Brief update on PRED ~ $1.99

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Brief update on PRED ~ $1.99

Brief update on ELGL~ $.28

Sept 2nd, 2019

New recommendation on precious metal stock SBGL ($5.64)

Other briefs on new stocks to be considered List of stocks that we are selling for huge profits.


TCOR earnings brief

NOTES: HEMA~ We recommended HEMA @ .35 during the early part of the 4th Q of 2017. During the last week of August 2019 HEMA made an all time high of $16.45 . The stock still remains a pink sheet listed gem!

ARWR~ We recommended ARWR the second time around @ $2.12 during the 4th Q 2017 or early 2018 . During the final week of August 2019 ARWR hit an all time high of $36.80.

Rhodium ( extremely rare precious metal) We initially recommended this rare metal @ $1480/oz ( see story below). It had a rocket ship move of up $1200.00 during the final week of August 2019.

Brief: PRED: We have been waiting and waiting for the day of deliverance for the NASDAQ GOD's to free us from our PAS ( PRED anxiety syndrome) . This disorder has created financial hardship and even excess drinking.

If you have not seen our original recommendation on PRED it can be found on our website and review the April 22nd and 29th email alerts on this diamond in the rough. We sure have had a rough time. We go from $2.30 to $6.90 (wow) back down to $1.58 and currently hanging out around the $2.00 level.

The shorts have done a number on the shareholders for the past 2 months, the HB report and of course the NASDAQ death squad !

The management continues to go about their business and releases pressers on occasion , but NASDAQ uplift to this day has remained a deep mystery!

The current rumor that is creeping around the message board relates to a bombshell announcement towards the end of the first week of September 2019.

We know that this investment has caused much trauma and drama, but we believe that this nightmare is almost over and the unicorns and butterflies will finally swarm the investment neighborhood .

The rumors that are floating around deal with a political figure joining the board of directors ( don't believe this scenario). The next possible figure that could be joining the company is even more well known than Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos . The third potential event we have heard deals with huge funding sources that could be used for a large acquisition ( this sounds like there could be a degree of validity to this story line). The last possibility deals with a large medical company with a huge footprint which will begin marketing a cutting edge product that PRED is selling or will be selling within a short period of time.

NASDAQ listing is going to happen !


The metals: We recommended Palladium @ $1344 and Platinum @$821 within our Jan 27th 2019 email alert Both has appreciated . Palladium currently trades @ $1525.00/oz and Platinum trades @ $931.00/oz. We continue to view both as strong holds with additional upside.

Our precious metal Rhodium has been the star performer recommended @ $1480 within our October 23rd 2017 email alert now trades @ $5000.00/oz. Rhodium during the last week of August traded up $1200.00/oz ( We believe during 2008 Rhodium traded as high as $10,000.00/oz).

It appears that Rhodium is in very short supply and actually trading short on supply. The metal is used in Catalytic Converters within Diesel and gas powered vehicles and EV's . Even though the price of the very rare metal has appreciated dramatically we believe additional upside appears very likely.



The company is the largest individual producer of gold from South Africa and is one of the 10 largest gold producers globally. Sibanye-Stillwater is also the 3rd largest Palladium and Platinum producer.

Visit their website: and review the investor section and review the most current 2nd q financial results and presentation.

The second Q was damaged by the multi-month strike in South Africa. Regardless, of the past event that has been settled ~ management stresses that the 2nd half of 2019 with be exceptional because of the huge surge in metal prices . Their major production comes from gold, platinum, palladium , rhodium and copper/silver by-products.

Please review the H1 2019 operating and financial results presentation ( dated August 29th 2019).

We rate SBGL with a strong buy recommendation with very attractive upside potential. Management mentions that a dividend is being considered for early 2020.

We believe that the herd is being very short sighted and has weighed too much on the results of the first half and has not taken in full consideration of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium massive move to the upside.


On June 12, 2019 we featured a very speculative , but at the same time an intriguing investment opportunity that could reward investor's handsomely.

This company has been in the dark for a number of years and it is hard to decipher what kind of businesses are entwined within the corporate structure of EGLG.

ELGL resembles a simmering volcano that has been rumbling for a period of time and suddenly BOOM! ELGL's rumble has caught the attention of many because some of the same personnel involved with PRED have been thought of as initial players in ELGL.

If one was to venture onto the message board and review the posts on the ELGL's thread it appears that there is plenty under the radar or better yet under the cover of clouds.

During the past 75 days 11 major pressers have been released waking up investors with the belief that a rapid change is coming very soon!

On June 4th management announced a committee to explore potential acquisitions. Then on June 5th the company announced plans to add additional personnel to their "board of directors" and management discussed plans on moving their corporate office to Southern California.

At present there appears to be around 175 million shares outstanding . We don't know where that stock sits or who owns it.

There is plenty of documentation concerning this company and it's many subs and involvements. It is a spiderweb of ins and outs and best of all the "giant appears to waking"!

During the recent few months it has quickly run from the low teens to the high .60's and pulled back to the current level twice..

It should be noted since our last review the Media division has given investor's a strong indication of the direction it intends to take with respect toward Hollywood . The law firm involved represents major A-list players and the President of the division has directed such films as "Fuy" with Brad Pitt that grossed over $200 million.

Currently, Clarinova, a wholly owned sub of ELGL is conducting a feasibility study (NI-43-101~ standardized and excepted ) on its audited mining tailing assests, which has the potential to be worth BILLIONS of dollars.

Please read the August 22nd press release that explains ELGL's mining wholly owned sub of Elemental Global. Major intentions to involve itself with the lithium market and other metals that are in demand when dealing with EV and other transforming energy platforms.

Mr. Gary Lewis acting CEO ( founder and managing director of Battery Mineral Resources, a battery mineral explorer and developer which focused on cobalt, lithium, graphite in Canada, USA and South Korea. He will play an important part in growing ELGL's metal and mining division.

Many if not most don't see what is being created here! The many pieces of this puzzle are being laid out for the investment community to examine and within a short period of time this corporate painting will start to take form and in our opinion will drive the share price of ELGL to much higher levels.

It is our understanding that audited financials and listing requirement are being executed and that possible Canadian and London listing is in the early stages of implementation.

We continue to pound the table to purchase shares in ELGL before rapid appreciation takes hold.

Alll too often investor types wait for the move instead of building a position before the stampede.

New Stocks to consider that have been beaten down that may offer exciting upside potential near term.

SGBX (.53) 52 wk range .50- $4.40

The company uses highly- sustainable, maritime-grade shipping containers to build shopping, working and living environments. At present the company is working on the a 302 multifamily project in Sullivan County, NY.

SGBX as of August 6th has 6 million shares outstanding which includes a recent a recent money raise of $1.1 million during the 2nd Q . The current backlog is $71 million .

The company has entered into a teaming agreement with Geis Companies, a premier design/build company. The 1st joint project will be the Monticello project as mentioned. Under the terms of the teaming agreement, Geis will provide construction related services and perform all site and civil work and installation services. In addition, Geis has the bonding capacity up to $50 million,.

The book value is around $1.00. The company has the needed cash in order to engage in their latest project.

According to management, the first phase of this Monticello project will generate approximately $13 million in the first phase with a gross profit target of approximately $2.6 million . According to management that this revenue recognized will be the largest in any 12 month period in the company's history.

At present we believe the downside is almost nil! Actually we see little reason why this stock is trading at these levels.. When the stock first went public it was offered to the public @ $5.00/sh with a limited business profile. At present the company is actually growing and has huge potential especially for more affordable housing not only for limited income families , cost effective businesses , but also could supply an alternative housing for the increasing homeless issue for cities like LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle and others.( most extreme homeless living in some of the most liberal cities in America today)

Another investment idea

Appliance Recycling Centers of American, Inc. ARCI~$4.30

As of August 1st there were 1.7 million common shares outstanding

52-wk range $2.50-$10.00~ Around $11.00 bk not including Series-A~run rate around $30 miilion and profitable. Does not include GeoTraq.

On August 2017 the company acquired all of the assets of "Geo Traq"! ~THIS IS A POTENTIAL HOME RUN!

The Geo Traq acquisition was purchased for 288 Series-A Convertible Preferred Stock ( based upon the recent 5/1 RS we assume that there are under 6 million Series A outstanding. These shares are not traded).

There are 3 interesting developments that investors should be made aware of.

1. August 26th 2019 presser: ARCI just opened a new recycling facility in Syracuse NY. The company anticipates that the new center will recycle over 18,000 refrigerator and freezers annually.

2. August 29th 2019 presser: Management has stated that it is experiencing significant increases in their recycling business nationwide. They state that it represents that largest surge in years! The company has also announced that it has entered into a $2.5 million line of credit.

3. The most exciting aspect of ARCI we believe is their Geo Traq, inc. sub. GeoTraq are Mobile IoT modules manufacturer and connectivity provider. GeoTraq offers asset tracking and remote monitoring through Mobile IoT modules with global connectivity . GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules report location data with the ability to measure variables from external sensors, such as termp, flow, pressure, humidity, motion, acceleration and more.

Please visit their website:

This monitoring product is the size of penny! The potential usage could create mountains of cash that could easily be recycled in your checking account!

The current 10Q is not the most "glam" reporting statement, but one buys for the future and the future for ARCI has suddenly developed. The GeoTraq monitoring device is the real reason to take a stab at ARCI @ current levels. The stock is very volatile and huge swings have occurring recently. We like it and it is worth the upcoming upside trade!

Final stuff!

1. TCOR~great 9 month numbers. The stock price is very depressed and deserves to be much higher.


For the 9 months revenue reached $69 million and net income/sh equaled .09/sh. The current bk value is around $1.20 ( 27 million shares outstanding).

The stock is worth at least $2.00 a far cry from the .49. Eventually it will be bought out in our opinion and could easily be worth up to $3.00.

2. Great Electronic rave from Charlotte De Witt


3. Why we need a Dem as President of the USA!

1.Free healthcare for all

2.Free college for all.

3.Cancel all student loan debt.

4. Open boarders for everyone.

5. Hot off the press ( Bernie Sanders the most dangerous wants to forgive all medical bills)

6. Beg to get back into the Iranian Nuke deal so they can develop a Ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead that of course that can threaten the Middle East and the world.

7. Ban fossil fuels and only rely on wind s and solar.

8. AOC wants to get rid of cows and also believes we should stop reproducing.

9. Ban all guns and cause all assault weapons to be turned into the government.

10. Of course get rid of all the tariffs on China so we can continue to get f+cked

11. On demand abortion up too the minute the baby pops out.

12.Get back into the Paris Climate Accords so we surrender our economy to the third world.

14. Pay reparations to all African Americans because of slavery 400 years ago!

15 Biden the idiot wants to raise the capital gains tax to 40% ( how will that feel?)

16.Beto wants all illegals in America to be able collect welfare and all other social services.

There are most likely many other reasons why America needs a Dem Socialist in office in 2020!

One more thing if this bad dream happens the market goes down 10,000 points and if you think the recession of December 2007-June 2009 was a nightmare then the next recession/depression will equal Hell on Earth!


PS: Don't worry about China, Russia or even North Korea~ we will destroy ourselves without a shot ever being fired!

WE MAY BUY, SELL AND OR HOLD AT OUR OWN DISCRETION .We currently own shares in all stocks mentioned..

Coming Soon: On our homepage near term we will have a new clock that will count down the 12 years left because of the climate change. We offer this as a free public service to all that may be interested so as you can manage your time more efficiently.


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