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November 06 2021

November 06, 2021



Since the beginning of 2021 it is hard to believe that the USA has changed dramatically for the worst!

The border resembles an invasion of people looking for a better life, but because of our "twisted" policy most are just working a broken system- over 1.2 million illegals; those that are caught and most likely another 1 million that did not decide to turn themselves in just melded into the country in order to tax the system and take as much as they can. The one's caught will never show up for their court hearing and we tax payers foot the bill! Most will just dumb us down, BK our Hospitals, work the social services and some just intend to conduct criminal activities. There could be as many 30 million illegals floating around. Most reside in the Sanctuary areas of the country. At present there are 11 states, 37 cities and 134 counties listed as sanctuary jurisdictions by the Center for Immigration Studies.

If you have NO border you have NO country!

As many of you have heard- Biden's administration is considering giving $450k to illegal family members separated during 2 months of the Trump Administration - this could result in the gov paying out $1 billion dollars for illegals that broke the law and he wants the US tax payer to foot the bill! YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

The Afghanistan disaster will surely go down in the history books ( if allowed) as the biggest blunder by our government. We all thought that when Obama removed all the American troops from Iraq which allowed ISIS to takeover most of Northern and Central Iraq and parts of Syria was the winner! We sure were fooled by this massive miscalculation . We left billions of dollars worth of military equipment for the Taliban, countless American's remain stranded ( initially according to Biden's pawns there were only 100 or so at the end of the withdrawal , but now the number is up to 500.It has been estimated that we spent $5.8 trillion on the war in Afghanistan and got nothing but death, suicide and severe mental and physical deformity. For free we get a Terrorist haven to operate out of and the potential replay of 9-11!

We were energy independent during a portion of the Trump Administration and gasoline was plentiful and low priced. Today that is but a dream! Today with Biden's push for windmills and solar panels everywhere and the fazing out of the combustion engine-life is GOOD?

As you know we only have around 10 years left before we all die according to AOC and Prince Charles (England). VP Gore and his elite private jet owners met in Scotland for the COP26 in order to punish the world population for excess greenhouse only China and Russia did not show up and India (Modi) said 2050 means nothing. China will not meet Carbon neutral until 2060. I am not worried because I will be in an urn! How the Industrial nations of today and tomorrow intend to manufacture all the goods that we demand from solar panels and windmills?

Oil is evil! Natgas is evil! Nuclear is really evil! Coal is the "devil"! Solar and wind are the only options except when both events don't materialize and nations clamor for oil, gas,coal and nuclear! Biden with his anti-fossil fuel agenda is going to cause severe hardships for the American consumer and American Industry. Inflation is at a 30 year high and high fuel costs are a huge contributing factor. Biden allowed sanctions to be lifted for Russia to complete the Nord 2 Stream into Germany, but cancels the Keystone pipeline into the US! You cannot make this stuff up.

The Covid-19 pandemic has now morphed into non-vaxxers, vaxxers, mandates, children with masks, vaccines for children and the actual cover-up that Fauci lied about Gain-of-function that the NIH collaborated with the Wuhan lab in China that (99% -certain )created this worldwide catastrophic death toll of 5 million.

Of course limited praise given to Trump's "Warp Speed" that fast tracked the development of Pfizer/Moderna vaccine that most likely saved millions upon millions of lives worldwide!

We cannot ignore the violence that is plaguing our cities. The endless chants of BLM to defund the police and limited sentencing for all kinds of criminal acts. Just look at San Francisco- you can shoplift $950.00 of goods from any store you like and get a minor ticket. To date around 20 Walgreen stores closed and many other establishments are doing the same. NYC is like a battle ground for all kinds of violence/theft.

The "mother" of human horror in the US today of course is Chicago! On average 50 are shot every weekend and some result in death! So BLM what about Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis,Detroit and others?

All this just adds to the ROT that this country has been experiencing.

How can leave out the school systems of America. Most have turning into cesspools of parent bullying, curriculum that teaches America is a racist and unjust country that should be shamed (CRT~critical race theory) Don't forget that there are between 11-72 different genders according to the "woke" community.

Personally, i think the worst is when transgender women are allowed to compete against "real" women and girls in sports! Have we all gone mad?

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are laughing at us and taking advantage of all our weakness. We spend time talking about which bathroom you should use~THEY instead are building stronger military presence.

I know many of you disliked Trump and that surely is your right as an American, but missiles were not flying around from North Korea, Russia and China as they are at present. Recently the PRC launched a hypersonic missile and we are worried about "human infrastructure"!

Food for thought: Environmentalists and many governments want China to take climate change more seriously. To reach the goals championed by advanced economies of limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius this century greenhouse -gas emissions in 2030 have to be reduced to around 25 billion metric tons, from about 52 billion in 2019. China generates around 14 billion metric tons/yr. If that number stays largely unchanged in 2030, the country would account for more than 1/2 the world's theoretically allowable emissions. Getting enough energy in a way that achieve Beijing's 2060 net zero will require investments of $2 trillion/yr until at least 2060!

Coal is the boogeyman of developed and developing nations. China generates over 1/2 world's coal-fired power in 2020 vs the USA consumption of Coal has fallen to a 60 year low!

The Climate change story-line will not have any real influence on the Climate unless China, Russia, Africa get serious about this relatively questionable end-of-world scenario. The climate has been changing since the creation of Earth some 4.5 billion years ago.

As mentioned earlier, AOC stated that as of today we only have 3360 day left ( see count down clock on our website ( ).

Greenhouse-gas emission is a standard tattoo for the end-of-the-world crowd! Many of those same "foghorns" crow about cryptocurrency (13,000+ different coins). You have to wonder if those allies that believe the future exchange of good and services will be based upon these digital phenomenon, a set of protocols and processes.

If Bitcoin was a country, it would be in the top 30 energy users worldwide. Note: This is only Bitcoin! Electricity is primarily produced from fossil fuels so why does cryptocurrency get a pass for not adding to global climate change? Everything today has an agenda! Pregnant women are now called Pregnant People! The state of ROT in this country has to make you wonder when the police are the criminals and the criminals are freedom fighters for equality


The DOW, Fortune 100, NASDAQ 100 and most of the S&P are at new highs or close. The large caps have been on a tear. The key story that are driving equities is the strengthening global economy. The low priced market has been exhibiting a Bearish tone since the end of first Q of 2021 when every stock that had 4 symbols exploded on the upside during the quarter. Since April it has mostly been straight down! it appears tax selling has started months ago and most likely will continue with 100's of issues that made huge moves on the upside and now the losses are mounting and investors want out. Many are now playing the crypto game ( 13,000- last count) or playing the MEME stocks or "NFT" (Non-fungible token). A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFT's can be used to represent easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items, and use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership.

Is all this just another "tulip" craze? Many believe we are in a new paradigm ! We remain very cautious and worried about these new games of chance. The low interest rate environment has created massive bubbles everywhere from the stock market, housing, crypto and even these NFT's. We believe one day it is all going to end badly. We have been very reluctant in adding during the past few months because the low priced arena has been hurt by 1st Q super rally and recent changes in SEC regulations concerning certain public companies. Many issues will continue to trend lower as tax selling hammers many already depressed issues.

SEC~wholesale-hardware & plumbing &heating equipment & supplies

The company distributes heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, parts and accessories, whole-house generators, climate control systems, plumbing and electric fixtures and supplies.

CCOM primarily does business in NJ, Mass,NY and portions of Eastern Penn, Conn and VT through its subsidiaries: Universal Supply Group,Inc., (, The RAL Supply Group, Inc., ( , and S & A Supply, Inc., ( . CCOM is headquartered in Nil, and, with its affiliates, operates out of 15 locations in its geographic trading area.

Upon review of the 2nd Q financial results it is very easy to conclude that business was brisk and when compared to the 2nd Q of 2020, the numbers amazing.

Sales for the 2nd Q grew by 37% over 2020 ($36.6 mil vs $26.7 mil) . Gross profits increased by 47% ($10 mil vs $6.6 mil). NET INCOME/SH ON A FULLY DILUTED


For the six months revenue reached $59 mil vs $49 mil and net income/sh equaled .27 vs .03 ( based upon fully diluted 9.4 millions outstanding.

The current stated book value is stated at $2.07.

Reasons behind the huge revenue growth is due to

the rapid demand for housing and the pandemic causing huge off site work at home. People working at home are demanding a better work environment & since they are home there is a huge demand for upgrading.

The most recent Hurricane Ida that hammered the East Coast during August 26-Sept 4, 2021, which caused over $24 Billion in damages in all of the states that CCOM does business, in will for years increase their business dramatically!

During August of 2021 the SBA informed the company that their $2.3 million loan would be forgiven (.24/sh). During the 3rd Q results which should be released on or about November 12, 2021 we will see an extra ordinary gain of .24/sh. The total amount will reduce the debt of the company and increase the stated book value.

We anticipate a similar 3rd Q to the 2nd Q so CCOM financial results should create some interest. CCOM is positioned to do well over $100 million in sales for 2021 and could easily reach $150 million in sales for 2022 ( Ida sales growth). CCOM has a very small market cap when considering the revenue. The stated PSR is only .16 ( value of 1 considered cheap). The share price is below the stated book value. The PE estimate based upon the 3rd Q and current activity in the 4th Q leads us to believe that downside is limited, while upside potential appear very attractive when one considers the current valuation. The company could easily be in play as a take-over candidate when one considers the valuation and growth potential in the North East Corridor do economic growth and storm recovery. The 3rd Q to be released could mirror the 2nd Q + the .24 extra ordinary and a moderate 4th Q resulting in a .70 year number ( not including the .24).

If we are right CCOM deserves a much higher valuation and $5-$7 is not out of the question. As mentioned 3rd Q will be released on or about November 10-12, 2021.

CCOM is speculative in nature, but opportunity exists for very attractive upside potential near term and rate CCOM with a strong buy at current levels.



PED~ $1.52 ~~~See Sept 2021 Presentation.

An energy company engaged in the acquisition and development of oil and gas in the Permian and D-J Basin.

Within the current Sept 2021 presentation, PED eliminated $75 million in secured and unsecured debt, pristine balance sheet, zero debt and around $30 million in cash.

( recently completed a small raise of $7 million)

In the Permian the company controls 35,000 net acres with 30,000 acres HBP. 150+ gross high quality drilling locations. Within the D-J Basin PED controls 11,500 net acres HBP. 150+ high quality drilling locations. Highly oil weighted reserves drive value creation~ 86% oil~ $120,000,000.00 PV-10 (at $80.00 oil price)

Total Proved Reserves ~ 12,096 MBbls Oil/ 11,895 MMcf of Gas and 34 MBbls of NGL = Total Mboe 14,113~ toughly $120,000,000.00

Management bought 500k shares recently, Institutional Investor bought $7 million worth of common stock ( 4.5 million shares @ $1.57). The recent raise intended to fund the company's 2021 Permian Basin and D-J Basin asset development programs, to fund potential acquisition opportunities and for general corporate purposes and working capital.

The Company's principal assets are its San Andres Asset located in the Northwest Shelf of the Permian Basin in eastern New Mexico, and its D-J Basin Asset is located in the D-J Basin in Weld and Morgan counties, Colorado.

Please note: The management is highly experienced especially the CEO and Director, Simon Kukes! The insiders own and control around 70% ( plenty of skin in the game).

For a low priced OIL/GAS play one should consider a position in this over looked opportunity. Sorry to say, but because of the current environment geared towards fossil fuel development that higher prices are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

PED has all the ingredients that will lead to share appreciation during 2022. We have cash, acreage, drilling programs, no debt, super management, insider buying and the highest oil prices in 7 years. We understand that production/day is very small, but over time with success from drilling and very firm pricing that revenue /earning will accelerate.

WE LIKE IT AND OWN IT! We believe as tax selling season winds down and repositioning for 2022 that PED will appreciate and expand above recent 52 week highs.


share price $2.23
past recommendation:

AEY at present is our only 5G play! The company distributes Telco Core network and office equipment and services; and provides construction services for a comprehensive line of Wireless Technologies support 5G upgrades. The company is well positioned to grab some of the $275B market opportunity in the 5G network build outs across the USA during the next few years. Top Wireless and Wireline companies are customers~ VZ, AT&T, T-Mobile,Dish,Century Link, Frontier and others.


At present there are 12 million shares outstanding with a market cap of $27 million. It should be noted that their PPP loan of $3 million (.25/sh) has been forgiven and will be used to reduced debt in the 4th Q of 2021.


WWW.SEEKINGALPHA.COM and review transcript by CEO Joe Hart on Q3 August 13, 2021

Management quote, "revenue will gradually double the levels we reported in the first half of calendar 2021. We already have purchase orders in hand for fiscal year 2022 construction services that exceed the total value of our fiscal year 2021 total Wireless revenue. More than 80% of the new site awards are for the installation of new 5G radios and antennas! As previously indicated, the 5G expansion is massive. It represents a multiyear secular trend, not just for tower, but for data centers, technology providers, handset manufacturers, and wireless carriers."

These are only a few bits of info that the CEO expressed in his conversation to share holders on the call (August 13th 2021).

We believe AEY is a sleeper, but when the phone finally rings with huge revenue /income that Robinhood and family will scurry and scoop up cheap shares.

In the near term AEY is going get legs and 2022 promises to a very rewarding year for patient investors that see opportunity when it knocks ! We continue to rate AEY with a strong buy rating and would not be surprised to a share price high in the single digits or higher if planned growth is met or exceeded.


Ault Global Holdings, Inc. DPW $2.08

A diverse holding company acquiring undervalued assets and investing in technologies that may offer exceptional returns for investors. The company has interest in diverse range of industries, including defense/Aerospace, Industrial, telecommunications, medical, crypto-mining and textiles. The company also owns a select portfolio of commercial hospitality properties and extends credit to select entrepreneurial businesses through a licensed subsidiary .

Division ownership: Gresham Power Electronic 100%- power conversion & distribution equipment. Relec 100%-power conversion & display technology. Microphase corp 55%-radio frequency & microwave technologies. Enertech Systems 100% designs and manufactures military products. TurnonGreen Technologies EV charging solutions. Digital Power Corp 100% power product solutions for mission-critical applications. Digital Power Lending 100% Licensed California Finance Lender. 456 LUX Hotel NYC 100% estimated Hotel opening Summer 2022. Alzamend Neuro- biotechnology investment-Alzeimer disease . MTIX International 84% textile technology . Sandstone Diagnostics 4.5% medical product development.


BITNILE SUB: Announced of Oct 29th 2021 that their annual run rate of $14 to $15 million in Bitcoin Mining production. Read presser for October 29, 2021 and Nov 1st 2021 for additional information concerning this corporate development.

52 week range $1.44- $10.94
58 million shares outstanding
Market Cap ~ $128 million
Cash~ $105 million as of June 30th 2021 or $1.81/sh
Marketable equity $30 million
Other assets (See June 30, 2021 10Q)
Total assets $259 million.
Total liabilities $23.5 million.
Shareholder's Equity $231.4 million or $4.00/sh
Rev for 6 months ending June 30th 2021 $75 million
(bulk of rev came from lending and trading activity-so not sure it can be replicated. We will see in the 3rd Q to be released by mid Nov 2021.) Net income per share for the six month $.92 based upon 47 common shares outstanding. ( Again not sure this can be replicated. We will see results from 3rd Q to be released mid Nov 2021)

At present you own a common share for about cash value and 50% below stated book. Each share offers huge upside if management can deliver via any number of their divisions. It is obvious that the shares continue to drift low because it has been the perfect tax selling candidate . A year ago DPW was $10.00 now $2.00..Another reason one might have to deal with is the appetite by management to continue to raise money, which they have been extremely competent at doing.

Interesting speculation especially down at this level of trading. We anticipate with DPW as well as our other selections will rally strongly during the first Q of 2022!

163,000,000 HAVE VIEWED THIS


Final note: PRED has been a dog and hurtful to shareholders for a long time, but we have not lost hope. We see on their website ( within their Biotech division the introduction of a "new" product, AmnioBind~ Advanced placental wound covering! (listed on website November 1, 2021)

AmnioBind, is a dehydrated, intact placental membrane that preserves the naturally occurring cytokines, growth factors, comprehensive collagen matrix, glycoconjugates, and glycosaminoglycans. It is derived from the placental membranes from donated, full-term birth tissue. PRED has a process that maintains the tissue's biological components with minimal degradation of native proteins.

Within the Predictive Biotech sub please review and review the complete and current report by "clicking" the "AmnioBind characterization report highlighted in BLUE!

The Global Wound Care Market size was valued at $20 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to reach $28 billion by 2027. The total U.S. market for wound care anticipated to reach $15 billion by 2025.

Technological advancement in wound care leads the industry. Maybe PRED can pull another rabbit out their hat! According to my memory they were issued a patent on this development a number of months ago.

Recently PRED was issued another patent that could be valuable for the treatment of scoliosis (issued June 1, 2021) The global scoliosis management market size was estimated to be $2.6 billion and is anticipated to reach $3.9 billion by 2031.

We understand there has been missteps and missed opportunities concerning PRED. Some issues the company could not have foreseen, such as, Covid and the FDA limiting the use of HCT/P for medical ailments. It is not over for PRED and patience is the only ingredient that one must depend upon.

(Note: Hemacare (hema) was recommended after the stock fell from $3 to .25 only to be bought out @ $25.00 a few years later.)

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


1 YEAR HARD COPY $250.00





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