S. A. Advisory - E-mail Update March 10th 2014, Top 5 stock recommendations within our current portfolio- ccni, mqlxf, mauxf, wyy, axas

S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update


S. A. Advisory Update for March 10, 2014

S A Advisory Oil & Gas Project offer and portfolio update.

Top 5 stock recommendations within our current portfolio- ccni, mqlxf, mauxf, wyy, axas.

March 10, 2014

New Gas project located in Texas being offered to S A Advisory investors.
4 year Bull Market has rewarded our Investor's dramatically! See our huge gain in the Oil Patch.
Oil and Gas Investment opportunities where the Investor actually owns interest in the Oil & Gas project. All projects offer huge tax advantage whether it is a producing well or dry hole. Most successful wells pay out over many years of production.

Many Investors have participated in our 3 projecst.

1. Texaco Fee- chemically treated last night & produced 44 barrels- being choked back to 30 barrels/day. It is anticipated that this well will be recompleted soon in order to enhance production. Checks have been issued during the past 4 months.

2. West Sandy Creek is currently selling Gas, but within a few weeks the production will turn to Oil. It is anticipated that this well will be choked back to 70-80 barrels/day. The recoverable reserve of this well is around 1,000,000 barrel + .5BCF of Gas. The potential return is a "mind-blowing" 30/1!

3. Myska Project- This was a 4 well program. The wildcat well was "dry". The remain 3-- 1 is directional and the other 2 are recompletes. The recoverable reserve is 150,000 barrel. The current pay out is estimated to be a 4/1 return. There is the potential of 150 barrels/day from the 3 well if all are successful.

At present the directional well is due to be spud this week.

4. Vickery 1 is our most current project, which is primarily NG. The recoverable reserve for this "new" project is 3.65 BCF of gas!

It should be noted that 3 wells have been successfully drilled and are producing within 2 miles radius. All investors have been paid back in 2 of 3 wells and the 3rd is within a few months of a 18 month pay out.

The acreage is located in Wharton County, Texas. The Gas is found in the prolific Yegua Trend.

The Vickery #1 will test multiple sands in the Yegua (potentially 50 feet of sand).

Although the Yegua is primarily gas the Yegua also produces Oil.

The prospects are defined by excellent quality 3D seismic and subsurface data.

The primary objectives are the Y-4, Y-5 & Y-6 sands although the Y-2 and other sands are also prospective. Total estimated recoverable reserves are conservatively estimated @ 3.65 BCFG and 37,007 BO for the Y-2, Y-4, Y-5 & Y-6. Additional sands are also prospective. The well will be drilled down to 7800 ft with 5 potential sands.

The anticipated return for this project range from 3/1 to 9/1. The return possibility is dependent upon how many zones of gas that are found and the length of the zone.

The permit has been filed and the location, roads & pad have been completed. The Rig is expected to move onto location within 2 weeks (between March 15-22, 2014).

According to documentation all surrounding subsurface data indicates the proposal location should be structurally high to all the above mentioned sands and seismic amplitude data strongly suggests the presence of hydrocarbons.

S A Advisory investor's are invited to participate in this project. S A Advisory is an investor in this project (also invested in the Texaco Fee, West Sandy Creek, and the Myska).

At present 1% working interest in this project is $13,700.00 + $3000.00 completion cost. It should be noted the the originating geologist, drilled our highly successful West Sandy Creek.


Whether the project is successful or not there is a huge tax benefit that allows 50-70% write off of the drilling costs.

Oil and Gas Futures respectively, they are trading in a relatively tight range of $102.00 (NYMEX April crude April 2014) and $4.57 (NYMEX NG May 2014).

As you know, we @ S A Advisory have primarily been heavily invested within the Oil & Gas industrial segment for 4 years and it is only a natural extension that we would diversify into other angles of the hydrocarbon Industry.

This is why we have chosen to participate in the purchase of work interest in Oil and Gas projects.

Final Note: Many of you missed the market bottom on March 9th 2009 and just watched the market rise year after year until where we are today. Now keep in mind that if you take inflation into account and of course the value of the dollar the current "new" high in the DOW is not a new high in real dollars(just keep that in mind). Many of you are content to watch and then watch some more the excellent drilling programs that we have the opportunity to offer to S A Advisory investor's.

For more information on the current project (Vickery 1) and other O&G projects please call Mr. Buck @ 1-800-811-2684 or 713 530 0480

Portfolio of stocks from March 2009- March 9th 2014
symbol***cost***current price****status

wyy********1.57********1.59*********** BB

wyy is one of our top 5 stock picks


ccni is one of our top 5 stock picks



paying .0433/month div



cenjf*******5.64*******bought out $17.75US


mqlxf is one of our top 5 stocks




axas is one of out top 5 stocks




cwei*******40.38*******99.97 S 1/2
Only motive is huge profit


mauxf is one of out top 5 stocks--div paid .50 todate current .05/Q

sd*******5.53** S 1/2 @11.27**6.45*B




bexp****3.95**bought out 36.50 2012

ssn****.59**S 1/2 @ 3.83 S OUT .48



dej*******.30*****sold out @ .18


etkef******.18******Sold out @.05

mhr*******6.86*****8.32** We have made a number of recommendation @ the $3 and $4 level--at this point we are recommending to 1/2 position. We still like mhr, but the name of the game is profit. Still have huge losses.



clr*****49.88****118.70***S 1/3 for profit only

dragf**7.35***div 1.40 todate* 9.85*B


wfref*****4.53****4.52**div .0335/sh **BB

spgyf***7.00***10.85**div .0567/month .around .80 from the declaration during 2013***BB




Brief review of top 5 Strong Buy recommendations~ccni,mqlxf,mauxf,wyy & axas.

1.CCNI ~www.commandonline.com


Command Center, Inc provides on-demand employees for manual labor, light industrial and skilled trades applications. At present ccni has 54 locations and a good % are located within heavy fossil fuel development states. We used ccni as our mid- year stock pick during July 2013 @ .20. Year-end numbers are due out within days and we anticipate a very profitable year. This will make three years in a row. We anticipate that for the year ending Dec 31, 2013 that rev will be flat ( company has reduced low margin business), while earning will be in the range of .06/share. The average PE for competitors (rhi, man & kelya) is around 21. If we assigned a 21 PE to CCNI we would have a share price of $1.30. Rev for CCNI will be in the range of $100 million for 2013. Management has hired a PR firm in order to increase investor awareness. The company intends to participate in industrial conferences, produce presentations and become more investor friendly with the release of more press releases.

In our opinion, CCNI is 4-sale! We would be very surprised if CCNI was not sold some time during 2014. We still see a 200% upside potential during 2014.



Marquee Energy ltd. is a junior Oil & Gas company with primary E&P located in Alberta, Canada. Investors need to visit their site & review current presentation and made for TV corporate highlights seen on BNN & FOX Business News. MQLXF somewhat under the radar has been working very hard to focus their assets by recently acquiring 2 separate land masses and some production in the Michichi core area of E&P. The company is now the largest acreage owner in this light oil area of Alberta. The company recently listed on the US OTCX exchange in order to attract more US investor eyeballs and possible investors. You must watch the TV spot!! Richard Thompson, President, talks about growing the company to 10,000 boepd up from the current 4600 boepd and looking to be bought out during 2015. Management also "crows" about that cash flow for 2014 will be around .40/sh~ that yields a stock that is trading at less than 2x CF( very cheap). The NAV is over $2.50 and we are waiting for the upgraded reserve report due out soon. Their production has growth rapidly during the past 12 months and organic and acquired reserves should surprise investors. Rev and earnings are also due out soon. When we consider the growth potential, higher Oil and Gas prices, greater exposure, very strong core assets, growing production and very cheap fundamentals it is hard to believe that the share price is not double the current level of .73US. We believe mqlxf could easily be bought out during 2014. We rate mqlxf with a strong buy @ current levels and rate it as one of top 5 investments .



Mart Resources, inc. is an international upstream oil and gas company, engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas in Nigeria. The company holds interest in the Umusadege oil field. Mart owns roughly 11k bod, but because of thieves only averages around 8.5 bod. This is about to change because MAUXF is in the final stages of completing a new and much more secure pipeline that can handle up to 40k bod. We understand that MAUXF has some 35k bod behind the pipe.

Recently, MAUXF announced that the company had been granted an increase to their bank line from $100 million to $175 million!. The company is believed to be in the position to bid on additional "marginal" fields, which of course enable Mart to grow even faster.

Please visit their website and review the current presentation and current press releases. During March we will be notified of the next .05 quarterly div ( almost 2 years of div), should get Dec 31st 2013 year end numbers and by April we should see their reserve reports.

We believe that if you wait for the announcement that the pipeline is complete that you will pay double the current price. We also believe that once MAUXF is hooked up to their new and secure pipe that a more aggressive drilling program will be initiated.

We believe that production could be ramped up dramatically as soon as the line becomes operational. We have the new line completed, potentially 35k bod flowing thru the line, acquisition of additional acreage, additional stock listing and continual payment of quarterly div of .05 all could suddenly yield a stock price of $3.00-$4.00 a far cry from current depressed levels.br>
It is easy to see why we have rated MAUXF with a strong buy rating and rate it as one of our top 5 stocks to own.



Review the January 13th 2014 email alert for the strong Buy Recommendation! We have not changed our mind! Recently completed a small equity offering of 9 million shares and raised $12.5 million.

On March 12th 2014 WYY will attend the Roth Conference~ public access:


During March 10-12th 2014 WYY will attend the AFCEA Homeland Security Conference in Washington, D.C. and will showcase its Managed Mobility Services offerings and Telecom Lifecycle Management capabilities, as well as its Cellular Wireless Managed Services Blanket Purchase Agreement awarded to WYY (600 million dollar contract-see press).

On March 7th 2014 WYY announced that WYY has partnered with C4UH, to provide high assurance credentials to enable a solution that protects patients' privacy and health records.

We assume many additional press releases are set to be released from WYY short term. We also anticipate that year-end numbers will be released any day. Do not think that 2013 will be anything special and the street should be looking @ 2014 and beyond. We believe that WYY still has the potential to explode on the upside as the herd of institutions decide that they must own their "paper".

We rate WYY with a strong Buy Recommendation and believe that it is a top 5 pick that must be owned NOW!

5. AXAS~ www.abraxaspetroleum.com


We have held axas for many years & some of our position was purchased @ .95! It remains one of our largest positions!

AXAS an independent O & G and E&P that currently has interest in the ND Bakken and TX Eagleford. The company also has other acreage, but production will be concentrated within these 2 regions. The company does have acreage in Alberta, Canada & we believe that it will be sold this year in order to raise working capital.

For a good overview of 2013 read the Feb 21, 2014 year-end results.

On March 12, 2014 AXAS will release Q4 and full year results. The conference call is scheduled for 10 am CT.

The last presentation was released Feb 12, 2014, but we assume a new presentation will be released prior to the conference call.

Management is very comfortable with 5000 boepd production guidance for 2014. This leads us to believe that that number is on the low side!

I like management, I like their focus and I like the price! We do assume that the usual event will happen after the earnings report~ weakness is the usual course of action. It is never good enough unless the company announces that they have been bought out!!!!!

We have added axas to our top 5 list and believe that upside potential exists with limited downside.

Final Note: I have decided to believe in Global Warming!! If it means longer Winters and more Snow then of course that means a longer ski season and more Oil and NG being used~ then I am all for it!

Still @ Big Sky/Moonlight Basin going up and down! By the end of my ski season I will amasses over 49,000,000 vertical feet of skiing in my lifetime.

We all have to be addicted to something!

2. Of course all of us are wasting OUR time on the phone trying to get together with the Insurance company.

My company ~ Blue Shield will not give me the drugs that I take~~ We call that "soft death panels".

3. Sarah Palin was great @ CPAC~ listen to her speech.

4. Can we survive 3 more years of Obama?

We have not been paid by any listed investment within this email alert! We may buy, sell and/or hold securities @ our own discretion .

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