration, faster service delivery and new product design all add up to an excellent investment opportunity at ground floor prices.

Again, we rate HEMA with our strongest BUY rating! You must own- If you don't that is your risk!


April 1, 2015 We initially recommended ARWR @ $7.24 and proceeded to see it climb to $9+ during Sept 2016.

Much has happened since that initial recommendation and now is the time to buy because it is crunch time!

Recently, the company changed its name from Arrowhead Research to Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals The company utilizes its proprietary Dynamic Polyconjugate platform to develop targeted drugs based upon interference mechanism that silences disease causing genes, Its ARC-520, an RNAi- based therapeutic that is in phase 11b clinical efficacy studies to treat chronic Hepatitis B virus infection. The company is also working on other treatments can be viewed within their newly formatted website.

About 400 million people have Hep B! The majority infected live in Asia and 120 million reside in China! The combined infected within the US and Europe equal around 16 million.

A functional cure (FC) is worth many billions of dollars and it is believed that ARWR is very close to this Medical Milestone!

If ARWR is successful it is not just a cure for Hep B, but a Medical advancement that could change the way medical research view cancer, diseases and viruses on a scale that the is nothing short of Earth shattering!

The RNAi delivery system could be worth billions upon billions of additional revenue and royalty for ARWR!

Interestingly, HBV is 100x more infectious than HIV!

The highest concentration of HBV is found in blood, semen and vaginal secretions. HBV is not spread through food or water, sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, coughing, and sneezing or by casual contact. The virus is infrequently transmitted by blood transfusions, because blood for transfusion is tested for HBV contamination.

Again, please visit their website and review progress being made on other medical fronts using RNAi.

Our only point of interest at this time is that ARWR are within a few months of a potentially huge catalyst that is either a huge cash infusion or an actual buyout by some large Pharma Behemoth!


According to RNR Market Research.

Hepatitis B therapeutics Market will be worth $3.5 billion by the year 2021. This number has been challenged because it not does take fully into account the increasing number of migrants from HIGH Prevalent Regions.


ARWR- most exciting potential Drug Blockbuster deals with curing Hep B. The annual sales of such a FC will be billions upon billions of dollar per year.

ARWR acquired the RNAi delivery system from Roche in 2011 to develop a new therapy for Hep B.

ARWR acquired the entire RNAi research and development portfolio from Novartis in March 2015.

During the past # of years Gilead (gild) and ARWR have had a very "friendly" arrangement with one another. It is factual that GILD has offered to BUY the whole company on 2 different occasions and ARWR has balked at the price.

To date there have been very successful trials and results using chimps. A satisfying knock down of the virus and potential FC looks to be attainable within a very short period of time.

The Monarch trial - conducted with GILD and ARWR should start to stream results within the next month or so. This trial is being conducted in New Zealand and Australia and was started during Jan 2016. This trial is only based upon humans.

GILD & ARWR currently are using the same web designer-- minor detail- but just shows that there is a connection that leads down many roads.

GILD, a leader in Hep C cure and therapies. Their pipeline is thin and they need new "blood". They have a war chest of at least $8 billion!

Recently, GILD invited only ARWR to a conference in China- Why? Well, China has 1/3 of the 350 million infected with Hep B. It is believed that both companies met with major distribution and sales force in the country for a potential marketing of a drug.

As of March 31st 2016 ARWR had only $61 million in cash and short term investments. They burn thru around $21 million/ quarter. At the end of the current Q they will only have $40 million and then @ the end of the Sept Q they will only have $20 million. It is called crunch time--either sell the Hep B drug development or sell the whole company!

Management has already stated that they will not dilute and are in discussions with GILD, JNJ and MRK!

Within their annual meeting transcript, which was not webcast- management stated that they are in discussion with the above pharma giants.

We believe that someone steps up to the plate and buys the drug potential for $1 billion or the whole company for $6 billion. J&J has $40 billion in cash while MRK has $13 billion. We assume a mixture of cash and stock would be the correct formula for purchase. JNJ could by the whole company for paper and it would be like a flea bite with respect to dilution.

There is also a CT order that was filed about 1 year ago that most likely contains a first right of refusal by either GILD, Novartis or Roche.

The plot just continues to thicken!

If you believe that ARWR is cow pasture then why do countless conferences? Why move into a new and much larger building? Why did you just file another patent (sRNA)? Why do you now use the same web designer as GILD? Why do you go to China and visit with major China drug distribution and sales force? Why has GILD and ARWR developed a Monarch trial together on humans with their RNAi platform and drug therapy?

Is it not a perfect fit for GILD that has its theme of business Hep C to get involved with Hep B?

Recently many Brokerage firms have upgraded ARWR with an average price target of $15.00. Most believe some sort of FC or long term treatment is at hand!

If a major steps up to the plate and gives ARWR a check for $1 billion we suddenly have a $20-$25 dollar stock and the shorts get slaughtered (currently around 11 million shares short out of 60 million fully diluted and outstanding). That is for only one product.

If Hep B via RNAi delivery system proves to be a successful way to treat viruses, disease and cancer this would result in a major medical brake through that would and could change the world view on how it views deadly medical disorders!

The clock is ticking and we will know soon about the progress of this Human trial using ARWR's RNAi Platform to treat Hep B. If the company was bought out for say $6 billion-We are talking about a share price of $100.00+!

When you look @ the risk and reward scenario concerning ARWR you must own shares at the current price because the real risk again is not owning any.

We also believe that buying the Sept 2016 $9 or $10 calls offer an amazing leverage opportunity and a dramatic Moonshot if our assumption proves to be correct about the timing of a deal.

We believe that by the early part of August 2016 prior to the next Q statement that we will know whether the company is going to be sold or ARWR sells the rights to their Hep B drug potential.


APRIL 14TH 2016

Excellent research that points too GILD as the ultimate buyer of ARWR


MAY 20TH 2016~ NEWS UNDER ARWR DATED," Update on financials for fiscal 2nd ended March 31, 2016 (Zacks Small Cap Research)

Read the article and see full research report listed at the bottom of the document. The report is free and will complete your final decision to buy shares in ARWR.

Finally, for complete ARWR updates concerning all trials and other information visit


shares outstanding 320 million

management owns 30%


It has been troubling times for many and most small companies in America today because of over regulation, high tax rates, Obamacare and reporting requirements that all but shut out small business to grow and prosper in America today!

The Obama administration has a "gun" to the head of almost every small business in America today and has forced job creation and the American Dream to take the last row on the bus. We are dying as a Country not being destroyed by ISIS, ISIL or Daesh, but from within because of liberal ideas and the PC Cancer that is eating our brains away!

VSYM is just another causality of America failing not because of Management but because of Dodd-Frank-one of the final nails in the coffin of true Capitalism!

As mention in a prior email VIEW has a security barrier than can be used to protect from concealed weapons, their technology uses data sensory technology to pinpoint the weapon, and 3D facial recognition and identify management solutions.

The company has been actively engaged in acquiring divisions in either the security or medical industry. We believe even though it has taken longer than anticipated ~that VSYM will be successful and find an entity or entities that will be able to take advantage of their .08 cent/sh NOL that in turn will benefit the parent company VSYM!

VSYM share price of around .0015 is a gold mine and most do not even realize it. This $29 million shields the company from taxes and this money saved~ $29 million is money that can be used toward R&D, expansion, further acquisition and balance sheet enhancement!

Regardless of the how far along VSYM is in finding a suitable and honest candidate it is in our opinion that VSYM share price should be at least .02-03 just based upon the $29,000,000.00 NOL of .08/sh

With the current price of VSYM being around .0015 the upside is in thousands of % just for fair value. Again, think about the real risk? The real risk is not owning VSYM.

During the past 1 yr management has forged agreements with 2 different entities only to be fooled and thus withdrew the letter of intent! We value that VSYM's management intends to do a deal that works not do a deal for a payday.

We remain committed to VSYM and believe that another acquisition candidate will be presented in short order that will yield huge appreciation in VSYM shares price.

If you have gone to Las Vegas lately~ most Casinos are littered with "'penny slots" and with a fraction of second all your pennies are gone! VSYM may be a fraction of a penny, but the upside potential that exists should not be overlooked or avoided. We have watched this management team very carefully and they are not a one armed bandit!

We place a speculative, but strong buy rating on VSYM for exception upside potential near term. We really believe that multiple 1000's % gain is at hand. We are just waiting for a catalyst that will shoot VSYM into orbit!



1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00







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