Another brief update on PRED~ $1.35

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Another brief update on PRED~ $1.35

Another brief update on ELGL~ $.15

Nov 4th, 2019

Recent recommendation on SBGL @$5.64 now $7.58

Rhodium recommended @$1480 now $5100/oz, Palladium recommended @ $1344/oz now $1800.00/oz, Platinum recommended @ $821/oz now $950/oz




As you know we have been very bullish and an aggressive buyer of 2 specific stocks during the past number of months.

PRED~an emerging biotech/genetic test kit/ stem cell and potential drug developer has had a very rocky and even somewhat disappointing stock action to say the least.

We first recommended PRED at $2.13 and saw it run to $7.00 only to crash and burn slowly over the past number of months to the present price of $1.35.

We first get a Zack's report that was poorly written that never included any other business developments that PRED had been working on. Then we get this hit piece that was a complete sham that helped destroy the share price. Then we get the filing for NASDAQ listing which placed PRED in a news blackout for months and then finally we get the illegal "naked shorts" that have continued to slaughter the share price to its current depressed and severely undervalued pricing at $1.35. I don't intend to repeat all of the current and future developments and projects that PRED is involved with! Go and visit their website and review the complete story and connect the dots!

We now have 3 test kits being sold and the management is A+ that have migrated from some of the largest companies in the USA. The company has recently changed accounting firms and now has audits done by a top tier international firm. We have a agreement with TMO (Thermo Fisher) and recently signed an agreement with the largest brokerage firm in China (CITIC Securities Co ltd).

PRED's test kit for Endometriosis is going to be a BLOCK BUSTER! It is obvious that PRED is going to start marketing their ENDO in China. At present 10-15% of women in reproductive age are affected by this disease!

For a minute forget that paper losses are present for most investors in PRED at this time. Take a deep breath and start connecting the dots. At present there are almost 700 million women in China so it is easy to see how many women during their reproductive years develop this disease.

Please keep in mind that this is just one of their test kits. Visit their website The company has recently hired a new PR firm and has also listed on the OCTQX until the NASDAQ listing is completed. The QX exchange classifies qualified stocks as NOT being consided a "penny stock".

This designation allows a larger investor group including institutions the ability to buy PRED.


You never know when a "black swan' is going to appear for a stock, but PRED had 4 of them.

Zack's report, HB report, delay in NASDAQ which created a news blackout and the endless illegal "naked shorting"!

It is easy to see why this diamond in the rough looks like coal, but in reality is a gemstone for the picking! Of course we have entered tax selling season~So now we will deal with this scenario.

Don't take your eye-off-the-ball!

We continue to hear rumors that a major acquisition is in the works which could be announced before the end of the 2019. Please keep in mind another ER is due in about 2 weeks time, which should indicate growing stem cell sales and info on their newly introduced test kits ( 3 of the them).

If you like this stock at higher prices YOU must average down to lower your cost! We have made more money averaging down on investments than any other investment strategy. Do not panic, take a deep breath , & add to your position. It is only a matter of time before we reverse course and explode on the upside.

Lessons to be learned: We recommended HEMA @ .35 and it took awhile to get traction and three years later the stock trades @ $20.00

We recommended ARWR first @ $6.00 then it crashed to $2 and now around 3 years later the stock is $40.00. INVEST IN THE FUTURE NOT FOR TODAY!

We continue to pound the table on PRED and remain confident that this will be a huge winner overtime.

We rate PRED with our strongest buy rating @ current depressed and just "stupid " cheap levels Our target price remains at least $10 -$15.00 within 12 months or less .

Instead of "black swans" we start getting "unicorns" just watch what happens.


The metals: We recommended Palladium @ $1344/oz and Platinum @$821/oz within our Jan 27th 2019 email alert Both have appreciated . Palladium currently trades @ $1800.00/oz and Platinum trades @ $950.00/oz. We continue to view both as strong holds with additional upside.

Our precious metal Rhodium has been the star performer recommended @ $1480 within our October 23rd 2017 email alert now trades @ $5100.00/oz. (We believe during 2008 Rhodium traded as high as $10,000.00/oz).

It appears that Rhodium is in very short supply and actually trading short on supply. The metal is used in Catalytic Converters within Diesel and gas powered vehicles and EV's . Even though the price of the very rare metal has appreciated dramatically we believe additional upside appears very likely.



The company is the largest individual producer of gold from South Africa and is one of the 10 largest gold producers globally. Sibanye-Stillwater is also the 3rd largest Palladium and Platinum producer.

Visit their website: and review the investor section and review the most current 2nd q financial results and presentation.

The second Q was damaged by the multi-month strike in South Africa. Regardless, of the past event that has been settled ~ management stresses that the 2nd half of 2019 with be exceptional because of the huge surge in metal prices . Their major production comes from gold, platinum, palladium , rhodium and copper/silver by-products.

Please review the H1 2019 operating and financial results presentation ( dated August 29th 2019).

We rate SBGL with a strong buy recommendation with very attractive upside potential. Management mentions that a dividend is being considered for early 2020.

We believe that the herd is being very short sighted and has weighed too much on the results of the first half and has not taken in full consideration of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium massive move to the upside.


Below this brief you can read our Sept 2nd alert on ELGL!

Well, in early Sept 2019 ELGL was trading @ .28/sh (initial recommended price).

Regardless of the current price we still believe that this opportunity should be bought at a 1/2 price sale. A great example why averagimg down or doubling up your position will lower your initial cost and also create a huge profit when it appreciates to this initially recommended price of .28!

There are 3 things that we assume can happen that will pop this stock to the $1 range relatively quickly:

1. A formalized and qualified estimation of their huge precious metals tailing asset that is currently having an NI-43-101 feasibility study audit being performed for current valuation ( assumed to be in the billion of dollars ).

2. Upon review of the just released website: you can easily see this company is on the move . We believe that some sort of media announcement is forthcoming that can pop the stock!

3. ELGL becomes fully reporting either by a Reverse merger or actual filing with the SEC. We believe that near term one or the other is going to happen!

Please keep in mind you don't form a management team, open a new office place in the Movie Capital of the World, create an informative 'new" website, do a feasibility study on a asset and plan on filing with the SEC for NO REASON!

Again connect the dots and you will see that following the "yellow brick road" will lead patient and unemotional investors toward huge profit potential.

We remain extremely bullish towards ELGL and still have a near term target of $1.00. That equates to almost 7X your investment at current levels.


On June 12, 2019 we featured a very speculative , but at the same time an intriguing investment opportunity that could reward investor's handsomely.

This company has been in the dark for a number of years and it is hard to decipher what kind of businesses are entwined within the corporate structure of EGLG.

ELGL resembles a simmering volcano that has been rumbling for a period of time and suddenly BOOM! ELGL's rumble has caught the attention of many because some of the same personnel involved with PRED have been thought of as initial players in ELGL.

If one was to venture onto the message board and review the posts on the ELGL's thread it appears that there is plenty under the radar or better yet under the cover of clouds.

During the past 75 days 11 major pressers have been released waking up investors with the belief that a rapid change is coming very soon!

On June 4th management announced a committee to explore potential acquisitions. Then on June 5th the company announced plans to add additional personnel to their "board of directors" and management discussed plans on moving their corporate office to Southern California.

At present there appears to be around 175 million shares outstanding . We don't know where that stock sits or who owns it.

There is plenty of documentation concerning this company and it's many subs and involvements. It is a spiderweb of ins and outs and best of all the "giant appears to waking"!

During the recent few months it has quickly run from the low teens to the high .60's and pulled back to the current level twice..

It should be noted since our last review the Media division has given investor's a strong indication of the direction it intends to take with respect toward Hollywood . The law firm involved represents major A-list players and the President of the division has directed such films as "Fury" with Brad Pitt that grossed over $200 million.

Currently, Clarinova, a wholly owned sub of ELGL is conducting a feasibility study (NI-43-101~ standardized and excepted ) on its audited mining tailing assests, which has the potential to be worth BILLIONS of dollars.

Please read the August 22nd press release that explains ELGL's mining wholly owned sub of Elemental Global. Major intentions to involve itself with the lithium market and other metals that are in demand when dealing with EV and other transforming energy platforms.

Mr. Gary Lewis acting CEO ( founder and managing director of Battery Mineral Resources, a battery mineral explorer and developer which focused on cobalt, lithium, graphite in Canada, USA and South Korea. He will play an important part in growing ELGL's metal and mining division.

Many if not most don't see what is being created here! The many pieces of this puzzle are being laid out for the investment community to examine and within a short period of time this corporate painting will start to take form and in our opinion will drive the share price of ELGL to much higher levels.

It is our understanding that audited financials and listing requirement are being executed and that possible Canadian and London listing is in the early stages of implementation.

We continue to pound the table to purchase shares in ELGL before rapid appreciation takes hold.

Alll too often investor types wait for the move instead of building a position before the stampede.

Unless you live under a rock you know that all of the major markets indexes have been making new highs since Trump took office. The "rabid" Dems or Progressives would have us believing that this is all the result of Obama's God like policies that he put in place during his miraculous reign as the 44th President of the United States .


The low priced stock arena has been a different story all together. This year especially has been a very difficult year for the herd of micro-caps. Individual stories have made huge moves, but the majority have languished and many remain at their 52 week lows.

A number of factors have caused this poor performance in this specific arena:

1. Micro-cap brokerage firm are all but history.

2. Regulations make it more and more difficult for investors to buy many micro-caps

3. The endless "naked shorting" ravages the share price because of poor oversight by the SEC and lack of severe punishment.

4. Small micro-caps have limited avenues to raise working capital so they resort to "death spiral" financing that destroys share valuations.

5. Management of many micro-caps just disregard the shareholder all together and value "dogs' more than the real owners of the company.

6. The huge cost in staying current with SEC filings has a huge financial burden that many delist and become less desirable investments.

7. Action on the major indexes have been so rewarding that the penny market unless for special situations, has languished .

8. We are now entering the dreaded tax selling season that further depresses share valuations.

The answer is find the diamonds in the rough that against all odds rise to the surface and reward investors with huge rewards. As mentioned we believe that PRED and ELGL fit that scenario regardless of the wall that they must climb.

Finally: During the end of December we will list a number of beaten down tax selling candidates that should be bought for the upside kick that we usually get in the oversold penny market. during Jan-March 2020.

PS: Another ski season just around the corner! Like usual hoping for global cooling. The IKON Pass has ruined participating ski resorts. They are the carpetbaggers of the ski resorts.

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00





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