CVLB now CVLBD (recommended June 25, 2020 @.30 recently a 5/1 RS ~ currently $6.00~ We are selling for a huge profit!

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We remain a Trump supporter

CVLB now CVLBD (recommended June 25, 2020 @.30 recently a 5/1 RS ~ currently $6.00~ We are selling for a huge profit!

Nov 1st, 2020

We remain a Trump supporter

CVLB now CVLBD (recommended June 25, 2020 @.30 recently a 5/1 RS ~ currently $6.00~ We are selling for a huge profit!


We believe HWKE a PPE play including N95 masks and other PPE will wake up soon!

new recommendation on Jan One Inc. (JAN~$3.66) see brief

PRED~.20 update and continued recommendation!

Discounted value


TCOR is a holding company that, through its subs, operates a portfolio of businesses based primarily in the East Texas forest region.

Logging and heavy equipment dealership operations are conducted through the company's wholly owned subsidiary Texas Timberjack, with sales, leasing, financing and service locations in Lufkin, Jasper and Cleveland, Texas.

Lumber and treating operations are conducted through it's wholly owned subs, Southern Forest Products and International Forest products.

The company also owns and manages a real estate portfolio consisting of timber lands in Texas and Louisiana.

For the 9 months ending June 30th, 2020 revenues reached $52 million and had income of $2 million or .085/share based upon 22 million shares outstanding and fully diluted. The current book value is $1.52. It should be noted that this company owns acreages of tree that have not been revalued on the balance sheet so it is our opinion that the real book value is much higher. Lumber sales have increased and this may be due to tariffs that have been placed upon Canadian lumber producers because of their "dumping " policies that have the tendency of putting American businesses out of business! ( thank you Donald Trump)

We continue to hear that the company could be sold for $3+, but do not have the actual time table for such a transaction. The reality is that TCOR is very cheap and that one of these days it will be sold and the patient investor will harvest a huge "cord" of money!

Talking with management we learned that with the continued strength in the housing market, because of historically low interest rates, "new" housing starts are a main driver for lumber sales. Also because of the pandemic more remodeling is also taking place because people are hunkering down. Another aspect is the severe weather within the Gulf States due to recent hurricanes and tornadoes that rebuilding of all kinds of structure have created a "BULL" market in the lumber and heavy equipment markets

We know that this is not social media stock, electric vehicle or PPE play, but instead an opportunity that produces a product that will be needed for the foreseeable future (trees)!

We know that TCOR has been "root" bound for quite some time now, but if you believe that discounted value eventually bubbles up then this stock should command your attention and possible ownership at these extremely discounted levels of entry. The PSR is .12 (a value of 1 is consider undervalued). TCOR is trading at less 1/3 of stated book and the est. PE is 3X fiscal 2020 ending Sept 30th 2020.


Sundance Energy ~nasdaq SNDE~ $1.86 SNDE operates as an onshore independent oil and gas company in North America. It focuses on operations on its 41,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford, South Texas.

7 million shares outstanding~


current market-cap $14 million

52 week range $1.00-$24.00

stated book value~$54.00!!!!!!!

No debt maturities until 2022 fourth Q.

Robust 2020 and 2021 hedge book in place!

12/31/19 1P PV-10 value $753 million

2019 proved Reserve 101 Mmboe

Enterprise value $384 million

40k net acres and 336 undrilled 2P Eagle ford locations

2020 hedges protect 8,000 bopd@$54/bbl floor

2021 hedges protect 6700 bopd@ $49 bbl floor

first Q of 2020~ 990.5K boe~ 11,000 Boe/d and 65% crude

limited 2nd Q capital expenditures focused on high return completion of Harlan ( 4 wells) and Bethune (2 wells). company anticipates wells being brought online during the second half of 2020.

The company in compliance with all financial and other covenants under its 2nd lien term loan and revolver..

SNDE reduced during May 2020 G&A, including a headcount reduction, partial furloughs, and compensation reductions by management and BOD

Management renegotiated pricing with many of its vendors including drilling and completion service providers.

The company is negotiating in good faith with its lenders to reduce its total debt and leverage and is actively exploring transactions to increase the Company's capital.


hedge 1.7 million barrels for 2020 floor $54 and ceiling $56. MCF (natgas) 806k mcf $2.66 floor $2.68 ceiling . For 2021 2.4 million barrels with a floor of $49.00 and ceiling of $52. For Natgas 1.9million mcf $2.66 floor/ceiling .

$115 million credit facility due Oct 2022 and $250 million term loan due April 2023.


How can you not own a position in SNDE at this current price even if there is a change in power at the top! SNDE does not drill on Federal lands. Most of their gas if not all is gathered and not flared. A noted % of their OIl is premium to WTI so they get additional relief. At present pipelines are paying more for oil and gas in order to attempt to fill their lines. Of course revenues and lack of income has been caused by demand contraction, but SNDE has a secure position in the industry to grow and prosper as we gather steam and defeat the "China Virus"!

US production has dropped dramatically during the past 6 months from almost 13 million barrels/day to around 11 million barrels /day. The US oil rig counts has cratered from 660 as of Jan 2020 to a crushing 189 as of Oct 2, 2020. Total rig count as of Oct 23,2020 total count for oil and gas 287 rigs. Last year during Oct 2019 there were 851!

We all know that the Dems want to outlaw "fracking"; just listen to senile Biden and Ms. Harris. The job loss domestically will be earth shattering and our dependence upon foreign fossil fuel needs will sky rocket. I sure hope Penn, Ohio, Texas, Colorado and ND are listening to this quackery!

After awhile you get sick and tired of hearing about alternative energy sources. Tired of hearing about windmills on every house top and solar panel polluting every square inch of the desert. Michael Moore is a 100% liberal movie director as we all know! Ever he believes the alternative energy mantra is a scam and does not work.

Michael Moore's documentary, "Planet of the Humans"

Sorry for the side track.

Bottom-line : SNDE is the cheapest domestic junior oil and gas company in the USA. There is not one player in the sector that can compete with the discounted value that is visibly indicated by factual data presented by the company and SEC demands.

As stated the book value based upon 1P and other assets yields a value of $54.00/sh. We have a share price of $2.00. Their hedge book is exceptional during the balance of 2020 and the new year 2021. The debt obligations are years away.

We believe as the pandemic comes under control because of therapeutics and vaccines that the world demand for oil and gas will begin to rebound. At one time in the not so distant past we had 1400 rigs drilling for fossil fuel! At this point the numbers have been crushed and demand will create need and before need is met, oil prices will explode!

SNDE has such "cherry" acreage that this stock will "rocket" once the scenario changes and it will

In the meantime SNDE could easily be bought out for $20-$30/sh just based upon weak demand and lack of interest. Patient investor types that "laser-in" on heavily discounted value stocks will agree and will load up the boat and wait! I know the world is coming to an end in 8 years and our fossil fuel use and grazing cattle will cause the planet to die, but i don't buy it and neither should you!

Funny story: All those electric cars that senile Biden talk about and all the charging station that will be built under his administration neglect to tell you where the electric current comes from! For the child it comes from the wall! In reality it comes from Natural Gas! Natgas turns the turbines that create the electric current that feeds America's energy needs. When there is NO wind or sun what do you do then? Foolish policy from a senile old man that has been in the swamp for 47 years!

SNDE is a steal at current prices and could easily be bought out any day when considering the book value and all the above mentioned facts. The other scenario is share appreciation as WTI increases . The risk is not owning SNDE @ $1.86.

Visit their website and review their July 2020 presentation

JAN ONE Inc. JAN -$3.66 has the tendency to be a great trader!


JAN ONE symbol JAN

An interesting micro cap that should be considered as a dependable trading vehicle or a long term emerging biotech company. Of course visit their website for further information.

Their recent directional change concerns finding medications that treat diseases with severe pain that in the past have been opioid driven and have resulted in 120 deaths per day in America because of the over prescribed meds resulting in an epidemic of overdoses and death nationwide.

Another division and the legacy of JAN has been their recycling household appliances and energy efficiency programs. During the past 6 months or so management has stressed that they are actively looking to monetize this revenue and income driven asset.

Geotraq is their third division formed around 2 years ago. The division has been developing a self-contained, fully integrated, Mobile loT modules. The modules are designed with a plug and play form factor for easy attachment of antenna, battery, and sensors. GeoTraq makes asset tracking and remote monitoring easier than ever before. By operating in a deep sleep mode 99% of the time and waking only for scheduled or trigger-based events, their Mobile LoT modules provide the data you need , when you need it most.

The company acquired the worldwide right to JAN101, a twice-daily orally dosed slow-released formulation of the FDA-approved therapeutic sodium nitrite. Results from Phase 2a clinical trials support the use of sodium nitrite for the treatment and prevention of Peripheral Artery disease (PAD), and as a non-addictive treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy.

The drug also seemed to have notable pain relieving qualities that has spurred additional early stage research for the potential development of a non-addictive pain-medication.

There are ongoing studies to confirm that COVID19 may be a vascular disease that ultimately impedes respiratory function. As respiratory damage and restricted O2 levels are the primary culprits for COVID MORTALITY RATES, it is also what has led research down the path of a novel approach for using sodium nitrite that may just clear the air for Covid19 patients!

July 30, 2020~ 2 million shares outstanding

Preferred~ 259.7K outstanding ( relating to acquisition of Geotraq)We assume this will be shed as well. Nor really that concerned)

Stated book value $2.00

Revenue for the 6 months ending June 27,2020 ~ $12 million and $4.7 million in losses. Of course the company shut down because of Covid~so numbers are skewed.

There are many angles that come into play with JAN, that in our opinion, create many avenues to profits short and long term.

First:The recycling business could be sold at any point in time and bring in millions of dollars because of monetization which, would make our share price explode.

Second point of positive concern.

The divestiture or monetization of their Geotraq division could also bring in a cash horde and create a huge share appreciation. This division may very well be ripening and the sale of this division will finance the initial testing of their Covid19 and Opioid meds!

If you look at the chart you will see that this stock has many short "pops" that can easily be taken advantage of. You just need to be in the stock prior to the move and in our opinion the current price range offers investors the perfect entry point for either a trade or a longer term outlook for share ownership. The most recent "pop" took th stock from around $3.00 to $ 9.00 in just a few days on heavy volume. Management is very proactive concerning press releases and one can see that they have the talent to built a company. I believe this stock had around 4-5 short term "pops" during the past 10 months and great trading profits were available.

We don't know until drug testing has been conducted which may take years, but we do know that this stock trades and being in early and waiting for the herd to stampede toward it happens a lot and profits are for the patient and nimble investor see what is most likely going to happen sooner than later. Every few months like a volcano the JAN eruption happens and the profit dollars flow!

********************************* PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, INC. (PRED~.20)

I know what you are thinking is that we picked a super "dog" and have refused to admit it! It sure appears that way unless you remain focused with your eyes on the ball!

Our recommended price was of course higher than the current share price that has become severely tainted by its current listing on the "greys". The company is actively pursuing up listing that can be obtained either by "evil" FINRA letting them emerge from the "greys"! A merger into a listed entity or even a "SPAC"! There are many possible options that may be pursued .

The recent 10k just released a few days ago states that they remain an "on going concern" qualified by their auditor, Deloitte & Touche (top 2 auditor in USA).

The core business model remains in place, Stem cells sales, eventual marketing of their Endometriosis and infertility test kits and their "new" endeavors.

During the 3rd Q of 2020 the company had introduced Covid19 Saliva tests (Assurance VR COVID-19 RT-PCR. The viral test is intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus during the acute phase of COVID-19 infection. The sample is processed and results delivered by Predictive Labs, a high-complexity CLIA lab. Assurance VR uses EUA approved Thermo Fisher Taqpath Covid -19 Combo kits for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Assurance VR samples are collected using EUA approved at-home saliva sample collection kit produced by Spectrum Solutions, LLC.

The actual processing in earnest began during the end of August 2020 and continues to ramp up! We have learned that one shift is able to handle the growing samples per day. The profit equals $50 per test. So 1000 tests per day would yield $50,000 profit per day.

Just do the math and realize the cash generating potential.

PRED also has a collaborative agreement with Atrin Pharmaceutical. Atrin will use PRED's genomics analysis in order to optimize patient selection for Atrin's ATRN-119 clinical trial.

Atrin Pharma is a private biopharma pioneering the discovery & development of proprietary molecules targeting DNA Damage and Response (DDR) pathways to treat a broad spectrum of cancers associated with synthetic lethality and the DNA Damage Response.

Atrin's lead product is ATRN-119, a novel, potentially best-in-class small molecule ATR inhibitor. Atrin plans to initiate a first-in-human trial for ATRN-119 in early 2021.

The partnering between Atrin and Predictive should not overlooked.

PRED is currently addressing use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in treatment of secondary issues related to Covid-19. Management believes that utilizing regenerative medicine technology with the administration of MSCs may help mitigate underlying COVID-19 associated lung damage. Pending regulatory guidance could offer PRED another revenue stream of significance.

The current price too many might indicate a failed investment opportunity that should just be written off. We absolutely believe that would be the wrong choice! This company will thrive and prosper and our timing was affected by "bad luck"! We have now moved on from the past and look to the future for PRED shareholders & the enormous upside potential during 2021! The discounted value from the current share price of .20 is "crazy stupid"! This has all been brought on by the current "grey" market listing! This is going to change.

The assets, patents, CLIA, test kits, women's health assets, Atrin, salvia testing, management and BOD would indicate a $5.00 share price if our listing was on a major exchange.

As stem cells sales ramp up again, saliva covid-19 testing gains momentum and we finally get some meaningful sales from our women's health division revenues will turn this company from a discounted value play to rapid growth play in field of cutting edge biotechnology/testing.

If you own PRED at higher prices and most do we continues to rate PRED with a Strong Buy at currently overly depressed prices. Averaging down your purchase price is the smartest avenue to take in order to increase your profit potential.

The 9/30 10Q will be released with 2 weeks showing stem cells and saliva testing sales! Also see agreement with PRPH ( read presser).



In the next few days America will find out whether the country will continue to grow and prosper and beat this "China" scourge that has destroyed the economies of the world and caused countless death and hardship or get locked-in and locked up!

Under senile Biden/Harris America will head into a steep decline because of over regulation, taxation on everything that you possess, open borders and deals with foreign countries that will stall our growth and prosperity. The illegal herd will invade like never before because Biden promises a road to citizenship! He wants free medical coverage for everyone including those that choose to invade our borders. He will destroy our fossil fuel industry just as Ms. Harris quoted, " outlaw all fracking"!

It is funny how the BLM movement does not mention all the Black on Black murders every day in Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis and New York City. I know racism is rampant in Amerca, but if that is the case how did we vote in a BHO for 8 years! Sure wish that could be explained to me!

A Presidential historian Jon Meachan referred to President Trump's supporters as "anguished, nervous" white men with a "lizard brain" during post-debate coverage of the second debate! ( just so you know this means that the part of the brain that is phylogenetically very primitive.)

The media that we must deal with is just horrible and totally rigged. Their news or NO news! The endless bias against this President is truly disgraceful. He only wants to create a better America for all! Trump never even took a salary for the 4 years. Did Obama give his salary away? It is shameful how the media for 4 years has been after him whether for the Russian Hoax, the Mueller investigation, James Comey's FBI corruption and of course the Impeachment trial! It has been sickening and hard to believe this is America.

The "soft" coup attempt to remove this President from office because they could not believe they lost is just plain criminal .

If America decides to vote for Biden/Harris the results from such an error will change this country forever and we will never be able to turn the clock back.

It is funny how the Dems cry about children in cages at the borders ( not true anyway), but these cages were built during the Obama administration. They care about the children, but have little interest in the unborn child!

It is a hard nut to crack when main stream media, print media and social media either lie or just refuse to cover the truth. Even FOX news and Drudge have totally changed their landscape. Hard to believe that both FB and TWTR have banned the story about the Hunter Biden scandal and the Senile Binden involvement in numerous schemes to enrich the Biden Family during the past 47 years.

Just a few accomplishments during the last 4 years of Donald J Trump. Most liberals say he did nothing! You decide!

1.Corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%

2. Capital gains long term tax rate~ 20%

3.lowest unemployment in the history 3.5% last 6 months of 2019, before covid19 pandemic.

4. Highest employment for blacks, latinos and Asians in the history of the US.

5. In the first 3 years of Trump's initial Presidential term he comes in 4th behind FDR, Truman and Eisenhower. (for stock market gains)

6. A little stale, but Trump had stopped over 800( 6/17) regulations proposed under Obama. His first day in office he halted $181 billion worth of Obama regulations by issuing a moratorium..

7. Dropped out of the Iranian Nuclear deal.

8. Made NATO organization start paying their 2% GPD toward military readiness.

9. Got out of the worthless Paris Climate Accords

10 Got the USA out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership- another agreement that would only hurt the USA.

11. Applied tariffs to Japan, South Korea and China because of unfair currency manipulations and product dumping.

12 Nafta between Mexico and Canada revised into the ESMCA ~ again more favorable for US companies and workers.

13. Upgraded the Veteran network so Vets can go anywhere for medical treatment.

14. Cleaned up the Vet organization so as Vets got better treatment and care!

15 Obama created a vacuum when he moved 10k US troops that allowed ISIS to invade and create a massive caliphate within Iraq and Syria . Trump had to send forces to destroy and dismantle ISIS.

16. Trump "droned" al Baghdadi 10/27/19

17. Trump "droned" Iranian lead terrorist that has more American blood on his hands than any other on Jan 4th 2020. ~ Qasem Soleimani

18. US Embassy planned and opened in Israel . Most US Presidents promised, only Trump delivered.

19 Recent peace accords with 3 Arab nations and Israel ~Bahrain,United Arab Emirates and a few days ago with the country of Sudan. The Abraham Accords Peace Agreement implementing complete normalization between these countries and Israel. There has not been a peace agreement in the Middle East since Jan 26, 1980 with Egypt.

20. Trump nominated a third time for Nobel Peace Prize ( announced in 2021)

21. Has placed 3 Supreme Court Justices into the US Supreme Court ( the libs are going crazy). Amy Coney Barrett.(recently appointed)

22. has place over 300 Federal judges into available positions ( Obama left some 130 openings- thanks Barack)

23.Will have built over 400 miles of new wall on the border of Mexico and the USA in order to discourage illegal entry.

24. "catch and release" policies ended Feb 2017 at the border. Asylum Seekers now must apply from a different county.

25.Many Us companies have returned to the USA because of lower tax advantage as well as tax advantage because of Trump.

26. Oil drilling within ANWR~ Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There are some 19 million acres within the area. The leasing program is contained within 1.6 million acres. ( I doubt it will proceed for a very long time because of the depressed oil price)

27. Got rid of Obamacare Mandate that caused people to have insurance or pay a fee. The Supreme Court during early Nov 2020 will review the remaining law constitutionality pursuant to the remaining carcass of Obamacare.

28. Removing troops from Germany and bringing them home!

29. Bring the balance of troops home from a 19 year war in Afghanistan. We have been there long enough!

30. This is probably the first time in some 25 years that America has not been in a fighting War under the Trump Administration .

31. The military has been heavily upgraded. The total amount since in office has been around $2.5 trillion, but it takes time to deliver the final product.

32. Made America more energy independent than any other President and the largest Oil producer in the world.

32A. First time in 70 years the US became a net energy exporter of both Natgas and Oil.

33. Trump signed the biggest wilderness protection and conservation bill in a decade and designated 375k acres as protected lands and signed the "save our Seas Act" which funds $10 million/yr to clean tons of plastic and garbage from the ocean.

34. He signed a bill this year allowing drug imports from Canada so that prescription prices would go down.

35. The First Step Act expanded judicial discretion in sentencing of non - violent crimes. Addresses inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed Black men.

35A. Over 90% of those benefiting from the retroactive reduction in the First Step Act are Black Americans!!

35B. Increased funding for historically Black Colleges and Universities .

36 More than 500k manufacturing jobs created since his election.

37. Has had over a dozen US freed hostages freed, including those Obama could not get freed.

38. Secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic.

There are dozens upon dozens of additional laws that have been passed or Executive Orders signed since his time in office began.Do a search & see for yourself! "Fake News" would have you believe he did nothing except enrich his "brand"!

Some facts about what Joe Biden has in store for you!

The low information voters or the Dems that don't get it~ please go and review all the costs and taxes that Biden has in store for you if he somehow gets elected! We will go right back to the staled growth/over regulation, appeasement and lead from behind as we all had to deal with from the Obama/Biden misery !

fact checked!

The swamp really exists and is very disturbing for the sound minded individual

The gov of Michigan used to work for George Soros. Galvin Newsom is "crazy" Nancy Pelosi's nephew. Adam Shiff's sister is married to George Soros' son. John Kerry's daughter is married to a Mullah's son in Iran. Hillary's daughter Chelsea is also married to a nephew of George Soros. ABC News Ex. producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama's former National Security Advisor. CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security advisor. ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to Jay Carney, former Obama White House Press Secretary.

The list goes on and on and on! The deck is stacked by "fake" media! The print media is biased! The streaming media on TV is biased! All the major Social Media platforms are totally biased! It is truly a shame that America has lost its way! The "yellow" journalism that plagues out country must be stamped out, altered and corrected or we will fall and never have the ability to "right" the ship!


Trump closed airspace within China Feb 2nd, 2020 and closed airspace with Europe Feb 28th. additional closure happened soon after that including Canada and Mexico. As you recall senile Biden called Trump a xenophobe for the initial closures. He and the Dems said Trump did it all wrong! Please recall some 11 years ago when we got hit with H1N1 flu that infected some 63 million Americans and only 12.5k lives claimed. Just lucky it was not deadly. The Obama administration was totally ill prepared according to an Obama appointee. Trump was left with empty shelves concerning PPE. The whole world has been devastated by this virus and to blame Trump is the typical Liberal spin machine. We have vaccines being developed, therapeutic, rapid testing, PPE and plenty of money, but the Biden team says Trump did it all wrong!

Lets close down the country again and have America suffer in many different ways, such as missed doctor visits, cancer screening, vital test, abuse at home, lack of education for children, no work, family violence and a host of other conditions that are worse than the disease.

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00





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